Creating Your Etsy Empire – 20+ Profitable Ideas For Etsy You Can Start Today

Are you a creative looking to turn your ideas into an empire and make some money? Then Etsy could be the answer! This online eCommerce platform can help launch your entrepreneurial dreams – whether it’s selling products or services, there are plenty of possibilities at hand.

Ready to take the eCommerce world by storm? Get your journey off to an incredible start with this guide full of imaginative ideas for Etsy products for your own Etsy shop. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand new, these great Etsy shop ideas can help you grow your own Etsy store and reach new heights.

Overview of The Etsy Marketplace

Etsy has revolutionized the way sellers and customers interact. With just a few clicks, people can set up an e-commerce business to bring their ideas to life or shop for curated items not available elsewhere across 150 countries around the world.

From artisans selling one-of-a-kind creations to vintage treasures unearthed by passionate collectors – there’s something special for everyone on this platform.

Home to an astounding 90 million shoppers and 7.5 million vendors, this worldwide marketplace offers a wealth of handmade items and vintage finds as well as digital products such as e-books, printables, and other downloads.

The platform facilitates meaningful connections between buyers and sellers who both value authenticity and creativity when it comes to product customization and customer service. Sellers that can offer this level of personalization will find great success in the Etsy community just like they would in any brick-and-mortar store.

Etsy offers comprehensive services to help merchants optimize their businesses. From advertising opportunities and analytics to Pattern by Etsy – an effortless way for shopkeepers to conveniently establish storefronts with pre-designed templates in a few clicks.

To thrive on Etsy, sellers must be inventive and genuine while staying attentive to customer requirements. Additionally, they need to dedicate resources to crafting their image and exploring the numerous marketing possibilities at their disposal.

With every new season, consumer preferences shift and the economy fluctuates — both of which can impact an Etsy seller’s success. Savvy entrepreneurs on this platform keep their products relevant by anticipating trends and adapting to changes quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

For surefire success on Etsy, stay ahead of the curve by seeking out products that are popular with consumers and trends that show real potential.

Reasons to start selling on Etsy

As an idea-driven entrepreneur hoping to make a splash in the eCommerce space, Etsy with over 90 million global shoppers gives you the perfect platform to grow. Here are some reasons why Etsy can be the ideal place to start your business journey.

Large and Thriving Marketplace

Etsy is a rapidly rising titan in the eCommerce world, boasting over 81 million active shoppers worldwide. This presents sellers with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and success on this global marketplace platform.

Targeted Niche Market

Etsy provides the perfect opportunity for sellers with a special flair for success. Handmade, vintage, and creative items combine to make an unparalleled platform of purchase potential – allowing craftsmen or DIYers alike to showcase their unique products and find customers who share in this passion.

Low Barrier to Entry

Etsy provides a fast and easy way for many Etsy sellers to start selling. With just minutes of setup, anyone can jump in the game without any technical knowledge or expertise required. The barrier of entry for

Affordable Fees

With Etsy, sellers can reap their rewards quickly and easily. Our remarkably low transaction fee of 6.5% ensures that your profits are maximized with no further costs or fees to be met – you only pay for sales made!

Seller Support

Etsy is dedicated to helping its sellers succeed, offering support ranging from an in-depth seller handbook, customer service assistance and a thriving online community of like-minded individuals who can share vital knowledge.

SEO Benefits

Etsy offers incredible SEO powers, allowing sellers to boost their visibility and draw more visitors to their shops through relevant search results.

20+ Profitable Ideas For Etsy You Can Start Today

There are so many profitable things you can resell on Etsy or even make yourself. Here is a list of Etsy product ideas you can consider that are popular with buyers.

Crafts and Handmade Items

Etsy is a great platform for artists and crafters to bring their talents to life! Whether it be knitting, woodworking (or something unique) there are plenty of resources available.

