How To Make Money On Amazon 2023 – 15 Top Methods

Making money is vital in this digital age, with more of us heading online to earn extra cash. There are plenty of websites people use as money-making platforms, but one of the most popular is Amazon.

Here are 15 different ways you can make money on Amazon. From selling products to affiliate programs, there are many methods you can use to generate revenue for yourself.

Why Should You Make Money On Amazon?

Many websites today offer various methods for people to make money online. Some examples include:

You have a lot of different money-making platforms to choose from, so why should you choose Amazon over any of the other options above?

  1. Amazon offers multiple avenues for people to create revenue across industries and sectors. While other websites like Etsy or eBay only offer product-selling revenue methods, Amazon has its affiliate program, a services marketplace, product trade-ins, and more. You have a better chance of finding the best money-making avenue with more choices available.
  2. Amazon offers more support and protection for its sellers and customers compared to other platforms. If something goes wrong, you will have a professional team to help back you up in various ways. Other platforms offer less support, which means if you end up in trouble, you have to deal with it yourself.
  3. Using Amazon is easy as you don’t even need a website. It’s a global company, so you can make money no matter where you or your customers are. This fact makes it an accessible money-making platform across the globe.

There is no guarantee that your attempts to make money on Amazon will always be successful. However, the many benefits Amazon has for accessibility and support make it an ideal website for many.

All you have to do is find the best way to make money on Amazon for your business.

Sell Products On Amazon To Make Money

The go-to method for making money on Amazon is to sell products. Many people use Amazon to buy products, so you can make money by selling products consumers want. Here are the multiple ways you can sell products on Amazon to earn revenue.


Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment By Amazon (abbreviated to FBA) is a service provided by Amazon that allows you to sell products on their platform while they take care of most of the process.

Some of the biggest challenges with selling products is handling the inventory. Many businesses can’t store their products and distribute them alone. These issues can lead to rising costs and unhappy customers, so sellers need to find a solution to this aspect of their business.

By signing up with FBA, sellers can unburden themselves by handing over the distribution of their products to Amazon. Once you ship your products to the appointed Amazon fulfillment center, Amazon will take over the packaging, storage, and shipping processes. Amazon also handles customer services such as refunds and returns on your behalf.

FBA helps make selling products on Amazon much easier for beginners, as Amazon takes on half of the burden.



Dropshipping With Amazon

Dropshipping works differently compared to FBA. Instead of sourcing your products from third-party manufacturers, you sell the product without ever owning it in the first place. You list the products on your own Amazon page, and when a customer places an order, you then fulfill the order by handing it over to the product supplier.

You can sell products on Amazon without ever handling the product yourself – and you still make money!

Dropshipping is allowed on Amazon, but there are rules you need to follow. Because this method has low start-up costs and is fast to set up, anyone around the world can do it – which also means that your products will have a lot of competition.


  • Low start-up costs and ease of use make this a popular method for small businesses and beginners.
  • You never have to handle the product yourself.


  • You have no control over the quality, delivery time, etc.
  • You won’t be the only one using the same supplier to sell products on Amazon.

Amazon Business

Another method of selling products on Amazon is to sell as a wholesale seller.

Wholesale products are batches of items sold in bulk to other businesses, either for their use (like pencils or paper) or to sell to customers independently. Many companies prefer to buy items they use again and again in bulk as it helps reduce costs.

To sell wholesale products on Amazon, you need to use Amazon Business. Amazon business is a business-to-business marketplace. There, sellers like you can find regular business customers and access unique features like price quotes, certifications, and more.


  • Amazon Business makes it easier for you to sell wholesale products to a new customer base.
  • There are also unique features to access that you would not be able to through Amazon’s regular selling process.


  • Amazon Business has high entry barriers, making it difficult for newer businesses to sign up.

Amazon Accelerator

If you are a manufacturer of exclusive products, you can become one of Amazon’s private brand label product suppliers through the Amazon Accelerator program.

The program offers plenty of incentives, such as onboarding support, marketing, product testing, and access to customer feedback. These are benefits that can have a massive impact on your revenue. Amazon Accelerator is a popular program for those who manufacture private label products and need a platform to sell them on.


  • This method is ideal for those seeking support with selling and marketing their private label products.


  • You need a product idea and to organize its manufacturing independently.
  • You can only sell your product exclusively through Amazon.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 

Not all products sold on Amazon are objects. Authors can also sell their written content, like novels and books, on Amazon through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

It’s a fast way to self-publish your digital books, as signing up takes around five minutes to complete, and you get to set your prices for your digital books. Your digital book will become available on Amazon’s Kindle Store globally. If you decide to make changes to your works post-publication, this is also possible – a benefit you don’t get with other publishers.

