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Amazon Images Requirements: The Essential Guide to Perfect Product Listings

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If you’re an e-commerce vendor selling products on Amazon, you know that the quality of your product images directly impacts your sales. To help customers make informed decisions, Amazon has specific requirements for product images.

It is crucial that you sellers upload images with high-quality of their products, as this helps build trust with potential buyers. Improving image quality begins with meeting Amazon’s basic technical requirements. These include minimum dimensions of 1000×1000 pixels, a pure white background, and JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF image files formats.

Following Amazon’s image requirements and presenting a comprehensive visual story can improve your product listings and increase your chances of making a sale. In this guide, we’ll understand what makes a great Amazon listing and how businesses can improve sales through perfect product listings.

Amazon Product Image Requirements for 2023

Amazon Main Image Requirements

Your main image must be on a white background, and the product should occupy at least 85% of the image area. Upload a high-resolution image (minimum 1000 pixels in either width or height) for optimal clarity.

Overview of Main Listing Image Specifications

Main listing images should be in RGB color mode and saved as JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, or TIFFs. Keep in mind that square images (1:1 aspect ratio) are preferred.

Prohibited Elements for Main Listing Images

Avoid any overlays, watermarks, or logos in your main image frame. Also, ensure it doesn’t include any additional items not for sale.

Amazon Secondary/Additional Images Requirements

Secondary images can be used for showcasing different angles, product features, and size comparisons. Follow general Amazon image guidelines and maintain high quality.

Lifestyles, Infographics, and Other Secondary Images

Use lifestyle images to demonstrate product usage in real-life situations. Infographics can highlight key features and benefits. Ensure readability for any text within these images.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Image Guidelines

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) images should be visually appealing and help viewers understand your product’s value proposition. Stick to Amazon’s guidelines on size, format, and content.

Category-Specific Amazon Image Requirements

Individual categories may have additional image requirements. Pay attention to these category-specific guidelines when preparing your images.

Apparel and Accessories, Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Shoes, and Handbags

Use model or mannequin images to depict fit and style for these categories. Provide front, back, and side views, and ensure consistent image presentation across your listings.

Luggage and Jewelry

For luggage, focus on form, function, and special features. Jewelry images should be clear, high-resolution close-ups to showcase design details and craftsmanship.

Best Practices for Your Amazon Images

Creating Compelling Main Product Images

Your main product image should be high quality and focus on the product itself. Use a white background to ensure your product occupies at least 85% of the image space. Avoid using text or logos in the main image, as it may divert attention from the product.

Crafting Unique Lifestyle Images

When creating lifestyle images, showcase your product to demonstrate its benefits. This helps potential customers envision themselves using your product. Include diverse people in your images to appeal to a wide audience.

Maximizing the Use of Available Image Space

Use the allowable image space provided by Amazon to highlight your product’s features. Combine multiple images into one, using arrows or callouts to emphasize key benefits. Avoid clutter and ensure each element is visible.

Amazon Storefront Image Size and Guidelines

02 storefront image size and guidelines

For your Amazon storefront, adhere to the recommended image sizes of 1500 x 1500 pixels to ensure device compatibility. Comply with Amazon’s image guidelines, such as avoiding watermarks and offensive content. Always prioritize image quality, pure white background, acceptable file formats, and descriptive cover art.

Amazon Product Photography Tips and Tricks

High-quality product images play a crucial role in a successful Amazon listing. This section helps you create and optimize images that meet the platform’s requirements.

Using an Amazon Product Image Template

Start with a product image template, like those provided by Amazon. They offer the correct sizing, resolution, and file format. This product image will help Amazon sellers create a descriptive product detail page to help customers make an informed decision.

Making Your Own Product Images

Use a professional camera, sufficient lighting, and a clean background to create your own product images. Aim for multiple angles and close-ups while leaving a 90% white background.

Open Your File in Photoshop and Review the Sizing

Check your image’s dimensions and resolution in Photoshop. Ensure it’s at least 1000 x 1000 pixels and 72 DPI for effective zoom capabilities.