From fabrics and paints, right through to beads with varying knitting patterns – you can create one-of-a-kind products that other art enthusiasts will love while making money in the process. Here are versatile Etsy shop idea and handmade crafts you should consider selling on Etsy;

Knitted Goods

For a creative and lucrative enterprise, look no further than the art of knitting! From cozy hats to cuddly toys and chunky knit blankets, you can craft stunning items from natural fibers like wool and cotton or synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester. Put your ideas into action with an Etsy store – set yourself up for success in the world of knitted goods today.


  • Knitted goods have high-profit margins on Etsy
  • There are great opportunities for you to customize products on Etsy


  • Knitting could be time-consuming sometimes
  • You need high-quality yarns always
  • Knitted goods could be quite seasonal

Jewelry Design & Making

Jewelry crafting is a lucrative business opportunity on Etsy, enabling creatives to transform simple materials into stunningly unique pieces of wearable art.

Using beadwork, personalized jewelry, wire-wrapping, and more, these talented makers are turning affordable supplies into beautiful jewelry with high potential profits – letting anyone’s creative ideas shine.


  • There are a wide range of style and price points for jewelry
  • Jewelry can be a lot of fun to craft as a profitable hobby


  • There are many vying sellers for jewelry on Etsy
  • Legal requirements should be understood before selling some sorts of jewelry especially those with gemstones

Woodworking Projects

Working with wood offers limitless potential for entrepreneurs to make money on Etsy, offering buyers the opportunity to customize handmade pieces that are crafted especially for them. From gorgeous furniture and intricate sculptures to whimsical toys or practical clocks – this craftsmanship is a timeless way of expressing one’s creativity.


  • Woodworking products often command premium prices due to their high-quality
  • There are numerous product ideas for woodworking products


  • Woodworking requires special tools and equipment
  • For larger items, logistics could be an issue

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

With the right creative spark and materials, clothing items, shoes & accessories can be made with personal touches that are sure to stand out. Etsy offers a great platform for sellers of custom-designed apparel – from t-shirts emblazoned with your favorite band logo to handcrafted leather boots – making this an ideal place to find something truly unique.


  • Clothes, shoes, and accessories can have high-profit margins
  • Thanks to the growing nature of sustainable products, sourcing ethical products could be a great way to go for business owners


  • Apparel sizes can be a challenge online
  • Clothing can be time-consuming and expensive to make

Embroidery and Ironing Patches

Both embroidery and iron-on patches offer customizable ways of transforming plain garments or accessories into personalized products with the perfect personal touch. An embroidery is an art form that requires dedication to master and if intricate needlework isn’t quite on the cards yet then why not go for simpler solutions like ironing-on fabric designs – it’s easier than ever.


  • Embroidery and iron patches are affordable to design
  • The growing market for personalized items could improve profit margins


  • Materials could be expensive for embroidery and iron patches
  • Embroidery could be time-consuming to make

Vintage and antique items

Etsy offers a world of opportunity for individuals who want to start making money doing what they love. Whether you’re into handmade products, vintage finds, or antique treasures – anyone can create and launch their own business. Here are some vintage items that could make you a profitable businessman on Etsy;

Collectibles & Memorabilia

Selling collectibles and memorabilia on Etsy is a great way to make money – it can essentially open up an online marketplace of unique items. From sports cards, vintage toys, and antiques to movie posters; the range of what you could offer your customers knows no bounds.


  • Vintage items can command high-profit margins
  • There is a dedicated group for collectors to display their items


  • Authenticity is important in selling memorabilia
  • Some memorabilia are incredibly niche items

Artwork & Photography

From the timeless cards of professional sports to iconic movie posters and age-old antiques; whatever your passion may be, there are no limits to what you could offer. Think about how exciting it is for customers when they find that special piece not available in other shops. Nursery wall art, wall art, and selling craft supplies could work along with artwork and photography.


