Need Great Suppliers Besides Alibaba? – Explore These Top 20 Alternatives


Alibaba is often touted as the go-to for sourcing products from China, and it’s easy to see why. With a global network of millions of buyers and suppliers, this B2B marketplace offers one-stop shopping at its finest

However, with so many options to choose from, it pays to shop around if you want the best bang for your buck. Alibaba may not be the only answer; other vendors offer unique products at great prices plus that all-important personalized experience.

Not sure where to turn for a better supplier? Look no further! We’ve put together an amazing lineup of the top 20 Alibaba alternatives that’ll take your business success up a notch.

From super-specialized marketplaces, wholesale directories, and sourcing agents – these platforms embrace all the features to boost your e-commerce victory lap.

Alibaba Overview

Alibaba has been a game-changer since its inception in 1999, this business-to-business marketplace connects millions of buyers to find suppliers that sells wholesale products. From consumer electronics to home decor – you name it – there’s something for everyone at this Chinese e-commerce giant that champions global trade.

This revolutionary retail platform has become the go-to destination for businesses and individuals on the hunt for great deals. According to Macrotrends, their revenue in 2022 clocked an impressive $129.233 Billion — a sure sign that they’re providing more than just value when it comes to shopping online.

Alibaba is every shopper’s paradise! With low prices and over 1 billion buyers and over 10 million sellers, you’ll never run out of options. The massive selection makes it simple to find exactly what you need – no more endless searching online for that perfect item.

Why you should buy from Alibaba Alternatives

Want something different from Alibaba? There are loads of other awesome eCommerce platforms you could choose from. Shopping around can help you find unique items and unbeatable deals that aren’t available on the tried-and-true site.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider Alibaba alternatives;

Diversification of suppliers

Looking for a diverse product range? By using alternative sources to Alibaba, you can broaden your supplier network and create more resiliency in case of supply chain disruptions. Plus, it’s a great way to tap into unique products that may be difficult or impossible to find on Alibaba.

Lower prices

Alibaba may be great, but it pays to compare prices across multiple platforms if you want to get maximum value. Shop around and maximize those profit margins – there’s no excuse not to stay budget savvy.

Access to niche markets

Alibaba might be a great place to find everything from gadgets and apparel, but if you’re looking for something extra special – think niche products or specific industries -alternative platforms could offer up more tailored options.

Better quality control

If you’re looking for the best quality assurance, Alibaba offers a selection of measures to help ensure your products meet standards. But if a more personalized approach is desired then alternative platforms might be the perfect fit – they may include product testing and verification services that go beyond what traditional methods provide.

More personalized service

Are you tired of hunting for the right product or supplier on Alibaba? Try an alternative marketplace! Not only can these platforms provide tailored service, but they might even have a dedicated account manager who’ll be your assistant while sourcing products and suppliers.

10 Chinese Sites Like Alibaba

If you’re looking for alternatives to Alibaba, many Chinese wholesale suppliers have what your business needs. Ready to check out the top 10 best Al? They’re all here below;


In 1999, 1668 revolutionized the fashion and lifestyle industry by introducing a unique online marketplace that connects buyers with savvy Chinese products. Since then, it’s become an incredibly popular alternative to Alibaba for many Chinese suppliers.

With 33.7 million monthly visitors, 1668 is one of the biggest online stores in China. It’s got a huge variety of products – you can find clothes, shoes, and accessories to upgrade your wardrobe or get home supplies for that sleek new look.

1668 is all about fashion and lifestyle – they offer products that you won’t find anywhere else. Their extensive quality control measures ensure peace of mind when it comes to the product’s condition, with rigorous testing and full supplier verification. 1668 doesn’t stop there either; businesses can access a variety of payment options like credit cards or eWallets – so everyone gets what works best for them.


Connecting businesses with verified suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world, Supplyia opens up a wealth of opportunity – they offer everything from advanced electronics to vibrant textiles, delicious food & beverages to powerful machinery.

Supplyia’s team of experts won’t let just any supplier join their marketplace – they conduct a series of scrutinizing verification checks to make sure that only the most trustworthy businesses get in. This way, buyers can feel secure when browsing for goods and services knowing they’re not at risk from fraud or poor-quality offerings.