Resizing and Cropping Images for Amazon

Resize or crop images within the limits set by Amazon. Keep the aspect ratio consistent to avoid distortion.

Saving and Uploading Images

Save your images in a compatible format such as JPEG, TIFF, or GIF. Make sure the file size is under 10MB before uploading to your Amazon listing.

Common Amazon Image Queries

Why Can’t You See Amazon Product Images on Mobile Device?

If you can’t see your product images on your mobile device, it could be due to several reasons. One possibility is that your images may not meet Amazon’s requirements for size and format.

Another reason could be the aspect ratio of your image. Amazon requires an aspect ratio close to 1:1 (square) to ensure your image is visible on all devices.

How Do You Resize an Image for Amazon?

Resizing an image for Amazon is relatively easy, and many tools are available to help you. Photoshop and GIMP are popular choices as they allow high-quality resizing and provide precise control over the process.

Additionally, online tools like Pixlr and Canva offer user-friendly options for quick resizing without extensive software knowledge.

Can You Use Google Images for Amazon Listing?

Using images from Google for your Amazon listing is not recommended. Most images found on Google are protected by copyright, which means using them without permission can result in legal issues.

Instead, ensure you have the right to use an image or create custom photography to represent your product accurately.

Can You Use Other Sellers’ Pictures on Amazon?

Repurposing other sellers’ images for your Amazon listing is unethical and can lead to account suspension or penalties. It’s essential to create your own high-quality product images or obtain the necessary licensing for any images you use.

By creating original content, you’ll not only avoid potential legal issues, but you’ll also set your product apart from competitors.

03 sellers' pictures on amazon

Final Thoughts

Adhering to Amazon’s image requirements significantly contributes to your success as an online seller. High-quality product images enhance the customers’ shopping experience and help build trust and increase conversion rates.

To achieve the best results, always follow these best practices:

  • Use high-resolution images with a white background
  • Ensure that your main image accurately represents the product
  • Include multiple images showcasing different angles, details, and sizes
  • Show products in their actual use or context, if applicable
  • Avoid using watermarks, text, logos, or any other modifications

By adhering to these guidelines, you enhance the overall customer experience and boost your sales on Amazon. Remember, your product images are crucial to your online store’s success, so invest time and effort in creating high-quality visuals that accurately represent your offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Amazon Product Image Requirements for 2023?

Amazon product image requirements for 2023 include a high-resolution image (at least 1000 pixels in either width or height), a plain white background, high-quality images, and the product taking up at least 85% of the image space.

Variations, angles, and close-ups are encouraged for additional images. Remember always to review and follow Amazon’s official guidelines for image requirements.

How Do Amazon Product Images Affect Conversion Rates?

High-quality Amazon product images can significantly increase your conversion rates because they provide potential buyers with a clear understanding of your product. The images should showcase their features, style, scale, and context of use.

Well-presented, high-resolution images establish trust and build buyer confidence, leading to higher conversion rates for your listings.

Are There Additional Prohibited Specifications for Main Images in Specific Categories?

Yes, for certain categories, there are additional specifications governing main images. These may include specific requirements for product positioning, image composition, or the necessity of lifestyle images. Consult the respective category guidelines on Amazon’s website to ensure your main images abide by any additional rules.

What Are the Best Practices for Amazon Images?

Best practices for Amazon images include:

  • Using a white background for the main image
  • Providing images with multiple angles and close-ups to showcase product features
  • Including lifestyle and infographic images to demonstrate how the product can be used
  • Optimizing lighting and presentation to make your product stand out

How Can You Create Unique Lifestyle Images for Your Amazon Listings?

To create unique lifestyle images, first, identify your target audience and the context in which your product will be used. Then, plan and execute a professional photoshoot featuring your product, models, and appropriate settings. This will help your images resonate with potential buyers while showcasing your product’s unique features and benefits in a compelling way.

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