Understanding Amazon FNSKU: Tips For New Sellers

Are you looking to maximize your success as a seller on Amazon? If so, then understanding and using Amazon FNSKU is essential to your strategy. This article will discuss the importance of FNSKU and how it differs from SKU, UPC, and ASIN. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions for generating FNSKU barcodes and tips for using them properly to help drive sales.

With these helpful tips, you can ensure that your products are tracked effectively and increase your chances of success!

What is Amazon FNSKU

Amazon FNSKU is a unique identifier provided to amazon sellers to track inventory. Additionally, FNSKU is used with amazon’s warehousing system, allowing it to identify each item sold within its fulfillment network accurately.

With FNSKU, Amazon sellers can keep a sales record, manage inventory more efficiently, and provide customers with accurate information about when their orders will arrive. This makes FNSKU code a key element to success for amazon sellers.

Differences between FNSKU, SKU, UPC, and ASIN

Understanding the definitions and differences between FNSKU, SKU, ASIN, and UPC are crucial for Amazon sellers, whether they are private label sellers, wholesale sellers, and other sellers. Although these codes are used to identify products on amazon, each of these codes works uniquely.

FNSKU, SKU, ASIN, and UPC provide different information and purpose to a product on Amazon and are used in multiple ways such as:

Knowing how to use FNSKU, SKU, UPC, and ASIN correctly can help Amazon sellers better identify their products and maximize their success.

What is Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU)?

FNSKU is an Amazon barcode and a shipping label used by FBA sellers. Amazon uses this in its warehousing system to identify each item sold within its network. FNSKU barcode code is 10 alphanumeric digits long and always starts with “X0,”.

What is Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)?

SKU is a barcode used to identify and track products in a store. Brand owners and sellers also use this to know how many stocks they have in inventory and what type of item it is. SKU usually has a 7-digit unique number combination code generated by the seller.

What is Universal Product Code (UPC)?

UPC barcode is a scannable code that allows stores and customers to identify products and how much the product costs. Amazon sellers use UPC codes in the United States and Canadian marketplace. UPC code comprises 12 digits numeric code usually printed on the product’s packaging or barcode label.

What is Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)?

ASIN is a product identifier that is used in Amazon stores. It is a unique code assigned by Amazon that allows sellers and shoppers to search for and identify specific items. ASINs comprise a 10-digit alphanumeric code that usually starts with “B0”.

Interesting Fact:

Multiple sellers can use 1 ASIN if they’re in an online arbitrage business model.

Step-by-step process on how to generate FNSKU barcodes.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on generating FNSKU barcodes and printing item labels for an FBA Seller.

  1. First, log into your Amazon seller central account.
  2. On the top left corner, click the triple bar icon.
  3. Choose the “Catalog” tab and add a product.
  4. Ensure you provide all necessary information to amazon, so they can generate a unique FNSKU barcode for your product.
  5. Always scan the FNSKU barcodes to ensure accurate inventory tracking when shipping items to amazon warehouses.
  6. When printing FNSKU labels, click the print FNSKU labels button and use a label printer rather than a regular printer. This will ensure FNSKU barcodes are always legible and accurate.

If you need help following these instructions, contact amazon support at amazon.com/help for more help and guidance.

How to use FNSKU and where to place them

FNSKU barcodes should be printed on the packaging of your products and any shipping documents accompanying them. This will ensure that amazon can accurately track and trace all sales and inventory of a particular item. In addition, FNSKU labels should be printed onto individual items for easy identification in amazon warehouses.


In conclusion, FNSKU is a crucial element for all new sellers on the Amazon platform. It is a unique identifier provided to amazon sellers to track inventory and ensure accurate tracking of products and stock levels.

By leveraging FNSKU correctly, you can increase your chances of success as a seller by accurately monitoring sales and managing inventory more efficiently.

In addition, understanding how FNSKU works and where it should be placed will help you maximize your profits while providing customers better service. So don’t wait; start taking advantage of amazon FNSKU today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FNSKU?

Amazon FNSKU stands for “Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit,” a unique identifier that Amazon assigns to a specific product that helps fulfill orders and track inventory. It is used alongside the standard SKU, UPC, and ASIN codes to identify effects on amazon’s platform.

How does FNSKU differ from SKU, UPC, and ASIN?

Sellers on Amazon must use unique FNSKU barcodes to keep track of their inventory and ensure accurate sales records. Amazon’s FNSKU barcode system differs from SKUs, UPCs, and ASINs as it provides a unique identifier for each product and allows it to track products accurately across multiple sellers. Understanding how amazon’s barcoding system works is essential to succeed as a seller on the platform.

Why is it essential to use FNSKU?

Using FNSKU is essential as it allows amazon to accurately track its inventory and ensure that customers receive their orders on time. It also helps amazon sellers keep a record of their sales and manage inventory more efficiently.

How do I generate an FNSKU barcode?

Generating FNSKU barcodes is a simple process. Firstly, you will need to sign in to your amazon seller account. Once logged in, select the “Inventory” tab and click “Add a product.” This will bring up a page where you can enter information about your product, such as the title, description, and product images. Once this information has been entered, amazon will generate a unique FNSKU barcode for your product.

How should I correctly use my FNSKU labels, and where should they be placed?

FNSKU barcodes should be printed on the packaging of your products and any shipping documents accompanying them. In addition, FNSKU labels should be printed onto individual items for easy identification in amazon warehouses. Lastly, FNSKU barcodes should always be scanned when shipping items to amazon warehouses to ensure accurate inventory tracking.

What are the benefits of using FNSKU for tracking inventory and sales?

Using FNSKU allows Amazon to provide customers with accurate delivery times and more efficient customer service. Furthermore, using FNSKU labels can help amazon identify counterfeit items on its platform and protect amazon sellers from fraud. In short, leveraging FNSKU correctly can help amazon sellers succeed on the platform by providing better customer service and accurate inventory tracking.

Where to print item labels?

You should print labels on the packaging of your products and any shipping documents accompanying them. In addition, FNSKU should be printed onto individual items for easy identification in amazon warehouses.

Can FNSKU only be used by brand registry sellers?

No, FNSKU can be used by both brand registry and non-brand sellers. However, brand registry members may have access to additional features, such as automated item label generation for amazon warehouses.

What is amazon’s policy on FNSKU labels?

Amazon requires all amazon sellers to use FNSKU for their products in order to accurately. Failure to adhere to amazon’s policy may result in account suspension or other disciplinary action.

How many sellers use UPC on Amazon?

Amazon has over 2 million active sellers on its platform. Although not all of these sellers use UPCs, it is estimated that at least 50% of amazon sellers are using UPC codes for their products.

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