Supplyia has you covered with the tools and resources to make your procurement process simple and seamless. Communicate easily with suppliers, quickly search for what you need, then pay hassle-free in whatever currency or method suits you.

If you need to find the right suppliers fast, Alibaba’s vast network of manufacturers may not always be as helpful. Supplyia offers an alternative with a more curated and efficient experience that won’t let quality get lost in the crowd. With their streamlined approach, businesses can effortlessly locate top-notch partners who meet all their needs.


AliExpress is no ordinary online marketplace. A giant in e-commerce, it’s owned by the renowned Alibaba Group and has over 200 million global users. With products from all corners of the world available at unbeatable prices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this massive virtual hub – making it one of the most popular marketplaces around.

With AliExpress, you can find almost anything under the sun. From smartphones to gowns and tiny cacti pots to huge gazebos – whatever you need for your business, get it on this virtual shopping mall.

If you’re a business looking to expand your supplier options, AliExpress is an ideal choice. From top-notch products and unbeatable prices to easy payment methods, this eCommerce platform offers it all. It’s the perfect solution for businesses seeking cost-effective ways of sourcing from China.


Made-in-China is your one-stop shop for connecting yourself to Chinese manufacturers. It’s the perfect way to connect with manufacturers there, giving you access to unbeatable tech products and services from electronics to textiles and beyond – just like Alibaba but more enjoyable!

Made-in-China is your go-to for guaranteed quality. This amazing platform also gives businesses a suite of powerful tools and resources to handle their procurement processes like a boss – better communication with suppliers, an efficient product search engine & multiple currency payment system.

For businesses looking to shop with a more tailored approach, Made-in-China is the way to go. This website has specialized in sourcing Chinese suppliers and manufacturers so you can get exactly what your business needs – no global scouring necessary. Alibaba may have a wider reach but make sure it’s not too wide for your requirements before taking on board their goods.


DHgate is the world’s go-to for businesses looking to source amazing deals and quality products! Operating out of China, this B2B e-commerce powerhouse connects customers with manufacturers from all around the globe.

Whether it’s finding discounted electronics or sourcing high fashion clothing, shoppers can find unbeatable prices and speedy delivery at DHgate – making it a one-stop shop for global brands everywhere.

DHgate offers an exciting path for startups and smaller businesses looking to source products economically. Boasting a focus on small-to-medium-sized companies, it’s the perfect platform if you don’t need bulk orders or large business capabilities like those offered by Alibaba.

DHgate is the ultimate one-stop shop for businesses looking to boost their procurement processes. With an array of helpful tools and resources, like a messaging system with suppliers, a product search engine, and payment methods, you can rest assured knowing your purchase will be secure.


DIYTrade is a go-to B2B e-commerce powerhouse for businesses that want to source the best products and partners from around the globe. Merchants can find quality electronics, machinery, and chemicals plus enjoy top-notch customer service with a strong focus on strict quality control.

DIYTrade goes the extra mile to ensure its users are safe when sourcing from suppliers and manufacturers. Not only does it provide a thorough verification process, but they also offer an array of tools to streamline your business’s procurement needs – like messaging services, product search capabilities, and payment support that works in many currencies.

Global Sources

This incredible platform has over 1.5 million reliable suppliers and plenty of value-added services designed with your project in mind – all without the hassle of Alibaba. You can check out Global Sources any day for top-quality sourcing solutions that make it easy every time.

Buyers looking to purchase on Global Sources should be aware of the higher minimum order quantities, but if they’re able to attend the Summit – it’s worth it. The Global sources summit is the second most reputable sourcing summit after the Canton fair.

If you want to get ahead in business, Global Sources could be the game-changer for your sourcing needs. With access to premier suppliers and a variety of services, it makes achieving success easier than ever!


LightInTheBox is the go-to spot for everything you need to look and feel your best. Their selection of fashion, home goods, and electronics ensures everyone can find something they love – at a price that won’t break the bank. Their speedy shipping options will have new purchases in your hands before you know it.

