Create Google Plus Pages: A Simple Guide to Boost Your Online Presence

If you’re looking to expand your online presence, creating a Google+ page is an excellent step to consider. Google+ pages is a social network that allows you to connect with clients, showcase your work, and build your brand’s identity or local business.

Setting up a Google+ page for your local business is a simple process that anyone can follow. It is a valuable step for businesses looking to create a community around their products and the services they offer.

While Google+ wrapped up operations since 2019, it is important that business owners understand how to optimize this service so they can boost their online presence on other google services. Following actionable steps in the next few sections, you will discover how to set up your very own Google+ page, optimize it for search engines, and engage with your audience to create lasting relationships.

What is Google Plus Local

With Google Plus Local, businesses can choose how they appear in local listings and have access to social sharing tools in addition to Google Places for Business and Google Plus functionality.

Each and every function available on Google Plus sites, including content sharing and follower interaction taking it a step higher than traditional sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Since Google+stopped operation in 2019, other enterprise-level tools have emerged to offer businesses the tools they need to promote their products.

Setting the Foundation: Choosing an Accessible Gmail Account

In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of selecting the right Gmail account for your Google+ Page and give some helpful tips for choosing the perfect one.

Why the Right Gmail Account Matters

When creating a Google+ Page, the Gmail account you use as the foundation plays a crucial role in its management and accessibility. The right account ensures you have quick and easy access to your page’s settings and updates, allowing you to efficiently maintain your brand page online presence.

Moreover, using your primary Gmail account can lead to higher engagement on your Google+ Page. Users will view your content as authentic and relevant, ultimately increasing your profile’s visibility.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Account

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the ideal Gmail account for your Google+ Page:

  • Consider the purpose: Align the Gmail account with the objective of your Google+ Page, whether it’s for business, personal branding, or a specific project.
  • Keep it professional: Choose a Gmail address that reflects your brand and appears professional rather than using a casual or unrelated email address.
  • Ensure accessibility: Make sure the chosen account is easily accessible and free from clutter that may distract you from managing your Google+ Page efficiently.

By carefully choosing the right Gmail account, you’ll set a solid foundation for your Google+ brand page, making it easier for you to manage and ultimately succeed in your online endeavors.

Defining Your Business: Picking the Right Category

Choosing the correct category for your Google Plus page is essential for success. The following sub-sections will provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you make the best choice for your business.

Understanding the Importance of Accurate Categorization

An accurate categorization helps your target audience find you easily. Additionally, the right category means Google will show your page in relevant search results, which will increase exposure, traffic, and engagement with potential customers.

Exploring the Different Categories Available

Google Plus offers various categories to choose from, such as Local Business, Brand, Product, Organization, and Artist. Knowing your options allows you to make an informed decision about which category best reflects your business.

  • Local Business: Ideal for businesses with a physical location and local target audience.
  • Brand: Suitable for businesses seeking to promote their brand identity.
  • Product: Best for businesses focusing on a specific product or service.
  • Organization: Reserved for non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations.
  • Artist: Perfect for creators wanting to showcase their art, music, or other creative work.

Tips for Selecting the Best Category for Your Business

To determine which category fits your page profile, consider the type of business, your target audience and age group, and your objectives. Reflect on the following key points:

  1. Is your business location-based, online, or both?
  2. Are you looking to promote a brand or product, or focus on providing a service?
  3. Do you want to expand your reach on a local or global scale?

After analyzing your business, select a category that aligns with your goals and appeals to your target audience, ensuring better visibility and engagement on your personal profile.

Laying Out the Basics: Adding Essential Information

Crafting an Enticing Business Description

Start by crafting a captivating business description that tells your audience about your business. Keep the page’s content concise yet informative. You can use bold text or bullet points to emphasize key information when you create a Google page:

Setting Your Contact Information and Location

Next, make sure to provide accurate contact information, such as your primary phone number, email, and website URL. This will make it easy for potential customers to reach you. Additionally, set your business location using Google Maps integration, helping people find your physical store, if applicable:

  1. Contact Info: Add phone number, email, and website URL.
  2. Location: Set your business location using Google Maps integration.

Uploading the Perfect Profile Picture and Cover Image

Ensure your profile has a professional, visually appealing look by uploading high-quality images for your profile image and cover photo. Your profile photo should ideally be your business logo, while the cover image can be a captivating banner that reflects the essence of your brand:

  • Profile image: Upload your business logo.
  • Cover Image: Choose a visually engaging banner.

