Does Amazon Ship to Canada? Uncovering the Online Shopping Mystery


If you’re wondering whether Amazon ships to Canada, you’re in luck! The simple answer is YES. Amazon indeed ships to Canada, which means you can access a vast array of products and convenient delivery options at your fingertips.

When you browse items on Amazon.com, you’ll notice that Amazon can ship most products to Canada. However, it’s crucial to remember that Amazon cannot ship all products to Canada. Some items may be restricted or unavailable for international shipping due to certain rules and regulations. Make sure to always double-check the product page before you place your order.

Additionally, when you order from Amazon and ship to a different country, various factors like delivery methods, shipping fees, and customs duties may affect the base price, the total cost, and the delivery time of your purchase. Be sure to consider these factors to plan your shopping experience effectively.

Understanding Amazon Shipping Options to Canada

As a Canadian shopper, knowing the different delivery options available to you when purchasing from Amazon is important. This section will explore three main shipping methods: Door-to-Door Delivery, Express Shipping, and Cross-Border Shipping.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Door-to-Door Delivery is the most convenient option for you, as your package is delivered directly to your doorstep. This shipping method is available for most items and often includes tracking details to monitor your package’s progress.

Some of the key benefits of Door-to-Door Delivery include the following:

  • The convenience of home delivery
  • Tracking information available
  • Widely accessible for various items

Express Shipping

If you’re in a hurry to receive your items, Express Shipping is the way to go. This method ensures a faster delivery time compared to standard shipping options, and remember that the faster delivery speed often comes with additional shipping fees.

Express shipping is best for:

  • Urgent purchases
  • Time-sensitive items
  • Customers willing to pay extra for speed

Cross-Border Shipping

Sometimes, a desired item may not be available on the Canadian Amazon site. In such cases, you may need to use cross-border shipping to import the item from the US or another country. This option may involve additional fees, such as taxes and import duties.

To manage cross-border shipping, consider the following:

  • Researching any possible import fees
  • Setting up a US or international shipping address
  • Ensuring the item complies with Canadian import regulations

Amazon Free Shipping to Canada: How It Works

This section will cover the ins and outs of Amazon’s free shipping policy to Canada. Learn about the requirements, limitations, and alternative shipping options.

Amazon’s Free Shipping Offer

Amazon occasionally offers free shipping on eligible items shipped to Canada. Your order must meet a minimum purchase amount, typically around $35. Select “Free International Shipping” as your delivery preference during checkout.

When Amazon Doesn’t Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping may not be available for all items or shipping destinations. Some remote locations are not eligible for free shipping. Some products aren’t eligible due to their size, weight, and shipment restrictions, or a third-party seller might sell them. Amazon will charge a full shipping fee based on the delivery address and selected shipping speed in these cases.

Exploring Other Shipping Options: USPS, FedEx, and Golden Express Guaranteed

If Amazon’s free shipping option isn’t available or suitable for your needs, consider alternative carriers:

  • USPS: Reliable and often affordable, the United States Postal Service ships to Canada with various delivery speed options.
  • FedEx: Known for its express shipping services, FedEx offers shipments to Canada with tracking and signature confirmation.
  • Golden Express Guaranteed: This premium service provides guaranteed delivery times to Canada, with tight delivery windows and real-time tracking updates.

By understanding Amazon’s free shipping process and exploring other options, you can make informed decisions when shopping online and shipping to Canada.

Shopping on Amazon.com vs. Amazon.ca

Shopping on Amazon for Canadian customers can be confusing, mainly because of the differences between Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. In this section, we’ll help you understand the reasons to shop on each site and the challenges you may face with shipping items to Canada.

Reasons to Shop on Amazon.com

While Amazon Canada is tailored for Canadian online shoppers, Amazon.com has a wider range of products, often at lower prices. Additionally, you can benefit from exclusive deals and promotional offers available only on the company’s US site.

Why Some Items Can’t Be Shipped to Canada Address

There are several reasons why items from Amazon.com cannot ship to the Great White North, such as vendor restrictions and legal issues. Let’s dive deeper into these factors.

  • Vendor’s Choice: Some Amazon sellers may choose not to ship their products internationally due to logistical reasons or additional costs. In such cases, it’s up to the vendor to decide whether they offer to ship to Canada or not.
  • Legal Restrictions: There might be legal restrictions on specific items, such as products regulated by government agencies like Health Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Always check if the products you want are allowed to ship to Canada.

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, shopping on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca should be based on product availability, price, and convenience. It may also be good to check the currency exchange rate when buying to save money. Consider these factors while making your choice, and enjoy your shopping experience.

