Online Shopping Boom: The Top Online Retailers Through The Lens of 2023

If you’re a business owner, now is the perfect time to jump on this growing trend of online shopping. Within just five years, eCommerce sales in the U.S.  are predicted to skyrocket from their current total of $1.03 trillion. 

It could be tricky deciding which marketplace will get you max return but it might be worth considering for sure as there are gains galore.

For some online retailers, the specificity, scale of growth, and competition levels may help their retail e-commerce sales soar.

Shopping online is as competitive these days as it has ever been, making your choices all the more important. To help make that choice simpler for you in 2023 and beyond, we’ve put together a helpful guide on which retailers are favored by customers – ones that can get your business booming.

How Is The Online Retail Industry Growing In 2023

If you’re looking for a bargain on some amazing finds, an online store is a perfect place to make it happen. From chic clothing to cutting-edge technology and beautiful home decor pieces, there’s something special waiting just around the corner!

The eCommerce industry has revolutionized the way sellers do business by giving them a massive boost in reach and visibility. With these storefronts, businesses can unlock untold potential for customers to find their products – making it easier than ever before.

eCommerce is on the increase! In 2023, one-fifth of all purchases made across the globe are expected to be through online retailers. That’s a whopping 17.8% jump in just two years. What’s more – internet retailers such as Amazon and eBay will account for a major part of this growth too; with estimates predicting online sales may even reach 23% by 2025. It looks like shopping from home isn’t going away anytime soon.

That’s a huge surge compared to the already impressive figures at the start of 2021 when global eCommerce sales were estimated at $5.2 trillion. The biggest online retailers have thus far managed to navigate the pandemic disruption and are emerging as one of the biggest growth areas for businesses.

What Can You Learn From The Top Online retailers

Have you ever marveled at how success stories achieve their global reach and captivate new customers? The answer lies in the power of online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. These amazing platforms enable entrepreneurs to tap into a treasure trove of potential shoppers from all corners of the world!

Selling online can be a daunting task, but success is achievable. It’s just about doing your research and figuring out which marketplaces are the best fit for each product you have. With an understanding of the algorithms behind different retailers, as well as what makes sense in terms of marketing strategies – you’ll find yourself reaping maximum ROI from eCommerce goals in no time.

The U.S. Top Online Retailers in 2023

ECommerce has been taken over by a few giants in recent years, amassing immense success through their money-making capabilities, efficient operations, and high customer approval ratings. Amazon is quite rightly the frontrunner of this pack – all thanks to its far-flung supply chain that can efficiently reach customers wherever they might be.

Ahead, you’ll discover other eCommerce retailers making significant gains in online retail in the United States.


Amazon is a titan of the modern world. With its humongous 200 million Prime members and estimated $386.4 billion in e-com sales worldwide, it’s no wonder that Amazon has become one of the most dominant forces in today’s online marketplace. It stands as proof that when you combine proper ambition with smart business strategies, anything can be achieved.

Amazon Prime membership program Day 2022 was an absolute phenomenon – shoppers purchased a staggering 300 million items in online spending in just two days. This explosive success can be attributed to Amazon’s excellent customer experience and convenience, such as free delivery for online buyers. There’s also been huge growth on their streaming platform with over 200 million unique viewers who have access to exclusive discounts.

Popular Sales Items

The most sold items on Amazon are books, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, and dietary supplements.


Walmart has been a revolutionary force in eCommerce since its entrance onto the scene. It was one of the first companies to understand how powerful online shopping could be, and they’ve continued blazing trails ever since. Their selection is unmatched, their prices unbeatable – plus you can always count on Walmart for excellent customer service.

Walmart is a retail giant with 6.3% of the U.S. e-commerce market share, but they’re not content to just rest on its laurels. They’ve figured out that the key to remaining competitive lies in keeping up with e-commerce trends and Amazon’s success story. To get an edge over others, Walmart has implemented some innovative strategies like its Online Marketplace – connecting businesses with around 100 million monthly shoppers plus analytics & marketing tools designed to boost sales conversions.

Popular Sales Items

The most sold items at Walmart are electronics, personal care products, food, and groceries.

Home Depot

Home Depot is taking its revamped business model to the next level by joining forces with global eCommerce trends and leveraging a revolutionary online marketplace platform. This will open up endless opportunities for customers, providing them access to more diverse goods and services in one convenient place. Home depot already enjoys $43.79 Billion of internet sales and with recent eCommerce innovations, it could be more.

Home Depot is paving the way for a new era of retail shopping, allowing customers to rent items without leaving their homes. With this “rent equipment online, Pick-up in Store” tech initiative and its commitment to eCommerce growth. On Home Depot, online shoppers can also conveniently check equipment availability.

Popular Sales Item

Home Depot is the go-to eCommerce store for home improvement items.


eBay is a major player in the world of online marketplaces, offering an amazing opportunity for retailers to reach customers far and wide. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for businesses seeking to grow their eCommerce presence – with plenty of options available, there’s something on eBay that’ll fit everyone.

With eBay, online retailers can tap into a vast pool of customers from all around the world! Whether it’s for auctions or “buy-it-now” purchases, buyers and sellers alike can feel secure in knowing that their needs will be taken care of. Not to mention they’ll get access to user ratings & reviews too – so everyone wins.

Popular Sales Item

eBay is the go-to platform for pet supplies, craft items, clothing, and fitness gear.


Apple is leading the way in global e-commerce, offering businesses around the world an incredible opportunity to reach more customers and capitalize on worldwide trends. With one of the largest online market shares at 4% of its revenue and sales worth over USD 35 billion – this iconic brand isn’t just influential; it’s dominating. Apple podcasts subscriptions have also helped them remain a mainstay in digital environments.

Popular Sales Item

Apple has built an empire on the digital demand for apple devices, mobile apps, and accessories.

The Most Important Online Retailer Trends

Pricing is important

Shoppers today are savvy and in pursuit of the best deals, so it’s important to remain competitive on price if you want your business to succeed.

Fast Delivery

To attract consumers, investing in a robust shipping infrastructure and providing competitively priced delivery is essential for convenience.

Second-Hand Shopping

Shoppers are increasingly turning to second-hand buying to prioritize sustainability.

Social Networks Grow Sales

By partnering with influencers and incorporating shoppable posts into your strategy, you can boost revenue through these powerful platforms.

Equal Importance of Desktop and Mobile Sites

Customers now demand a consistent, flawless shopping experience no matter their device so ensure you deliver the same top-tier performance on both desktop and mobile.


eCommerce is a booming industry, with sales projected to skyrocket over the next few years. Online retailers are providing businesses with unprecedented opportunities for growth and expansion by tapping into new customer bases that seek convenience and accessibility when shopping online.

Thanks to the eCommerce industry growing, even mid-sized retailers have an array of lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to capitalize. There is even a market for selling non-fungible tokens as a result of inspiring digital penetration.

To make the most of this trend and ensure an effective investment of time and resources, it’s essential to understand how top retailers are adapting. This could include targeting key regions with competitive prices & shipping infrastructure – making sure you’re well-positioned in a sector that shows no signs of slowing down!

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