Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Videos

Amazon product videos are the perfect solution. With an engaging video, customers can get a better idea of what they’re buying and be more likely to purchase it. Product videos also help create trust between sellers and buyers and provide customers with a better understanding of the features of each item.

We will cover everything you need to know about Amazon product videos – from the types of videos available to why they should be used and how they can help increase sales on Amazon.

What Is An Amazon Product Video and Why Do I Need To Use It For Amazon Listing?

These short videos give potential customers a quick overview of the product’s features, benefits, and advantages. It can help attract more customers and increase conversions.

This can help increase conversions, as customers are more likely to buy when they feel they’ve seen and experienced the product first-hand.

Additionally, using video helps you stand out from other sellers on Amazon.

With all these added benefits, creating a fantastic video is essential for any successful seller on Amazon.

Types Of Amazon Product Videos

There are several types of videos you can create to showcase your products. Each type of video offers a different way to capture potential customers’ attention and demonstrate the features or advantages of the product.

Lifestyle Videos

It is essential to know the audience and what they seek when making a lifestyle video. Have a goal of creating a connection between them and the product and help the customers to envision how it can help improve their lives through the lifestyle video.

Reviews/Customer Experience Video

Showing these video reviews can help create a sense of trust and credibility in potential customers. A customer experience video is a great way to build trust with potential customers.

Unboxing Videos

Showcase the unboxing process of a new product, highlighting its packaging, design, and contents. An unboxing video can generate excitement and create a sense of anticipation in potential customers.

Product Comparison Videos

In a comparison video, you will compare two similar products side by side to help customers make decisions on which one is best for their needs. A comparison video can be used to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of each product clearly and concisely. Keep in mind in the comparison video. You are not allowed to mention the name of a competitor. Comparison videos work best if a product can solve a particular issue that a competitor cannot.

Explainer Video

It is a short, impactful marketing video that will help to communicate the complexities of your online business, service, or product. This type of video is meant to educate customers about your product. Use simple language that everyone will understand, and avoid using unfamiliar (jargon) words. The key here is to be persuasive, leaving no room for doubts.

Benefits Of Using Amazon Product Videos

When you use Amazon Product Videos for your listings, there are many benefits that they can provide. Not only to attract more customers but also to boost the revenue of your eCommerce business.

Increase The Conversion Rates

Adding a video to your listing can help to increase conversion rates. It can be the push to convince your customers that they need the product, and a well-made product video can make a difference.

Improve The SEO

Search engines index the product videos, which can help the listings rank higher in search results. If more people see the listing, the better chance of making a sale.

Attract More Customers

Potential customers watch a video rather than read long product descriptions. Using a product video can keep potential customers on your listings longer, providing a better chance of making more sales.

Stand Out From The Competition

Not all sellers will have the time to upload videos, meaning adding one to your listings can help you stand out. This increases visibility and leads to more sales for your online business.

Promote Trust

Although many products have good reviews, beating video reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers can take effort. Customers who can see how the product works or satisfied customers using your product will be more likely to purchase this and become loyal to your brand.

How To Create An Amazing Video

Creating a successful video requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips for creating a fantastic video:

  • Have a clear message/purpose – Before creating the video, you must know what message or purpose you want it to achieve. This will help guide the creative process and ensure your video is informative and engaging.
  • Research your target audience – It’s essential to understand who your audience is so that you can create a video that resonates with them. Researching their interests, preferences, and needs will give you insights into the type of content they want.
  • Keep your video short and to the point – Most Amazon Product Videos should be 2 minutes long at maximum.
  • Choose the correct type of video for your product -Choose the type that best showcases your product and appeals to your audience.
  • Ensure the video is visually appealing and engaging – Make the product highlights video stand out from the competition. It’s essential to make it visually appealing and engaging. To make it enjoyable, use high-quality images and videos in production and incorporate audio, music, sound effects, etc., into the video.
  • Use high-quality images and videos in your production – This will help ensure the video looks professional and more likely to capture potential customers’ attention.
  • Utilize audio, music, sound effects, etc. – The audio can be just as important as the visuals. Incorporating background music, sound effects, voiceovers, or other audio elements will help create an engaging experience for viewers.

