Get Your Products Noticed – Breaking Down Every Bit of eBay’s Promoted Listings

Is your eCommerce business struggling to stand out among the competition? Are you looking for a way to get more people to notice and purchase your products on eBay’s crowded marketplace? Promoted Listings could be just what you need.

Give your products the competitive boost they need by promoting them with eBay Promoted Listings. Increase your sales and reach new customers – all while staying ahead of the competition. Creating a forwarded listing campaign makes sure that shoppers find exactly what you’re selling, whenever they search on eBay.

Making your promoted listings campaigns as successful as possible takes careful planning and expert execution – so let us show you the ropes. We’ll cover everything from eligibility requirements to setting up your campaign, analyzing its success, and other top tips for mastering promoted listings. It’s all about gaining a competitive edge with Promoted Listings; come join us on the journey.

What is Promoted Listing?


If you’re an eBay seller, Promoted Listings can give your online business the exposure they need. This marketing tool boosts visibility in search results so more potential customers will see what’s on offer – giving you a better chance of making those all-important sales. Promoted listings ad is worth paying for thanks to its sales conversion rate in extra sales and overall sales figures.

If you’re looking to get your item noticed on eBay, use promoted listings on eBay and you’ll be rewarded with some delicious preferential treatment. Your listing will rise above the rest, highlighted in blue with a ‘sponsored’ label to let everyone know this is the real deal.

Promoted-listings what-is-promoted listing

Where do Promoted Listings Show?

Your eBay’s promoted listings are bound to stand out with special placement across eBay, including within search results and category pages. That means when shoppers enter keywords related to your item in a search box; not only will you show up high on their list of potential purchases – but also have an extra edge against any organic listing.

There are two main places where promoted listings can appear on eBay:

Search results

The first place promoted listings appear on eBay is on the “Search Results” page – the top of the search results page. Promoted listings are usually labeled as sponsored placements and are often displayed above non-sponsored ones to improve buyer demand.

Product detail pages

Promoted listings are a great way to get your items in front of buyers. By appearing on product detail pages of complementary or related items, you’ll be seen alongside some industry heavyweights – just make sure to keep an eye out for the “sponsored” label!

Promoted-listings eligibility promoted listing

Who is eligible for promoted listings

Want to get your listings seen by more people on eBay? You’ll need to meet some requirements, but with Promoted Listings you could be reaching out further than ever before. To be eligible for promoted listings on eBay, sellers must;

  • Be in good standing and list items from one of the select categories
  • Meet eBay’s guidelines for the listing including competitive pricing, accurate product information, and the use of high-quality images
  • Choose specific products they are looking to promote and set the maximum bids they want for each bid

eBay Promoted Listing offerings


eBay-promoted listings are perfect for any budget – whether you’re looking to get the most out of a little or maximize your marketing potential. Choose from packages that fit whatever goal you want to accomplish, ranging from campaigns and ad groups alike.

Promoted Listings Lite

Promoted Listings Lite is the perfect way to get your items seen without breaking the bank. This program runs on a cost-per-sale basis, so you only pay when one of your listings results in an actual sale. If you’re looking for maximum visibility with minimal investment, this could be just what you’ve been searching for.

Promoted Listings Standard Campaign

With Promoted Listings Standard, you can reach the customers that matter most to your business and maximize profits with an extensive array of targeting options. Make sure you don’t miss out on even more exposure today with eBay’s promoted listings standard campaign.

Promoted Listings Express

For the time-pressed eBay seller, Promoted Listings Express promoted listings ad is an ideal way to advertise without sacrificing customization. It offers a simplified version of the regular advertising tool but with added features like adjustable rate spending for each sale that comes through your promoted listing. Make every second count and get savvy with Promoted Listings Express.

Instead of spending money upfront, Promoted Listings Express allows you to make a sale before investing – meaning that each purchase directly pays for itself.

Promoted Listings Advanced (Beta)

eBay’s rolling out a brand new version of their advertising tool – Promoted Listings Advanced. Promoted listings advanced takes the reliable targeting and scheduling features you know from the existing program, but adds more customization for creating killer ad campaigns.

Promoted listings advanced beta is currently in beta testing – so get your early bird access now to test-drive this incredible upgrade before anyone else does.

