What Does MOQ Mean on Alibaba? Unraveling the Mystery for Online Shoppers

01 what does moq mean on alibaba

When you’re browsing products on Alibaba, you’ve probably come across the term MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity. This is an essential aspect of the platform that sellers and buyers must pay attention to when conducting transactions.

Minimum order quantity refers to the minimum number of units a supplier is willing to sell for a particular product. Manufacturers employ a strategy to ensure they cover their production costs, maintain profitability, and avoid being left with excessive inventory.

As a buyer, understanding MOQ allows you to negotiate effectively with suppliers and make informed decisions when sourcing products. By grasping the concept of MOQ, you can optimize your purchasing experience and maximize your success on Alibaba.

What Is a Low MOQ And Why Alibaba Sets a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

A low MOQ refers to a small minimum order quantity necessary to purchase products from a supplier. Alibaba enforces MOQ to help suppliers efficiently manage inventory and balance production costs. With a higher minimum quantity of orders, suppliers can profitably sell at lower prices per unit.

The Significance of MOQ for Wholesale Suppliers

MOQ ensures they can cover manufacturing and operational expenses while maintaining profitability. When you negotiate MOQs, keep in mind the suppliers need to cover costs while providing you with competitive pricing.

For example, a factory produces five thousand pairs of shoes a day. They’d want to have people order all these shoes within a day, or they’d lose money, raw materials, production components, and more.

Some factories (depending on the circumstances) would make a loss for producing less. So they’d need to produce more and cover all the costs involved to produce. Essentially, there are expenses they need to cover, and MOQs are expected to help them cover them.

Understanding High MOQs On Alibaba

High MOQs often signify suppliers focused on mass production or targeting large-scale buyers. The higher MOQ ensures economies of scale, lowering per-unit costs for the buyer. As a buyer, you should weigh your options and consider if you can handle the increased order quantity for the sake of cost savings.

Making MOQ Work For You: A Buyer’s Guide

As a buyer, you may find either of these obstacles: the MOQ proposed by the supplier is too high, or you simply don’t know the ideal MOQ for you.

How to Determine Your Ideal Minimum Order Quantity

First, assess your business needs and budget. Consider factors like product demand, storage space, and funds available for investment. Analyze these factors to help determine an ideal MOQ that fits your business requirements.

Finding Low MOQ Sellers and Negotiating Terms With Them

Do you wish to find low MOQ suppliers? Use Alibaba’s platform to search for them. Filter search results using the low MOQ suppliers criteria. This way, you can find sellers with lower minimum order quantity and contact them to inquire about sample availability, pricing, and customization options.

Feel confident in negotiating terms, such as price, quality, and shipping, to get the best deal possible. It’s very common for buyers and sellers in Alibaba to negotiate. One thing to note is that Alibaba is commonly filled with Chinese suppliers. Language barriers are to be expected, so be prepared.

The Impact of Ordering Less Than the Alibaba MOQ

Keep in mind that ordering less than the MOQ can result in higher per-unit costs, which may affect your overall profit margin. However, if the supplier agrees to a lower quantity, it could help minimize upfront investment, storage requirements, and shipping fees.

02 ordering less than the alibaba moq

Along with the mentioned aspects, if you are sure that even if you pay more for each unit, you will save money, you also need to remember that you’re going to resell these products again. You’d need to make a profit, or you wouldn’t be able to afford to retrieve any more supplies.

Alternative Options if You Can’t Meet the Alibaba MOQ

If you cannot meet the MOQ for a specific product or supplier, consider exploring other platforms or smaller suppliers who may offer more flexible terms. Alternatively, consider grouping multiple products from the same supplier to reach the required MOQ.

For example, you wish to order 200 pairs of shoes from supplier A. However, they demand you order at least 250 pairs. Take a look at this supplier’s other wares since they might also produce something that you also happen to need. If they do sell such items, order those instead and make up for the previously proposed MOQ.

Of course, different products have different MOQs. However, as long as you remember to negotiate, you and the seller should be able to come up with a solution both of you can agree upon.

Sending a Request for Quotation (RFQ) Effectively

So what is a Request for Quotation (RFQ)? It’s the opposite of MOQ: the buyer proposes the minimum order quantity and the price for each unit to the seller (and perhaps some other details, depending on the context).

By sending this request, the buyer obviously would want the seller to agree to their condition. Thus, the buyer has to be clear about their requirements, including product specifications, quantity, customization, and shipping terms.

Providing a background of the buyer’s business is important, also. If the seller sees the proposal fit, they will most likely agree to cooperate.

Mastering MOQ as an Alibaba Seller

As an Alibaba seller, understanding and mastering minimum order quantities can be crucial for success. This section will explore ways to establish your MOQ, reasons for seeking low MOQ sellers with lower MOQs, and how to present your MOQ bid to suppliers.

Establishing Your MOQ on Alibaba

Consider your target market and business goals when determining your MOQ. Keep in mind your inventory levels, production costs, and product demand.