LightInTheBox offers the perfect solution for businesses searching to reach a global audience. With shipments to over 140 countries, it’s an ideal option for those looking to expand their customer base beyond traditional borders. What’s more, you can customize products in terms of size and color – giving customers exactly what they want.

LightInTheBox’s user-friendly platform makes it simple for businesses to manage their orders and track shipments, plus offers tons of payment options like credit cards or PayPal. If you ever need help at any time, no worries – they have customer care on call 24/7 so you’re never left in the dark.


Looking for great deals on the latest electronics and gadgets? Look no further than Banggood. They have a wide selection of smartphones, laptops, home appliances, and more – with unbeatable prices to boot. You can get everything delivered quickly straight to your door – what’s not to love?!

At Banggood, taking good care of customers is a top priority. Not only do they offer an impressive buyer protection policy to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchases every time, but their suite of helpful tools and resources lets you manage orders quickly and easily. With options like messaging sellers directly, searching for exactly what you need, and paying in different currencies – it’s no wonder businesses trust Banggood again and again.

If you’re searching for the latest electronics and gadgets but on a budget? Then Banggood is your go-to! With an expansive selection of products from reputable sellers (and speedy delivery), this platform will keep your customers up to date with all the best tech.


Yaaku is the go-to stop for business owners looking to get great deals and quality customer service when sourcing goods from around the world. Phone accessories, cosmetics, apparel, massagers – you name it. With competitively priced items and verified suppliers at your fingertips – no need to hunt far for what you need.

Yaaku has emerged as the go-to solution for any business looking to maximize its purchasing power. Leveraging its extensive network of reliable suppliers, this platform can curate tailor-made services – from product sourcing and inspection through shipping – that will ensure businesses find just what they need at prices they can afford!

10 Global Sites Like Alibaba

If you are in search of a global Alibaba replacement, we have compiled a list of ten essential marketplaces like Alibaba that offer unbeatable prices on products from all over the world;


Tradekey is an invaluable network for businesses looking to source quality products from global suppliers. Whether you need machinery, electronics, or textiles for your business, this online B2B platform offers a simple and secure way to connect with verified manufacturers who can deliver superior stock the world over.

Tradeky puts efficiency in reach with its user-friendly system that makes it easy to keep track of orders and stay connected with sellers.


ECPlaza is the perfect global marketplace for businesses looking to make international trades. Its user-friendly platform provides helpful features like order management and supplier communication to make your shopping experience smooth.

No matter what your business needs, ECPlaza has you covered! With an unbeatable network of suppliers from around the world – if there’s something special on your wishlist, it can be yours with just a few clicks.


eWorldTrade is your one-stop shop for global suppliers and manufacturers. Make purchasing even easier with its user-friendly platform, letting you manage orders and communicate directly with verified producers around the world.

That’s not all: You’ll also benefit from their huge selection of products including electronics, food, and apparel – plus eWorldTrade puts customer satisfaction a top priority by offering a range of services to guarantee great results every time.


ExportHub provides access to verified suppliers and manufacturers from all corners of the globe, it offers businesses a huge range of products – everything from machinery to chemicals or textiles.

Its easy-to-use platform makes order management and communication with suppliers super simple. But best yet? Quality control sits at their core; they use an extensive verification process for all their partners so you can always trust that what you’re getting truly meets your expectations…no surprises here!


QualityTrade is the go-to destination for businesses looking to make trades. This exclusive platform makes it simple to connect with verified suppliers. Not only can you find what your business needs, but also all the tools and resources necessary so managing orders won’t be a hassle.

QualityTrade is the shortcut to global shopping, providing access to a wide variety of products from suppliers all over the world. You can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting unbeatable prices and swift delivery – one more way that businesses can get maximum value for their money.


Looking for the perfect supplier and great prices? TradeFord has you covered. This one-stop B2B eCommerce platform allows buyers and suppliers from all over to meet up in a safe environment. Not only does it offer verified profiles of its suppliers or product search filters – but there are also business listings, trade alerts & more that can help make your purchasing decisions easier than ever.