If you’re a seasoned pro in the selling game and looking for more control over your ad campaigns, promoted listings advanced campaigns are an option worth considering. Just keep in mind that it’ll take time & money to get those results – but it’s so worth it.

Promoted-listings setting-up-promoted-listings

Setting up promoted listings

You can maximize the visibility of your eBay listing and boost sales with promoted listings. Reach more customers, get a leg up in searches, and customize campaigns for better targeting – you can do it all right here. Here are some steps to get you on your way to creating efficiently promoted listings;

Step 1 – Identify Promoted Listing on Your eBay Dashboard

Ready to get your listings out there? Just head over to the “Seller Hub” section of your eBay account. This is where all the magic happens – you’ll be able to find and use their awesome promoted listing feature!

When you enter the Seller Hub, don’t forget to check out Marketing! Just click on that tab at the top of your page and one option should be immediately visible—Promoted Listings. This takes you through to a campaign dashboard where all sorts of creative campaigns can begin.

Step 2 – Create a Campaign

Need to start a new campaign on the promoted listings dashboard? With just one click of the “Create Campaign” button, you can create an awesome manual or automatic project! Get ready for some serious online marketing success.

Manual campaigns let you hand-pick which listings to promote so that your promotions are tailored and specific. Whether it’s highlighting individual items or groups of similar products – the choice is yours! Get more control over what shops get promoted with a manual campaign.

When it comes to automating your campaign on eBay, you can take the hassle out of selecting individual items. Though this simplifies the setup process and makes things easier for you, keep in mind that it limits how much control over which products are advertised.

Step 3 – Select Your Listing

You’re ready to get your campaign up and running! Once you pick the type of promotion, it’s time to decide what listing(s) or groups of listings will be featured. If you choose manual control over your ad placement, select specific items that suit your needs – but if you want an effortless approach then let eBay take care of details by setting up an automatic campaign.

When deciding what to list for sale, think about more than just cost and profit. Look into current trends too – the hot items that everyone’s talking about! Doing so might help you maximize your visibility – and potentially bring in bigger profits.

Step 4 – Choose an Advertisement Rate

Want to get your eBay listings noticed? Choosing an optimal advertisement rate is a great way to start. You can select the percentage you’re willing to pay – either set it custom or take eBay’s recommendation based on category and item price, so that more people can find what you have in store.

It’s important to choose the right ad rate for your products – one that ensures a healthy profit margin and doesn’t leave you in the dust next to competitors. Finding just the perfect balance can be tricky, so think carefully before setting an advertising spend- you want it to bring maximum value.

Step 5 – Give Your Campaign a Name and Launch It

You’ve taken some crucial steps to success – you picked your listings and set a competitive rate. Now, it’s time to top off your campaign with an awesome name before unleashing it into the world. Don’t forget that you can choose when or even how long this journey will last – so make sure to get going on the ride of advertising fun.

Naming your campaign is necessary to help your campaign succeed. Come up with something memorable, that truly encapsulates what it’s all about! That way you can easily keep an eye on how things are going and make any modifications when need be.

Step 6 – Keep Track of Your Listing Progress

Now that you’ve ignited your campaign, it’s important to ensure a successful return on investment by keeping an eye on its performance. How? Track the clicks, impressions, and sales generated from your promoted listings directly in the all-inclusive Promoted Listings Dashboard! Easy as pie.

Constantly monitoring and adjusting your promoted listings campaign is the key to success! Reviewing its performance regularly helps you stay ahead of the competition, allowing tweaks such as altering advertisement rates or updating listings. That way, you’ll always make sure you’re getting maximum bang for your buck.

Promoted-listings -ebay-promoted-listing-metrics

Why You Should Track The performance of promoted listings

Keeping an eye on your eBay Promoted Listing metrics is key to success. It’ll give you insight into how well your ad campaigns are doing and help you make decisions that can boost performance. Here are some benefits tracking your listing performance could offer you;

Identify what works and what doesn’t

Tracking key metrics like impressions, clicks, and sales can offer insight into which of your listings are working well – or need a little TLC. This data will help you decide what to promote, tweak ads as needed, and target the ideal keywords for optimum reach.