  • Artworks and photographs could sell off at various price points
  • They can be sold in different formats making them incredibly diverse


  • Competition is high for art and photography items
  • Copyright policies may be an issue for art and photographs

Books, Magazines, Postcards & Other Print Materials

Etsy is a great platform for entrepreneurs to make money with unique, rare finds. From old books and magazines to postcards and other print materials – the possibilities are endless. While time-consuming research may be required to keep your shop’s inventory fresh & exciting, it pays off in terms of offering customers valuable items they won’t find elsewhere.


  • Sellers can make huge profits by making multiple print materials at once
  • Diverse vintage print items can be sold on Etsy
  • There is a range of print materials that can be sold on Etsy, from vintage postcards to handmade journals.


  • Copyright infringement is a critical issue – any reproduction of copyrighted works can be damaging to the original creator

Furniture & Home Decor Pieces

If you’re a DIY lover with an eye for unique creations, selling your products on Etsy could be the perfect opportunity. From handcrafted furniture to custom-made home decor items, this platform features one of the widest markets – offering competitive prices and access to buyers from all around the world.



  • Logistics could be an issue for large items
  • The home decor niche is highly competitive

Vintage Clothing

With vintage clothing, Etsy shop owners can find success! From dresses and t-shirts to coats and accessories abound with exciting possibilities – rare finds that customers won’t be able to locate anywhere else.


  • Vintage clothing can have huge customer retainment provide
  • Almost every piece of vintage clothing is profitable as people constantly search for unique pieces


  • Size and fittings could be a problem for sellers
  • Clothing conditions may not be easily guaranteed

Food-Related Products

As handmade food products become more and more sought after, there are countless possibilities to tantalize the taste buds of consumers. Whether it’s a jar of homemade jam or an exclusive hot sauce; why not provide customers with something special. Ahead are some food-related products you should consider selling on Etsy

Homemade Candies & Chocolates

With homemade confectionery, like truffles, caramels, and toffee – there are no limits on what can be created. From custom orders with unique recipes that delight customers to having a commercial-grade set-up homemade candies is a great way to create a recurring source of income for you.


  • Homemade confectionery offers an attractive business opportunity, boasting potentially high profits and flexible price points
  • Thanks to a large market, there’s always an opportunity for sellers


  • Stiff competition abounds in the specialized equipment market, where only those armed with expertise and a significant financial commitment can make their mark

Spices, Herbs & Seasonings

Have an interest in cooking? Make a profit out of it by selling unique spice and herb combinations on Etsy. Create your own exclusive flavor rubs or blend one-of-a-kind spices, to tantalize the taste buds of customers! While there is potential for financial gain through this craft – sourcing quality ingredients consistently will be crucial for keeping up inventory freshness and appeal.


Spices are a newly thriving business as the world moves towards home cooking


Working with fluctuating supply can be difficult for selling spices and herbs

Honey & Maple Syrup Products

Selling honey and maple syrup products on Etsy offers unique creative possibilities for entrepreneurs with access to the appropriate resources. Not only can you make your custom flavors, but having specialized equipment allows you to provide customers with fresh items consistently without fail.


Honey and maple syrup products are a part of so many home delicacies


With the vast array of sellers and indistinguishable products, this market can easily become an intensely competitive space.

Digital Design Items

Etsy provides an outstanding platform for unleashing your creative spark. Whether it’s sophisticated graphics and logos or one-of-a-kind fonts and templates, you can reach millions with a broad range of digital designs and products – allowing potential success to be within everyone’s grasp!

Web Design Services & Templates

If you’re a web design professional, why not turn your skill set into profits? Etsy is the perfect platform to showcase custom websites and pre-made website templates. You’ll have an edge over competitors if you boast unique ideas that can’t be found anywhere else.


  • Website design services and templates are incredibly easy to market and can provide opportunities for a stream of clients
  • Sellers can easily market and sell the same products over again


  • So many people are diversifying their products to other website design templates

Logos, Graphics & Vector Art

For those passionate about graphic design, there’s an opportunity to launch a business through Etsy. Offer unique custom logos and pre-made designs – the possibilities are endless. While knowledge of specialized software is essential for managing your shop inventory in creative ways, it could prove highly rewarding to customers who can’t find what they’re looking for anywhere else.