Opt for a balance, ensuring enough orders to cover costs but not so high that potential buyers are discouraged. Use market research and competitor analysis as benchmarks.

Here’s a very basic example. You wish to produce shoes with your assets. You are capable of producing 50 pairs a day, which will cost you $2000. Your storage is capable of storing up to 200 pairs of shoes.

From these circumstances, you’d have to somehow earn more than $2000 a day to cover the production cost and make enough sales so you wouldn’t run out of storage space. That’s where the MOQ comes in; settle a balancing number so you can maintain profit and loss.

The Root Reason for Seeking a Lower MOQ

As a buyer or seller, understanding the motivations behind seeking a lower MOQ is crucial. The main reasons include the following:

  • Reducing the risk associated with large investments in new products.
  • Allowing for flexibility in testing different suppliers.
  • Accommodating clients’ diverse product requirements.

Another reason is that the buyer simply cannot afford to live up to the proposed MOQ. That’s why many buyers often search for a product with the lowest MOQ first.

03 search for a product with the lowest moq first.

To make your customers abide by your proposed MOQ, you’d have to gain their trust. How? Make sure your product has good quality, maintain good customer service and professionalism, and the one thing all customers care about in the end: put a competitive price tag.

Presenting Your MOQ Bid to Alibaba Suppliers

Conduct proper due diligence on potential partners when approaching suppliers about your desired MOQ. Focus on their reliability, credibility, and communication style.

Prepare a clear and concise proposal outlining the logic behind your MOQ request. Remember to emphasize the long-term benefits for both parties and be prepared to negotiate to find a mutually favorable agreement.

Exploring Ready to Ship (RTS) on Alibaba

Ready to Ship (RTS) products are items in stock and can be shipped immediately after your order is placed. These products have shorter lead times and can be purchased in smaller quantities, often without a minimum order quantity (MOQ). As a buyer, you can quickly source these items to test the market or fulfill urgent orders.

The Benefits of Buying RTS Products

There are several advantages to purchasing RTS products on Alibaba. First, you can expect faster delivery times than products with higher MOQs. This makes them ideal for businesses with tight deadlines or those looking to seize a timely opportunity.

Second, you can buy products in smaller quantities, allowing you to test the market without committing to a large initial inventory investment.

Finally, with the vast selection available on Alibaba, you can easily find items that suit your niche and audience.

However, as vast as it seems, it will never be able to compare to the number of items still in production. One way or another, RTS items can and will run out. On the other hand, items with MOQ, which are mostly still in production, are still being produced.

How RTS Products Can Complement Your MOQ Strategy

Incorporating RTS products into your MOQ strategy can be a smart move, as it offers flexibility and helps manage risk. By sourcing a mix of RTS and MOQ products, you can meet the needs of different customer segments and respond to market changes more effectively.

This approach also allows you to test the demand for a product before making a larger commitment with MOQ-required items, reducing the risk of overstocking or underperforming products.


Understanding MOQ is essential for success on Alibaba. It helps you navigate the platform and make informed decisions about your purchases. With MOQ in mind, you can effectively manage your budget, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and minimize the risks associated with bulk purchases.

Incorporating MOQ in your supply chain strategy can have long-lasting benefits for your business, including cost optimizations and improved supplier relationships. Remember to communicate clearly and be open to negotiations when dealing with suppliers on Alibaba to ensure a positive and successful partnership.

As your experience with Alibaba and ecommerce grows, continue to refine your approach to leverage MOQ effectively for your business needs. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to you in today’s global marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do Chinese suppliers require a MOQ?

Chinese suppliers require a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to ensure they are making a profit and covering their costs. MOQs help suppliers manage production costs, reduce the risk of having excess inventory, and maintain product and quality control.

Can I order less than the MOQ on Alibaba?

Yes, you can sometimes get minimum order quantities for less than the MOQ on Alibaba. However, it’s up to the individual supplier to accept or decline your request. Be prepared to pay a higher price per item if you choose to negotiate a smaller order quantity. Calculate the transaction beforehand to not lose money.

How can I negotiate a lower MOQ with suppliers?

To negotiate a lower minimum quantity, you can try offering to pay a higher price per unit since most suppliers themselves are often concerned about covering their costs. You can also propose a trial order, allowing the supplier to gauge your reliability as a customer before committing to larger orders.

What is a Request for Quotation (RFQ), and how do I use it?

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a feature on Alibaba that enables you to request quotes from multiple suppliers at once. When using RFQ, you provide product specifications, desired order quantity, shipping requirements, and other relevant information, allowing suppliers to offer tailored quotes.

Are there any alternatives if I can’t meet the Alibaba MOQ?

If you can’t meet the MOQ on Alibaba, consider looking for a wholesale supplier offering wholesale prices with lower MOQs, searching for similar products or product bundles with smaller quantities, or consider sourcing from platforms like AliExpress, which specializes in smaller orders with no MOQ requirements.

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