What is Amazon Digital and How Does it Work

Amazon Digital is a range of services offered by Amazon, including digital music, movies, TV shows, games, e-books, audible audiobooks and more. With these digital services, customers can gain access to an extensive digital content library at competitive prices compared to other services.

Though most Amazon Digital Services charge, Amazon customer with a Prime membership has free access to some content on their preferred devices.

Learn about what Amazon Digital is and how it works so you can get the most out of the experience when using these digital services.

What Is Amazon Digital And How Does It Function

Amazon Digital Services provide customers a convenient way to purchase digital content such as music, movies, and more.

It allows users to browse from their devices and securely purchase on the Amazon website or APP with various payment options. Purchases are stored in a cloud-based library or the Amazon account that can be accessed from compatible Smart TVs, tablets, and phones.

Benefits Of Using The Amazon Digital Services

Here are the benefits that you can get from Amazon Digital services:

Types Of Content Available On Amazon Digital Services

There are various digital content to choose from on Amazon Digital Services.

Here are the Amazon Digital types:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the premier streaming platform for movies, TV shows, sports, live events, and more.

Once you subscribe to Amazon Prime video, you can watch the content on any compatible device, including a big-screen TV to your mobile phone, without any additional fees.

It also allows you to view content from other platforms. There are more than 100 of the so-called Amazon Prime Video Channels, including:

  • AMC+
  • Boomerang
  • Cinemax
  • Discovery+
  • Epix
  • Hallmark Movies Now
  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • MLB TV
  • NBA TV
  • NBA League Pass
  • Paramount+
  • PBS Kids
  • Showtime
  • Shudder
  • Starz

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music is a huge entertainment library. From classical symphonies to popular EDM tracks, everyone can find their favorite music on this platform.

With Amazon Music Unlimited, music fans can revel in the unlimited access of an even bigger library and experience exclusive rewards such as ad-free streaming and offline playback.

Some of the devices supported include:

  • Smart TVs
  • Android Devices
  • Apple Devices
  • Alexa-Enabled Devices
  • PCs
  • Some cars

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is the perfect destination for book lovers, offering customers a vast selection of reading material. Thanks to its user-friendly design, users can effortlessly find their favorite kindle books and securely purchase them with an array of payment options at their fingertips.

Don’t want to break the bank? With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, save money and access over a million ebooks across different genres. Signing up for free trials is available, and you can extend your subscription for $9.99/month.

Amazon Audible

With Amazon Audible, customers can access an extensive library of audiobooks from all genres to find something that suits their interests and preferences with a subscription fee as low as $7.95/month.

You will always find your favorite stories from classic novels or modern best sellers presented by professional presenters or celebrities.

You can also find podcasts or audio tracks covering various topics in different languages, from news, celebrity gossip, and novels to urban legends.

You can also run a 30 days trial period to get a feel of the service before you commit.

Amazon Drive

With this cloud-based storage solution, customers can store and access their important files, photos, and videos – anytime and anywhere.

A first-time user will get 5GB of storage for free. After that, however, you must pay a monthly subscription fee for much bigger storage.

Amazon Kids+

If you have children ages three to 12, they can gain access to premium age-appropriate content in the form of books, movies, TV shows, or educational games in Amazon Kids+.

With these digital services, parents can filter out any content that is not appropriate. They can also set up screen time in educational APPs for the kids.

As an Amazon Prime member, you are entitled to an exclusive discount on Amazon Kids+ subscriptions! With four varying plans available, your subscription can range from as little as $2.99 per month to $99.00 yearly, depending on which plan is selected and any existing memberships affiliated with it.

How You Can Access The Amazon Digital Content

There are three main ways to access Amazon Digital services, including the followings:

Amazon Website

Through the official Amazon website, you can access most of the Amazon Digital Services directly. Simply search for the movies, TV shows, games, music or audible audiobooks and you can enjoy them immediately.


You can also get access to the digital content mentioned above via the Amazon Digital Services APPs. Therefore, you can enjoy these content even when you are not at home.

Amazon Firestick

Watching content on your TV is possible using the Amazon Firestick. Once connected to the internet, you can download the APPs on your Amazon Firestick, like on a tablet or phone.

How Much Does Amazon Digital Charge?

Amazon Digital charges, and mostly on a monthly basis.

You can only bypass the Amazon digital fees in two particular scenarios.

For instance, your free trial period with Amazon Music Unlimited could span up to 90 days. This is considerably longer than the customary 30-day offer you’ll find elsewhere.

In addition, customers with an Amazon Prime subscription can benefit from various services exclusive to this membership. However, please bear in mind that not all services are included under the same umbrella.

Manage Your Amazon Digital

Even if it is only a small charge on your credit card, it can add up over time. So here are some ways that can help you manage your digital subscriptions.

Mark You Calendar

Whether it is a physical calendar or a digital one on your phone, mark down the dates of your subscriptions in advance. Then, if you want to cancel a subscription, you can cancel it before the charge.

Analyze The Usage

Now and then, you should be able to take time to analyze which subscriptions you use and which are not.

Keep Your Subscription In One Place

There are different ways to sign up for additional subscriptions. You can keep all subscriptions on one platform, such as Amazon, so it would be easy to manage all of it.

Make Use Of The Free Trials

Take advantage of the free trials offered and find out if you really want or need the subscription. Remember to mark your calendar if you’re going to cancel the free trial.

Security And Privacy Considerations With Amazon Digital

Amazon takes measures to ensure the privacy of its customers by using encryption technology and other security protocols such as two-factor authentication.

Additionally, Amazon Digital uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect customer information when making payments or browsing the website.

Amazon ensures that its customers are not only able to enjoy digital content conveniently but also safely.

Is There Any Free Amazon Digital Service?

There is no available free Amazon Digital service.

But you can take advantage of the free trial period that some Amazon Digital services offer before paying a monthly fee.

Can I Sell Digital Products on Amazon Digital?

Yes, Amazon Digital supports selling digital products such as music and movies.

As long as you register an Amazon account through Seller Central, and upload your content according to Amazon guidelines, you can start selling digital products on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Digital Services provides customers a convenient way to purchase digital content such as music, movies, and more. It is a handy platform allowing users to access their favorite entertainment anywhere.

With its secure payment methods, a vast library of content, and compatibility with multiple devices, Amazon Digital can help you get the most out of your experience using this digital service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Amazon Digital?

A: Amazon Digital is a range of services that allows users to purchase and access digital content such as music, movies, books, APPs, and more.

Q: How Do I Purchase Content On Amazon Digital?

A: You can purchase content on Amazon Digital by browsing the selection of available titles and securely making purchases through the website or app with various payment options.

Q: Is Amazon Digital Secure?

A: Yes, Amazon takes measures to ensure that all user data remains secure during transactions by using encryption technology for added security. Additionally, customers can opt out of having their information shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Q: What Types Of Content Are Available On Amazon Digital?

A: The types of content available include music, movies, books, apps, audiobooks, and even TV shows. Furthermore, Amazon Digital also supports various platforms so customers can enjoy their digital entertainment on their preferred devices.

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