By following these steps, you’ll be laying the foundation for a successful Google+ page, effectively showcasing your brand to potential followers and customers, and start posting.

Personalizing Your Google Plus Page: Customizing Your Public Profile

In this section, we will discuss the importance of personalizing your Google Plus Page and share tips to create an engaging and visually appealing public profile.

The Significance of a Well-Designed Public Profile

Your public profile is the first impression you create on your audience. A well-designed profile will establish your brand identity, communicate your values, and drive user engagement.

In addition, a robust and visually appealing public profile will increase your chances of appearing in search results and enhance your discoverability on the platform.

Tips for Creating an Engaging and Visually Appealing Public Profile

To help you create an outstanding Google Plus Page, here are some expert tips:

  1. Profile Picture: Choose a high-quality, professional image that represents your brand effectively. Use a logo or a suitable image that reflects your niche.
  2. Cover Photo: Select an appealing, high-resolution cover photo that conveys your brand message and complements your profile picture.
  3. About Section: Write a concise and informative description of your brand, showcasing your expertise and what sets you apart from competitors. Remember to include relevant keywords for better discoverability.

By following these tips, you are well on your way to creating a compelling Google Plus Page that captures your audience’s attention and serves as an excellent platform to drive user engagement.

Strengthening Your Online Presence: Connecting Your Google+ Page to Your Website

Creating a Google+ Page can improve your online presence, showcasing your brand and connecting with customers. Linking your Google+ Page to your website can create a powerful network that yields benefits to your business.

The Benefits of Linking Your Google+ Page to Your Website

Connecting these two platforms can yield several advantages:

  • Enhances your search engine ranking and online visibility
  • Increases your brand credibility and trustworthiness
  • Offers an opportunity to connect with a wider audience

How to Properly Connect Your Google+ Page to Your Website

Follow these steps for the optimal connection:

  1. Verify your website with Google Search Console, which ensures ownership and unlocks tools and features.
  2. Add a link to your Google+ Page on your website, either in the header or footer, creating a reciprocal link.
  3. Update your Google+ Page’s ‘Links’ section with your website URL, completing the connection.

With these steps, your Google+ Page and website will be effectively connected, strengthening your overall online presence.


In the world of Google Plus pages, it’s essential to ensure that your page stands out and effectively represents your brand. By being intentional in your design choices and engaging with your audience, you can create a successful page that drives online growth.

Remember to utilize the various features Google Plus offers, such as organizing your content with Collections and connecting with like-minded individuals through Communities. With Google Plus pages, the opportunities to expand your online presence are vast and versatile.

As you continue to develop your Google Plus page, be confident in your abilities and focus on providing valuable content to your audience. With time and effort, you’ll witness the positive impact that a well-maintained Google Plus page can have on your business or personal brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Difference Between a Google Plus Page and a Google My Business Page?

A Google Plus Page was a platform for individuals and businesses to share content and engage with their followers. Google My Business, on the other hand, is a platform designed specifically for businesses to manage their online presence, including search results and map listings.

How Can I Promote My Google Plus Page to Attract More Customers?

As Google Plus is no longer active, you should focus on promoting your Google My Business Page instead. Some effective strategies include asking customers for reviews, adding high-quality photos, and updating your business information regularly. Treat it like a social network and take advantage of it like you would on a typical Facebook page.

Can I Merge Multiple Google Plus Pages?

Since Google Plus was shut down in 2019, you can no longer merge Google Plus Pages. It’s recommended to focus on your Google My Business Page and ensure all relevant information is up-to-date and accurate.

How Do I Get My Google Plus Page Verified?

As Google Plus is no longer available, you can’t get a Google Plus Page verified. However, you can verify your Google My Business Page, which involves a verification process that usually includes receiving a postcard with a verification code.

Can I Customize My Google Plus Page URL?

Custom URLs for Google Plus Pages are no longer relevant since the platform has been shut down. To customize your Google My Business Page URL, you’ll need to verify your business and meet certain eligibility requirements before being able to create a custom URL.

What are recommended links?

One way to enhance your experience on Google Plus is to use the recommended link feature. This feature suggests relevant content based on your interests, past activity, and the activity of other users in your network.

By clicking on the recommended links, you can discover new articles, websites, resources, and other pages that you might not have found on your own. Using recommended links can help you stay informed, engage with your network, and expand your knowledge on topics that matter to you.

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