How to Share an Amazon Item: Quick and Easy Guide for Viral Shopping


Amazon is a popular online shopping platform for millions of people across the world. Sharing Amazon items may be beneficial for various purposes, including promoting things to friends and building a wish list for special events.

Whether you’re an experienced Amazon buyer or new to the marketplace, understanding the intricacies of item sharing can improve your entire experience.

Put on your eCommerce cap and prepare to learn about the power of sharing in the Amazon world. Continue reading to become an Amazon sharing expert, making it easier than ever to share your favorite buys.

What Is Amazon Product Sharing and Why Is It Important?

Amazon product sharing refers to promoting and sharing product link on various platforms, driving awareness, and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

As an Amazon seller or affiliate, you can leverage product link sharing to boost sales, generate more traffic, and grow your online business.

The Purpose of Amazon Product Sharing

Product sharing serves multiple purposes, such as:

Creating awareness

Sharing Amazon product link increases visibility and helps potential customers discover your products easily

Driving traffic

By sharing products on different platforms, you can reach a wider audience and direct them toward the product description page, potentially increasing conversions

Boosting sales

The more exposure your products receive, the higher the chances of generating sales and building a loyal customer base.

Amazon product sharing is vital for maximizing your online business’s potential, reaching new customers, and achieving long-term success.

How To Share An Item On Amazon?

Sharing an Amazon item might help others find new things or obtain gift ideas. Let’s look at a few ways and techniques for sharing an Amazon item with friends and family.

Step-by-step guide on how to share an Amazon item with others

1. Open the Amazon website or the amazon shopping app and navigate to the item you want to share.

2. Look for the Share button on the item’s detail page, usually located below the item’s image, price, and description.

3. Click or tap the Share button, then choose the desired sharing method from the available options.

How to share an item through email, social media, Facebook, private group chat, or other messaging apps

When you click the Share icon, you’ll have several sharing options, including email, chat programs, and popular social networking sites.

Choose your favorite and follow the prompts to complete the sharing process. You could share up to half dozen email addresses.

How to customize the message when sharing an Amazon item

Before sharing the item, you may provide a personalized note. This message and amazon share links of the item to provide context or your thoughts to the receiver.

Fill the corresponding text box with your message and send it with the shared Amazon item. This gives a more personal touch to your recommendation or gift suggestion.

How To Share Amazon Wish List?

A Wish List on Amazon app is a quick method to keep products you wish to buy in the future, and it can also be simply shared with others. After that, we’ll look at how to share an Amazon wishlist and how it may make Amazon users’ lives easier.

What is an Amazon Wish List?

An Amazon app Wish List is a collection of things you want or need to be organized in one location for easy access.

You may share your list with friends and family, making it ideal for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions when people want to purchase your gifts.

Sharing your Wish List is a simple process allowing others to view and purchase items directly from your list. It’s an efficient way to ensure you receive the items you truly want and need.

Step-by-step guide on how to share an Amazon Wish List with others

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to your Wish List.
  2. At the top right corner of your list, click on the “Share” button.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, providing different sharing options.
  4. Select your preferred method and follow the on-screen instructions.

The different ways to share an Amazon Wish List, including email, social media, and messaging apps

Amazon offers a variety of ways to share your Wish List with others. These include:

  • Email: Enter the recipient’s email address, and Amazon will send them a product link to your list
  • Social media: Share your Wish List on Facebook or Twitter by selecting the corresponding icon in the sharing options
  • Messaging apps: Share the product link to your Wish List through WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other messaging app you prefer.

With these diverse sharing options, you can easily reach out to your friends and family, making gift-giving occasions more enjoyable for all parties involved

How Do You Move The Wish List To A Cart With Shopping Cart Share?

The Shopping Cart Share feature on Amazon and its benefits

The Shopping Cart Share feature on amazon site lets you share multiple items from your Amazon Wishlist with friends and family. This streamlines the shopping and gift-giving experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Step-by-step guide on how to move an Amazon Wish List to a cart with Shopping Cart Share

  1. Add items from your Amazon Wishlist to your Shopping Cart by clicking Add to Cart next to each item
  2. Go to your Shopping Cart and click on Cart Share.
  3. Choose the sharing method (social media or email), customize the message if desired, and then share

Tips on how to customize the message when using Shopping Cart Share

Shopping Cart Sharing is a function that lets you share your shopping cart with other people. When sharing your shopping cart, it’s critical to personalize the message so that the receiver knows why you’re doing it and what they should do with it.

Here are some suggestions for personalizing the message while using Shopping Cart Share:

  1. Start with a greeting: Address the recipient by name or a friendly greeting such as “Hi there!” or “Hey friend!”
  2. Explain why you’re sharing the cart: Let the recipient know why you’re sharing the cart with them.
  3. Provide context: Give the recipient some context about the items in the cart. For example, if you share a cart for a group purchase, let them know the purpose and who will contribute.
  4. Make it personal: Customize the message to fit your relationship with the recipient.
  5. Include any instructions: If you need the recipient to take specific actions with the cart, include clear instructions.
  6. End with a call-to-action: Encourage the recipient to take action by ending the message with a clear call-to-action

Final Thoughts

Sharing Amazon items can greatly benefit both the sender and the recipient by helping them discover products they need or want.

Utilizing Amazon’s built-in sharing features, such as group email address, social media, and direct link sharing, helps streamline the process.

Text message sharing has also become increasingly popular, with a straightforward integration of sharing links directly through SMS. This way, loved ones can immediately access the items they want.

  • Email Sharing: perfect for sending personalized suggestions.
  • Social media sharing: reaches a wider audience for general recommendations.
  • Direct link sharing: easy to use for any scenario
  • Text message sharing: ensures quick access to your product’s link

By mastering these methods, you’ll become an expert in sharing Amazon items, enhancing your online shopping experience, and making life easier for friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share an Amazon item with others?

Look for the “Share” button on the product page to determine if an item can be shared. If this button is present, the item is shareable.

Additionally, check the item’s product information to see if sharing restrictions apply.

Can I share Amazon items with people who don’t have an Amazon account?

Yes, you can share Amazon items with people who don’t have an Amazon account.

They can view the product description page without logging in when sharing a link. However, they will need to create an account to complete a purchase.

How do I remove an item that I shared with someone?

Removing an item that you’ve shared requires the recipient to delete the link or message containing the shared item. There’s no direct way to remove the item once it’s been shared.

Can I share an Amazon item with someone outside of my country?

While you can share an Amazon item with someone outside your country, remember that the product may not be available for purchase or shared with their shipping addresses.

It’s best to check the item’s shipping and availability details beforehand.

Is there a limit to the number of Amazon items I can share with others?

There is no specific limit to the number of items you can share. However, be mindful of sharing a large number of items at once, as this might be considered spamming by some recipients.

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