Optimize your campaign for better performance

Track your metrics to find out where things could use a boost! If you’re getting lots of clicks but not enough sales, make sure you’ve set the right price and provided an awesome product description that meets customer needs. A few small tweaks can result in some big changes for success.

Monitor your return on investment

Knowing how your ad spend affects revenue is pretty handy. Tracking metrics gives you a big-picture view, so you can pinpoint where the best ROI lies – and make sure that each penny of ads brings back maximum rewards.

Improve customer experience

With the right metrics in place, you can get a better idea of how customers are responding to your listings. Are they checking it out but not completing their purchase? That could be an indication that there’s room for improvement – like updating product shots or adding more details about what you’re offering.

Make data-driven decisions

With tracking metrics, you can make decisions that are based on actual evidence rather than guesses. Analyzing your campaign’s performance and making adjustments allow for optimization – resulting in a higher likelihood of success. It is data-driven progress at its finest.

Important Metrics To Track The Performance of Promoted Listings

Promoting your listings is essential for success, but it’s what comes after that makes all the difference. Keep an eye on key metrics to make sure you understand how well your ads are doing and pinpoint areas where you can improve – this way, you’ll always be making informed decisions about promotions.

From clicks to impressions, here are some important stats worth monitoring when tracking the performance of promoted products.


Are your buyers seeing you? Tracking impressions on eBay can give you insight into how many potential customers are exposed to your listing, letting you adjust ad rates or target keywords for even better visibility. It’s a surefire way of ensuring the right buyers see what they’re looking for – and that happens to be YOU.


Clicks refer to the number of times customers have clicked on your listing. Tracking clicks can help you understand how engaged customers are with your listing and can be useful for identifying areas where you can improve your listing’s performance. For example, if you have a high number of impressions but a low click-through rate, you may need to improve your product images or optimize your listing title to make it more appealing to customers.

Click-through rate (CTR)

Got a lot of impressions, but not many clicks? It could mean customers aren’t engaging with your listing – tracking the number of times people click on it can help you understand why. Looking at what’s going wrong is key; perhaps take some time to spruce up product images and make sure that title stands out from the crowd.


Keeping track of your sales figures is a savvy move for any seller. Not only does it let you know how much money your listing generates, but it also helps pinpoint which products are thriving and where adjustments might be necessary to get the most out of them.

Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click is how much you pay eBay whenever a customer clicks on your listing. Knowing your Cost Per Click, or CPC, can be a savvy way to make sure you’re getting the most out of each penny spent on advertising. Tracking this metric is like having your financial planner for campaigns.

Conversion rate

Want to boost your sales? Conversion rate is the key. It’s an average ad rate that can identify how successful your product listing is at turning browsers into buyers. With this insight, you’ll be able to pinpoint what tweaks need to be made for customers to take action after viewing it – whether that means spicing up those descriptions or revamping images!

Promoted-listings boost-those-promoted-listing-campaigns

Best practices for promoted listing campaigns

Ready to boost those promoted listing campaigns? We’ve put together the top tips to ensure your success – and ROI! Follow these best practices for maximum visibility, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more sales. It’s a surefire way of getting your money’s worth. Here are some things you should consider as you run your promoted listing.

Create a budget and stick

Creating and adhering to a budget for promoted listings is key. It’s about knowing the ins and outs of your spending, so you can make wise decisions on where it should go: how much towards campaigns? What’ll be the best bang for that buck? With a clear plan in place, running profitable promotions without breaking into that piggy bank will be easy-peasy.

Use high-quality product images

You want your listings to shine, on an eBay site right? Make sure you use beautiful images that showcase the best of your product. Clear visuals with good lighting and multiple angles will help draw in customers – it’s a winning formula.

Write detailed product descriptions

A descriptive product listing can entice your customers and help make the sale. Let prospective buyers know what they’re getting with details like size, material construction, and any other relevant information that will have them sliding into those ‘add to cart buttons

Choose relevant keywords

Your listing can stand out from the crowd if you sprinkle in some strategically-selected keywords. Boost your visibility with eBay’s Keyword Planner: research relevant terms to draw shoppers to your product.