  • Logos, graphics, and vector art can be resold multiple times
  • Digital items like these appeal to several customers


  • To create impressive designs, specialized software and experience in key techniques are essential tools

Invitations, Greeting Cards & Other Printables

If you’re creative, Etsy’s a great way to monetize your ideas. From unique announcements and thank-you notes to holiday cards or even birthday presents – the possibilities are endless! Just make sure that have specialized software so as keep clients coming back with fresh new inventory.



  • This marketplace is highly competitive, with a multitude of vendors touting comparable items
  • To stay ahead in this market, specialized software and expertise are key to creating truly distinctive designs

Customized Goods

With custom goods on Etsy, people can find something truly special to express their style – whether it be personalized t-shirts or engraved jewelry. From mugs to home decor items, shop owners are getting more inventive with inspiring ideas that customers won’t find anywhere else.

Personalized Stationery & Gifts

Etsy provides the perfect platform to monetize your crafty ideas. From custom-made notepads to mugs, and t-shirts – there is no limit to what can be sold! Taking advantage of this marketplace comes with a few key advantages; offering exclusive designs that customers won’t find anywhere else as well as being able to freshen up your store’s item selection through specialized software applications.


  • Personalized stationery and gifts are a great opportunity for making high-profit margins, with price points that can be tailored to various buyers
  • Buyers can even form profitable partnerships as they can instruct you on specific designs they need


  • Buyers of personalized stationery are incredibly picky so sellers have to cope with changing trends

Custom Clothing & Accessories

With Etsy, fashion designers, and crafters can tap into an audience wanting unique items not found elsewhere. Transform ideas into money with tailor-made suits, handmade jewelry and more that will keep customers coming back for more when equipped with the right equipment and specialized skillsets.


  • Custom clothing and accessories are trendy items and are highly profitable


  • The market for this type of product can be a fiercely competitive space, with many vendors vying to offer the best solutions

Custom Home Decor Items

Are you passionate about home decor? Consider transforming your ideas into profits by selling custom-made items on Etsy. From quilts and pillows to wall art and lamps, unleash the creative potential of crafting products customers won’t find elsewhere! Of course, this requires specialized equipment for keeping your shop’s inventory fresh – but it’s a great way to benefit from that artistic spark.


  • Custom home decor items are a great way for businesses to retain a recurring number of


  • Depending on the sort of home decor item to be created, making home decor items may require a high level of skill

Specialty Services & Workshops

With Etsy, you have the unique opportunity to monetize your educational and/or consulting knowledge. From classes to individualized consultations – there’s no limit to what ideas can be turned into a profitable venture.


  • Business owners can capitalize on high-profit potential by turning to specialty services and workshops
  • With an expansive base of buyers, these offerings prove a great way for any company to increase its revenues at various price points.


Custom Bags & Totes

If you’re passionate about sewing, then creating and selling custom bags & totes on Etsy might be the perfect way to channel your creativity into making some extra money. Whether it’s laptop cases or purses, having unique items that customers can’t find anywhere else is a great advantage – although specialized equipment will likely need to be purchased in order keep the selection fresh and exciting.


  • Custom bags are relatively easy to produce and require little to no expertise for production
  • They offer high-profit margins as so many of them could be shipped at once


  • You require high-quality materials to retain your reputation and maintain customer satisfaction


Etsy is a prime destination for savvy entrepreneurs, offering myriad opportunities to monetize in the form of printables. From custom-crafted greeting cards and invitations to unique designs and templates – it’s an alluring world of potential.

Digital printables, wedding invitations, and printable stickers are just a few examples of printables you could count on to help you make money online.

With exclusive ideas customers won’t find elsewhere plus specialized software applications to add more variety, there are fabulous ways for sellers on this platform to reach success through creative entrepreneurship.