Publishers get 70% of the royalties from their works through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There are also options for a physical copy and audiobook publication, too. However, you’d need to use other Amazon programs like CreateSpace and ACX.


  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publish is a fast way to publish your written works.
  • Options are available for physical publication and audiobook publication through related services.
  • It allows you to turn a hobby into a way to generate extra money.


  • There’s no additional help given for marketing your digital books, meaning that only prolific writers tend to make money using this method.

Amazon Handmade

Another way you can use Amazon to turn your hobby into a business is to use Amazon Handmade.

Many people have wanted to sell handmade products in recent years, and a great way to make money is to sell them. However, local craft fairs and social media can only help you reach a limited audience.

Amazon Handmade is helping sellers from over 80 countries find new audiences to turn their hobbies into thriving small businesses. Although there is a strict auditing process to ensure products are genuine and hand-made, sellers only have to pay a 15% fee for each product they sell through Amazon Handmade. Handmade sellers can make a good profit margin by selling their products through this platform.


  • Amazon Handmade helps independent crafters and artisans sell their products to a much wider audience.


  • Keeping up with demand is tough if your hand-made products become popular.

Merch By Amazon

Merchandise refers to easy-to-repeat products like printed t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and notebooks. It is an effective way to generate revenue, but some people can’t find the necessary resources to turn ideas and designs into actual products.

Merch By Amazon is a print-on-demand service that allows sellers to create designs and products. It’s cost-effective and a popular option with blogs and content creators who want to sell merchandise for their small businesses. However, professional service and product businesses also use Merch By Amazon to create stock for their employees, such as coffee mugs, tote bags, and more.

You also don’t do manufacturing, distribution, and customer service. Amazon takes care of all that for you.


  • Merch By Amazon allows small businesses to make affordable products quickly.
  • Amazon handles the manufacturing, distribution, and other time-consuming aspects of selling products.



Sell Services On Amazon To Make Money

What if your business sells a service to your customers instead of products?

You can still use Amazon to promote your business and sell your services. Amazon Services is a marketplace where companies can sell professional services instead of products. Many businesses use Amazon services to promote their business and network with companies in the same industry.

One of the benefits of Amazon Services is that there are no upfront fees to join. You sign up, advertise your business’s services, and pay Amazon a small portion of the revenue you create through the program.

Amazon Services is open to freelancers and registered businesses in many industries. These include home, landscaping, vehicle maintenance, events, health and beauty, and more.

It’s a popular marketplace used by those looking for a local service, so if you want to make your business more visible online to boost its revenue, then Amazon Services is a great option. If you don’t get any extra work through the service, you don’t pay. It’s a win-win!


  • Amazon Services is a great way to help your business network with local businesses and businesses in the same industry.
  • You don’t pay anything until your services are purchased through Amazon Services.



Make Money With Amazon Without Selling Physical Products

If you don’t have any products or services you can sell, it is still possible to make money through Amazon – and in more than one way! Here are some examples for you to try out.

Amazon Associates 

The easiest way to make money without selling products or services is to try affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you refer or recommend a product or service sold by a different company through the content you create and upload online. It includes social media posts, blog posts, podcasts, and other content you upload to your website or social media accounts.

Amazon also offers affiliate marketing through its Amazon Associates program. If you run a blog or have an impressive social media presence, you can earn money by suggesting Amazon products to your readers.

It works by providing you with a unique affiliate link to a product, and you gain a percentage of the commission from each sale. How much the commission rate depends on what kind of product you are advertising. These rates can also change at any time, so this is important to keep in mind.


  • Because you have no products to sell, you have no inventory to source, manage, and products to dispatch.
  • If you already have a well-built website, signing up for Amazon Associates is a great way to make extra money.
  • Affiliate marketing provides you with opportunities for extra content for your websites or blogs.


  • If you don’t already have a well-built website or high social media following, this method is unlikely to work for you.

Amazon Influencers

Associated with Amazon’s Associate’s program is the Amazon Influencer Program.

This branch of the program works with people who have a high presence online and is a recognizable figures. It’s a program better suited for individuals rather than businesses – social media ‘influencers’ with a large following.

Amazon Influencers provides you with your ‘storefront’ on Amazon, where you can recommend multiple products to your followers. Not only will your followers be shown multiple Amazon products you use, but you can make content (like videos) to earn a commission on top of the views your content receives.


  • Depending on how large your following is, it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars through this method.


