How to Remove Feedback on Amazon: Expert Tips Unveiled

01 how to remove feedback on amazon

Customer feedback problems are always a handful. To have some or even just one negative feedback on Amazon will always hurt. Not to mention if the negative feedback violates Amazon’s rules, complains about something that could be solved easily, or is simply irrelevant.

If seeing them makes you really want to remove them, you’re in good hands. This article will guide you through removing feedback on Amazon, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any feedback issues that may arise.

We’ll discuss the necessary steps and offer valuable tips to help safeguard your business’s online reputation. You’ll learn about Amazon’s negative feedback removal policies, how to request the removal, and appealing decisions if necessary. Let’s dive in.

Know the Rules: Amazon’s Guidelines for Feedback Removal

Understanding Amazon’s guidelines for negative feedback removal is essential for successfully managing your online reputation. In this section, we’ll outline the rules and provide guidance on which feedback can be removed and how to take appropriate action.

Identifying Feedback That Violates Amazon’s Guidelines

First, it’s important to know that not all negative feedback is eligible for removal. However, feedback that violates Amazon’s guidelines may be considered. Here are some common criteria:

  • Feedback containing obscenities or offensive language: There’s no room for profanity in Amazon. If a review contains the slightest bit of profanity, it’s eligible to be removed.
  • The feedback that includes personally identifiable information: This kind of information should never be spread on Amazon since it can be easily misused.
  • Feedback left by mistake or for the wrong product or aspect: Product feedback should be about the product. Transaction feedback should be about the service provided by the seller. Make sure that the feedback is true to the context.

Removing the Negative Feedback

Once you’ve identified feedback that violates Amazon’s guidelines, it’s time to take action. Follow these steps to request feedback removal:

  • Contact the buyer: In some cases, it’s best to start by reaching out to the buyer to address their concerns or ask for feedback removal.
  • Report to Amazon: If contacting the buyer doesn’t resolve the issue, use the “Report a violation” form in your Seller Central account to request removal.

Remember to be patient; it may take Amazon some time to review and decide on your request. If it takes too long for Amazon to address your request, it likely means it was rejected and deemed irrelevant.

Engaging With Buyers: The Art of Communication

As a seller, you should always prioritize open communication with your customers. You can minimize negative feedback and maintain your reputation on Amazon by addressing their concerns on time.

Responding promptly and effectively shows buyers that you genuinely care about their satisfaction, which can encourage them to reconsider their initial rating.

Tips on How to Ask a Customer to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

To request feedback removal:

  • Contact the customer via Amazon’s messaging system.
  • Always use a polite, professional tone and Empathize with their concerns.
  • Acknowledge any issues they may have faced and offer a solution or resolution to their problem.

By doing so, you demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction. You can then politely request them to reconsider their current feedback rating once the issue has been resolved.

When asking for feedback removal, avoid sounding desperate or overly apologetic. Instead, maintain a balance between being assertive and respectful. Ensure your message is brief, clear, and focused on addressing their concerns.

Making It Easy: Explaining to Customers How to Remove Their Amazon Review

02 how to remove their amazon review

After resolving the customer’s issue and gaining their approval to remove or modify their feedback, provide precise instructions on how to do so. This can help make the process hassle-free for them. You can guide them by detailing the following steps:

  1. Log in to their Amazon account.
  2. Go to the “Your Orders” section.
  3. Locate the order with the feedback they want to modify.
  4. Click on “Write a customer review” under the order.
  5. Edit or delete their review, then click “Submit” to save the changes.

Providing straightforward instructions ensures the customer can effortlessly revise their feedback, ultimately helping you maintain a positive brand image on the platform.

Amazon’s Feedback Removal Tools

Amazon offers various feedback removal tools to help sellers maintain a high-quality reputation. In this section, we will explore these tools and how they can serve you in your quest to maintain a positive presence on Amazon.

The Main Ways to Remove Feedback on Amazon

There are three main methods for removing feedback on Amazon, each with its unique set of guidelines and criteria:

  • Contact the buyer: Depending on the situation, you can contact the buyer, address their concerns, and politely ask for feedback removal.
  • Request Amazon’s intervention: In cases where feedback violates Amazon’s guidelines, you can request Amazon to review and potentially remove the feedback.
  • Use the Feedback Manager page: A tool Amazon offers for professional sellers, allowing them to monitor, manage and respond to customer feedback. This can be accessed on the seller central page. After that, find the comment you wish to address and click the resolve button. The site will take you to the resolving negative feedback page.

The Advantage of Being a Professional Seller: Quicker Feedback Removal by Amazon

As a professional seller on Amazon, you can access expedited feedback removal services. This comes with a major advantage, as Amazon’s team tends to prioritize and resolve professional seller feedback concerns more rapidly than those of individual sellers.