Step-by-Step Guide: Shipping from Amazon.com to Canada

Option 1: Buying Directly from Amazon

On the Amazon website, check if the item you want is available for shipping to your mailing address in Canada. On the product page, look for “Ships to [your address]” or “Does not ship to [your address]” under the delivery options. If eligible, proceed to checkout and enter your Canadian address.

Navigating Amazon.com Shipping Rates to Canada

Shipping rates vary depending on the item and destination. To view these rates, visit the Amazon Global Store’s shipping rates page. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of fees, including standard, expedited, and priority shipping rates.

Estimating Shipping Time

Shipping times may differ based on the shipping option you select. Standard shipping usually takes around 10 – 13 business days, expedited shipping service (if available) can take 5 – 9 business days, and priority shipping typically takes 2 – 4 business days. Note that these times may vary depending on customs clearance at the border.

Option 2: Using a Shipping Forwarder

Another option is to use a shipping forwarder, like ReShip or MyUS. These services provide a US address where your package can be sent first, and then the package forwarder will send it to your Canadian address.

How Shipping Forwarders Work

Start by signing up with a shipping forwarder, who will provide you with a US address. Use this address when ordering from Amazon.com. Your package will be sent to the forwarder’s US address, then forwarded to your Canadian address according to their shipping rates and policies.

Comparing Costs and Benefits

Factors to consider when choosing a shipping option include cost, convenience, and delivery speed. Buying directly from Amazon may be cheaper, but you may be limited in product availability. A shipping forwarder offers more flexibility, but extra fees may apply. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons to select the best method for your needs.

Shipping Amazon USA Orders to Canadian PO Boxes

Shipping your Amazon order to Canadian PO Boxes is worth understanding for those who prefer PO Box deliveries. This section will delve into Amazon’s policy on shipping products to PO Boxes in Canada and explore alternatives for receiving packages.

Amazon’s Policy on Shipping to PO Boxes in Canada

Amazon can get your products shipped to PO Boxes in Canada; however, limitations apply. Certain items, such as oversized products and those containing hazardous materials, cannot be delivered to a PO Box. During order placement, it is essential to recheck that the chosen item is eligible for PO Box shipping.

Alternatives for Receiving Packages

If your item is ineligible for delivery to a PO Box, there are alternative solutions to consider:

  • Amazon Locker: Amazon Locker is a self-service kiosk where you can collect Amazon products conveniently. Locker locations are available at selected shopping centers and transit hubs. During checkout, you can choose the closest Amazon Locker as your shipping address.

These alternatives provide convenient and secure options for receiving your Amazon packages when shipping to a PO Box is unavailable or unsuitable.


In summary, Amazon ships to Canada, enabling you to access a broad range of products on its platform. However, it’s essential to consider shipping fees, delivery times, and customs charges when making purchases to ensure a smooth experience.

While shopping on Amazon.ca, you can accommodate country-specific items and regulations. To optimize shipping costs and delivery times, we recommend using Amazon Prime, which offers a range of features for Canadian customers, such as:

  • Free 1-2 day shipping on eligible items
  • Access to Prime Video
  • Exclusive deals and discounts

Always be mindful of the product’s eligibility and the seller’s shipping policies when ordering from Amazon.com to guarantee that you receive all your parcels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Use Amazon’s Delivery Services to Ship to Canada?

When shopping on Amazon, check if the product can be shipped to Canada by looking at the item’s description. You can also set your delivery address to your Canadian location in your account settings, and this will automatically show products that are eligible for shipping to your country.

Are There Cheaper Shipping Options Available?

Yes, there are cheaper shipping options, like consolidating multiple orders into one shipment. You can compare carriers and rates by using the Amazon Global Shipping page. Also, you can consider using third-party freight forwarders like MyUS.

Can I Order from Amazon.com and Have It Shipped to Canada?

Yes, you can order from Amazon.com and have it shipped to Canada, but not all items are eligible for international shipping. Be sure to check if the item you’re interested in is eligible before purchasing.

How Do I Shop on Amazon USA and Ship to Canada?

Simply set your delivery address to your Canadian location while browsing Amazon.com, which will filter the available products for shipping to Canada. When placing an order, choose a shipping method that delivers to your country.

What Are the Typical Shipping Costs for Amazon Orders to Canada?

  • Standard shipping: $5 – $12 per delivery
  • Expedited shipping: $16 – $20 per delivery
  • Priority Shipping: $25 – $40 per delivery

Shipping costs may vary depending on several factors, such as the package’s size, weight, and location.

What Are the Main Differences Between Amazon International Shipping and MyUS?

The main differences between Amazon International Shipping and MyUS include logistics, shipping rates, and package consolidation. Amazon directly handles international shipping, whereas MyUS is a third-party freight forwarder. MyUS may help you save on shipping costs by consolidating multiple packages into one shipment.

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