  • Commission rates can vary depending on how large your following is on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon also runs its trade-in service, where you can swap old goods for money. Unfortunately, Amazon will not pay you for your used products in cash. Instead, you will get an Amazon voucher worth the value of your goods.

So, although you won’t be earning actual ‘cash’ through Amazon’s Trade-In program, you still receive a voucher with monetary value at Amazon itself. There are other benefits, such as how it encourages recycling and lowers your carbon footprint, and you can put your voucher towards new goods you would like to purchase regardless!


  • Amazon Trade-In is a quick way to get rid of your junk and get a cash equivalent in return.
  • It’s a sustainable way to get rid of clutter around your home.


  • You do not receive actual money for this option, but vouchers that can help you reduce the cost of other products available on Amazon.

Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) is Amazon’s answer to the popular crowdsourcing platforms that have grown in recent years. It allows businesses to outsource various tasks rather than spend a lot of money hiring an extra body. These tasks are small, easy-to-do tasks for research and survey purposes, and in return, you can earn a small amount of money (usually between $0.10 to $1 per task).

If you have some spare time, MTurk is a great place to earn a few extra dollars, but you will have to complete many tasks before you gain a fair amount of money.


  • Tasks are quick to complete, so you can quickly build up earnings in a few hours.
  • You can schedule your tasks around your daily routine to fit them around a part-time or full-time job.


  • Tasks pay a small amount of money, so you need to complete many tasks.
  • These tasks also tend to be boring and repetitive, so they feel like chores.

Get Hired By Amazon To Make Money

The final method to make money through Amazon is to be hired by them! Amazon is always looking for new employees, so here are some roles you may be interested in.

Become An Amazon Customer Service Associate

Amazon is hiring customer service team members from around the world who speak various languages. They are attempting to create a customer service base that reaches millions of Amazon customers in their first language – so this may be an opportunity for you.

Amazon’s customer service associates work from home, have access to employee benefits, and can arrange their flexible schedules. There are qualifications you need to meet, but it’s worth applying!


  • You get to work from home, either part-time or full-time.
  • You also get benefits such as a 401k.


  • You still need to apply and go through the hiring process.

Amazon Flex

Amazon is always looking for additional drivers for their delivery service. You can sign up for Amazon Flex to earn money while delivering packages around your local neighborhood.


  • You get to create your schedule, so it’s a flexible way to work.
  • Drivers earn between $18 to $25 currently.


  • You need your reliable vehicle with insurance.
  • Work is only available for part-time hours.

Amazon CamperForce

If you own an RV, then Amazon will be willing to hire you to help out with their seasonal rushes. As a part of their CamperForce, you can use your RV out of season to transport packages from one warehouse to another. Alternatively, you can work as a picker or packer with Amazon, either part-time or full-time – whichever works best with your schedule.


  • Amazon offers its CamperForce employees plenty of benefits, including medical coverage.
  • You will also receive CampPay – a $120 weekly allowance for your campground expenses.



How To Start Making Money On Amazon

Once you have chosen your money-making method, you can start taking steps toward your goals.

If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to find the right product. Consider the cost, what is in high demand with customers, and your main competitors. You can use third-party tools such as JungleScout and Bqool to help you research products to find the right one.

If you want to sell a service, apply for programs and set up your Amazon Home Services profile. To get hired by Amazon, start browsing their available jobs and apply to those that stand out to you.

Once you start taking these steps, the revenue will soon flow into your bank account!

In Summary

This guide offers you 15 money-making methods on Amazon, but new opportunities are offered each year. The above options remain the most popular ways to make money on Amazon and are some of the quickest and most accessible methods for beginners.

We hope that this guide has helped inspire you. All that’s left to say is good luck with your future money-making endeavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that come up with people who are looking to make money on Amazon:

What Should I Not Do When Selling On Amazon?

There are plenty of rules you need to follow when selling products on Amazon, and failing to do this is the main reason many sellers leave Amazon. Your priority should be to understand Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Other common mistakes sellers make include trying to run multiple seller accounts, running out of inventory, and failing to find a profitable product.

How Much Money Does The Average Amazon Seller Make?

How much money you will make on Amazon depends on the success of your product. Some sellers report annual earnings of up to $45,000 per year. On average, most Amazon sellers make between $1,000 and $2,500 per month.

Will Amazon Hire Me With No Experience?

Amazon has a lot of career opportunities you can apply for, but having experience in a particular role isn’t always necessary. It depends on the kind of job you are applying for and what qualifications requirements Amazon is demanding. Some job roles require experience – but others don’t.

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