Planners & Calendars

Running an Etsy shop specializing in planners and calendars is a fantastic opportunity to make some money. Bring unique crafting ideas to life with pre-made or customizable designs – but you’ll need the right software skills and knowledge of trends if they’re going to stay attractive to customers.


  • Planners and calendars are relatively easy to produce and the high-selling items can be sold for multiple items
  • Planners and calendars are incredibly useful items so you can always expect a slew of customers at all times
  • You can easily create multiple designs based on seasonal changes


  • In this sales category, you must be wary of copyrighting issues as you’ll be dealing with many ideas and designs

Art Prints & Posters

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, explore the potential of setting up an online arts shop. Etsy is the perfect platform to convert your artistic visions into tangible products – from fine art prints and photographs to unique posters! Just remember that specialized equipment may be required for your store’s collection to remain novel and captivating.


  • Art prints and posters are a great way to make extra money
  • There are popular decorations and design choices to be sold on the Etsy marketplace
  • Arts prints and posters are relatively easy to produce and do not require huge amounts of skill


  • You have to stay up-to-date with trends and ideas to keep your product in favor of shoppers
  • Competition for arts and printers sale could be stiff in the marketplace
  • Sellers of art and printers need to be wary of copyright infringement

Coloring Pages, Bookmarks & Other Printables

Looking for a creative way to make some extra money? Etsy is the perfect place – you can turn those innovative ideas into tangible profits! Specialized software and knowledge may be required, but with unique product offerings like coloring pages, bookmarks and custom printables such as birth announcements or holiday cards customers won’t have any trouble finding something that appeals to them.


  • Coloring pages, bookmarks, and other printables provide a recurring source of income for sellers
  • They can be sold to multiple buyers at once


  • Coloring pages, bookmarks, and other printables are relatively common so you have to constantly innovate designs to keep your product in favor with buyers

Templates, Patterns & Digital Downloads

If you are passionate about design, you can unlock the potential of your creative ideas and turn them into financial gain on Etsy! With web designs, patterns, digital downloads, and more there are plenty of ways to make money. Take advantage of offering original concepts that customers can’t find elsewhere – just be sure to stay up-to-date with specialized software for your shop’s inventory to thrive.


  • As a digital product form, templates can be reused multiple times resulting in huge ROI
  • This item can be made with different buyers in mind and appeals to a large audience
  • The market for these items is large, making it easier to find buyers.


  • In the highly competitive space of this item, success depends on staying ahead with innovative ideas and quality designs
  • To make a lasting impression, cutting-edge software is the key to crafting products that set you apart from the crowd

How Can You Choose What To Sell On Etsy?

To ensure success in your Etsy shop, it’s critical to do deep-dive research before launching any product. Get creative and draw up ideas while checking out what other stores are offering within the same niche. Searching on Etsy can also help get you started as categories are abundant, price ranges, trending items, and shops are based on location – all just one filter away.

Researching your competitors can help you make informed decisions about bringing a new product to market. Compare production and material costs, analyze pricing structures, and factor in estimated shipping times for the best possible outcome. Don’t forget that even small differences in lead time could have an impact on potential profits.

To make a successful Etsy business, put together an attractive website, optimize your shop for SEO and leverage the power of social media. Take it from us: if you invest in these strategies up front, you can reap big rewards selling on Etsy.

Final Thoughts

Etsy business ideas an incredible opportunity to monetize your passions, showcase vintage products and antiques, or let your creativity soar. Take advantage of all that this platform has for you: gorgeous product images, compelling descriptions, and a direct connection with customers who will love what you sell.

Whether you’re offering logos, vector art, printables, or custom designs – there are an infinite number of ways to earn money on this platform. But don’t be overwhelmed! With the right ideas in hand and clever strategies at play, success is within reach; Just do some research to find out what works for you best then get creative with shop design prep work for maximum impact.

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