Set competitive prices

Creating a competitive price for your listing can help it stand out from the rest and increase its chances of being sold. To get an idea of what similar products currently sell for, try eBay’s completed listings search – you might be surprised by how much they’ve gone for.

Offer free shipping

Looking to draw in more customers, and boost sales? Try offering free shipping – it’s an unbeatable combination of convenience AND cost-savings. Don’t have that option? Go with flat rate delivery instead – you’ll still be rewarding your shoppers while making checkout a breeze.

Use promotions and discounts

If you’re trying to get customers excited about shopping with you, nothing beats promotions and discounts. Put together a multi-item discount or host a themed sale around the holidays – that should do the trick.

Use eBay’s Promoted Listing feature

eBay’s Promoted Listing feature is a great way to get your products in front of more eyes! Track key metrics like impressions, clicks, and sales for maximum impact – it’ll help you fine-tune your campaign as you go.

Optimize your listing for mobile devices

Shopping on eBay with the convenience of a mobile device has become increasingly popular, so up your listing game by optimizing it for those users! Make sure you’re using responsive design and double-check that images or text aren’t too small to be legible. That way customers can make their picks in no time flat – straight from their phones.

Provide excellent customer service

Customer service is a cornerstone of successful businesses! When you respond to inquiries quickly and address issues professionally, customers will see that they can trust your business – leading them right back for more purchases in the future.

Continuously analyze and adjust your strategy

Utilize A/B testing to fine-tune your listings and get ahead of the competition. This can give you valuable insights into what works best, allowing for continual improvement based on detailed customer feedback and metrics.

Promoted-listings pro cons

Pros and Cons of eBay Promoted Listing

eBay merchants, take advantage of the power of increased visibility and boosted sales with Promoted Listings. It’s an awesome tool – but keep in mind there are some potential drawbacks to be aware of before launching your campaign.

Ready to find out if eBay’s promoted listing is the right choice for your business? Let’s weigh up its advantages and disadvantages—we’ve got all you need to make a well-informed decision.


Increased Visibility

Want to skyrocket your sales on eBay and grab more attention for your products? Try Promoted Listings – they’ll put you at the top of search results, so shoppers can find you fast.

Targeted Advertising

eBay Promoted Listings ads put your products in front of the shoppers most likely to be interested. It’s a smart way to make sure you get seen by the people who matter when it matters.

Flexible Budget

Promoted Listings campaigns make it super easy to manage your budget – you can control what you spend, so there’ll never be any unexpected overdraft alerts! Plus, if you ever want to adjust your spending limit for whatever reason, just a few clicks and done.

Easy to Use

Easily create a Promoted Listing campaign from the comfort of your eBay Seller Hub and track its performance with an array of tailored analytics tools. However you decide to market, the possibilities are endless.


Additional Cost

There’s no doubt that Promoted Listings can be a great way to get more eyes on your products. But before you jump in, remember there will always be an associated cost – meaning it could eat into those oh-so-important margins.

Increased Competition

If you sell a desirable product, Promoted Listings could mean more competition — and higher advertising costs. That means it may take extra creativity to make sure your business stands out from the crowd.

Potentially Lower Organic Ranking

Promoted Listings are a great way to drive more visibility and sales, but it’s worth keeping in mind that they could threaten your organic traffic. That’s because eBay puts its promoted listings first in the pecking order of search results – so if you don’t promote them yourself, they may never be seen.

Ad Fatigue

To maximize Promoted Listings success, you’ll need to stay on top of your campaigns as customers may start tuning out if they encounter too many ads. Regular optimization is the key to keeping them engaging and effective!


Promoted listings offer a great opportunity for eBay merchants to get the word out about their products and reach more customers. But before jumping into creating campaigns, it’s worth weighing up both the advantages and potential setbacks of taking this route.

Promoted listings are a great way to get your products noticed and increase sales on eBay. Lay the groundwork for success by taking some time to understand their pros and cons, then optimize campaigns accordingly – you’ll be glad you did! With the right approach, these listings can give your business an extra boost.

Now that you’ve grasped all the bells and whistles of eBay Promoted Listings, it’s time to get your campaigns going! With the right strategy in hand, these listings can give your products a boost so they’re noticed more on eBay. Get ready—it’ll be worth it in no time.

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