TradeFord– a great Alibaba alternative – is the go-to platform for eCommerce sellers hunting good quality products at competitive prices. Its user interface and round-the-clock customer support make it hard to ignore, while its vast selection of manufacturers caters to every need imaginable! Whether you’re buying in bulk or just starting with one purchase, this could be your dream shopping destination.


For businesses in the food and beverage industry, Kinnek is an indispensable one-stop shop. They offer a vast range of ingredients to choose from as well as packaging and equipment for efficient production. But what’s outstanding about them is their personalized service – every business gets a dedicated account manager who helps make sure you get everything that you need quickly and at just the right price.


IndiaMart is a great resource for businesses in need of some product inspiration! This B2B marketplace connects customers to an array of suppliers and manufacturers from all over India, offering everything from machinery to home goods. In addition, their user-friendly platform makes it easy for business owners to manage orders and communicate with vendors in one convenient spot.

IndiaMart bridges the gap between businesses and reliable Indian suppliers. It’s a convenient platform for buyers, with over 160 million users and 90 million products to explore – plus features like product search tools, supplier directories, trade alerts, and security measures you can count on.


ThomasNet is an essential B2B hub for US businesses. It connects them with suppliers and manufacturers to provide access to a wide range of products like machinery, electronics, or industrial supplies – all from one handy platform.

ThomasNet is super easy to use so that companies can quickly manage their orders and communicate seamlessly with their suppliers.

ThomasNet connects businesses with top-notch US suppliers. Boasting over 1 million registered users and 500,000 product listings, this incredible platform offers every tool you need to find the right supplier – from a product search tool and directory of suppliers to an RFQ (quote request) feature! Not only that but it also has unique marketing services for companies wanting to make their products more widely known.


EC21 is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to source products from around the world. With its extensive database of suppliers and manufacturers, it’s a great way to find unique or hard-to-find items quickly and easily. Not only that but with their user-friendly search function and messaging system, you’ll be able to communicate directly with your chosen supplier while negotiating prices – so getting exactly what you need has never been simpler!

Looking to take your business across borders? EC21 is the perfect platform for you! Not only does it provide a thorough verification process to ensure quality products, but also offers flexible payment and shipping options.

Plus, services such as translation and logistics support help businesses when dealing with international partners. Best of all – they have affordable plans tailored specifically for small-medium-sized businesses looking to expand their horizons!

Things To Consider before choosing a supplier

When it comes to running a business, finding the right supplier can be key. It’s not as simple as picking someone at random – in order to find that perfect partner who will help keep costs down and offer high-quality products that meet customer demands, you’ll need to do some diligent research and evaluate potential suppliers carefully before making an informed decision. Below are some things you must consider before choosing a supplier;

Quality Control

Make sure you get assurance that the supplier’s products measure up to your expectations – ask about their quality control process and consider requesting a sample of what they make too.


Gain insight into the supplier’s reliability by seeing what other businesses have to say about their experience. Check out reviews and testimonials from past customers, so you can get an idea of how they operate in terms of customer service.


If you’re looking for a reliable partner, make sure to check the supplier’s experience in the industry. It could be that a supplier with years of successful partnerships would give your project just what it needs.


It’s essential to collaborate with a supplier who knows how to communicate and stay connected. After all, you don’t want your inquiries falling on deaf ears – make sure the supplier responds quickly.


Strive for value over sheer cost savings – seek quality suppliers who deliver good results without compromising ethics or integrity.


Want to keep your supply chain running as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible? Consider the location of your supplier when you’re making a decision – picking one that’s closer can help speed up delivery without breaking the bank.


Evaluate the supplier’s capacity to meet your needs, both in terms of production capacity and the ability to meet deadlines and handle large orders.


If you’re an eCommerce business, securing the right supplier makes all the difference. Being locked into a top-tier source can be that magical ingredient for success – and Alibaba is just one great option! There are lots of other reliable suppliers out there offering both quality goods and competitive prices.

Finding a reliable supplier to help your business thrive isn’t something you should take lightly. Do the proper research and explore all available options, so that you can find just the right partner for bringing your ambitions into reality. No matter what industry it is- there’s sure to be a supplier who’ll provide exactly what fits best with your goals.

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