In addition to quicker removal, professional sellers enjoy access to advanced features within the Feedback Manager. This allows for efficient customer feedback management and the ability to address issues promptly.

When All Else Fails: Responding to Ineligible Feedback

When you’ve taken all appropriate steps to remove negative feedback on Amazon and are still faced with stubborn, ineligible feedback, it’s time to turn to other tactics: responding to the feedback.

Understanding When Feedback Is Ineligible for Removal

Before you take further action on removing negative feedback, ensure that the feedback is truly ineligible for removal. Amazon will not remove feedback if it’s a genuine review of the customer experience or a product’s performance or if it meets the guidelines.

To be removed, feedback should be in violation of Amazon’s policies, such as containing offensive language or disclosing personal information.

Contacting the Buyer as a Last Resort to Request Feedback Removal

If the feedback is ineligible for removal and the negative rating affects your seller rating, consider reaching out to the buyer with a polite message.

Briefly address their concerns, express your willingness to make things right, and kindly ask them to reconsider their feedback. Remember to keep your tone professional to avoid any potential backlash.

Leaving a Thoughtful Response on Amazon’s Site if the Buyer Doesn’t Remove the Feedback

In cases where the buyer doesn’t remove the negative feedback, you can leave a public response on your Amazon seller profile. Craft a calm, concise, and informative reply, acknowledging the situation and illustrating your steps to resolve the issue. This portrays transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction, helping minimize the negative impact on your reputation.

03 buyer doesn t remove the feedback

Protecting Your Seller Account: Warnings and Precautions

It’s important for you to always be notified about the reviews you receive. If they are positive, then you may sit back and take a breath. However, once a negative one arrives, you must take action right away.

Read on to find out how Amazon notifies you about negative reviews and how you can prevent them from coming in the first place.

Recognizing Amazon Seller Account Warnings Related to Negative Feedback

As a seller on Amazon, it’s crucial to be aware of the warnings related to negative feedback. These warnings can range from a temporary suspension to a complete account ban. Be mindful of sudden drops in your own feedback rating or score and increases in negative reviews.

Amazon may also send notifications regarding policy violations. Pay close attention to messages from Amazon regarding feedback-related issues. By recognizing these warnings, you can act quickly to avoid more severe consequences.

Proactively Preventing Negative Feedback in the First Place

There are some areas you can work on to prevent yourself from receiving negative feedback in the first place. By preventing them in the first place, you’re naturally going to increase your Amazon seller feedback rating instead. Read the following points:

  • Start by providing exceptional customer service to reduce the chances of receiving negative feedback. Respond to customer messages promptly and always remain polite and professional.
  • Doing shipping right on time. It’s the one many customers hate; not receiving their packages within the ETA.
  • Making sure that the product listing is correct and true to the context. Should a customer mistakenly give a negative review and it’s irrelevant to the product description, simply resort to what is stated in it.
  • Use social media to create a positive image of your brand and products.
  • There are softwares designed to detect and address negative reviews on Amazon. You may use them to save you time and effort, especially if your business is running on a large scale. Some examples are Awario, Mention, and Social Clout.


In your pursuit of maintaining a strong Amazon seller reputation, effectively addressing negative feedback is essential. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be better prepared to handle any negative feedback that may come your way.

Remember to always respond to submitted feedback promptly and professionally, showing empathy and understanding for customer concerns.

Don’t hesitate to seek Amazon’s intervention in cases where received negative feedback violates their guidelines. You may go to your feedback manager page and submit a feedback removal request.

Lastly, keep in mind that improving your overall customer service and fine-tuning your operational processes can significantly reduce the likelihood of receiving negative feedback in the first place.

With these strategies at your disposal, you can continue to build a successful Amazon business and uphold your reputation as an exceptional seller. Best of luck on your e-commerce journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove a product review as a seller?

As a seller, you cannot directly remove a product review. However, if you believe a review violates Amazon’s guidelines, you can report it to Amazon for potential removal. Make sure to provide a valid reason and evidence when requesting the removal of a negative review.

What if the buyer refuses to remove their negative feedback?

If a buyer refuses to remove their negative feedback, focus on resolving any issues they may have raised. In some cases, if you can prove that the feedback is baseless or violates Amazon’s policies, Amazon may step in and remove the feedback for you.

How long does it take for Amazon to remove feedback?

Amazon’s timeline for addressing negative feedback can vary. In general, it can take a few business days for Amazon to review your request, collect feedback, and make a decision. It is essential to be patient and maintain professionalism during this process.

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