Requirements For Amazon Product Video and Tools You Can Use

Amazon requires that your product video meets specific standards. These are the following requirements:

  • The video must be at least 15 seconds long but no longer than 2 minutes.
  • The video must have a resolution of at least 720p or higher and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The video should be in its supported formats. This includes MP4, MOV, 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, or MPEG-2.
  • The video should include captions and be optimized for search.
  • The file size of the video must be 500 MB or less.

There are plenty of tools available that can help you create professional-looking product videos without having any prior experience in video production. Some popular tools include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, After Effects, and more. Additionally, several online video-editing services such as Fiverr and Freelancer can help you create a professional-looking product highlights video quickly and affordably.

Tips For Creating Product Videos

Now that we’ve gone over the types of videos and the benefits they can offer, it’s time to learn how to create one yourself. Here are some tips you can use when creating your video for online shoppers:

• Make sure your video is engaging and entertaining, which will get customers’ attention to check your product.

• Use high-quality visuals. Invest in good lighting, quality cameras, and professional editing software for the best results.

• Keep it short. People tend to lose interest once videos exceed a certain length, so try to keep yours to one minute or less before you will upload videos.

• Focus on the features and benefits of your product. Showcase what sets it apart from the competition, and explain why customers should choose it over others.

• Use customer reviews and testimonials. This is a great way to add credibility to the video and increase conversions.

Steps To Create An Amazon Video For Products

Creating a fantastic video is essential for any successful seller on Amazon. Here are the steps to help you create your stunning video for products:

1. Plan: Before you start to create product videos, it’s essential to plan out the content and message of your video. Think about the purpose of your video, who your customer is, and what type of video will be most effective for showcasing your product.

2. Research: Researching potential customers’ interests, preferences, and needs is vital in helping you create a video that resonates with them. Market research or surveys can provide valuable insights into what type of content viewers seek.

3. Script Writing: Once you know what kind of video you want to create and who it’s aimed at, it’s time to write a script. Make sure to include all the details about features, benefits, advantages, and other essential information about the product in an informative yet entertaining way.

4. Visuals/Audio Production: Utilize high-quality images and videos in production and incorporate audio, such as background music, sound effects, voiceovers, etc., into the video to make it stand out from others on Amazon.

5. Editing: This step requires attention to detail, so make sure all aspects of production (images/text/audio) come together seamlessly to create an outstanding finished product that captures potential customers’ attention effectively

6. Promote Your Video: Once it is complete, remember to promote it. Leverage social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram and use hashtags related to your product or brand when possible to generate more interest around it online

Where Will You See The Product Video On Your Listing?

The video ads can be added to your product page and appear in the main photo carousel on desktop and mobile browsing. It will also be featured in the videos section of each product listing.

Who Can Add A Video On The Listing?

Previously, only sellers enrolled in the Amazon brand registry can upload a video.

Now Amazon has recently made it easier for sellers (even non-brand registered) to add video content to their listings.

You can find this option on your Seller Central, then go to the Inventory Tab and look for the option “Upload and Manage Videos,” which should be available. Make sure to select a thumbnail image or a preview image for the video.

Final Thoughts On Creating The Perfect Amazon Product Videos

Creating a video can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and execution, it is achievable.

Understanding your target audience’s interests and needs, researching best practices for creating videos that are engaging and entertaining, utilizing high-quality visuals and audio in production, as well as incorporating calls to action at the end of the video will ensure you create a fantastic video to help improve conversions and engagement with the audience.

With these tips in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful product video on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using an Amazon product video?

A: Using a professional video can help boost customer engagement and significantly increase sales. A product video will also give customers additional insights and clear visualization of the products that text and images can’t provide. Additionally, a product video will help to stand out from the competition and give customers something they won’t find anywhere else.

Q: What type of videos should I create for my Amazon product?

A: It will depend on what message or purpose you want the video to achieve. Explainer Videos, Demos, Reviews, Unboxing Videos, and Comparison Videos are good options depending on your product and target audience.

Q: Are there any requirements for Amazon product videos?

A: Yes, Amazon has specific requirements that must be met when you upload videos. The video file must be at least 15 seconds long, have a resolution of at least 720p or higher and a 16:9 aspect ratio, be in their supported formats (MP4, MOV, 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, or MPEG-2), include captions and be optimized for search, have a file size of 500 MB or less.

Q: What kind of tools can I use to create high-quality videos?

A: There are plenty of tools available that can help you create professional-looking videos without having any prior experience in video production. Some popular tools include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, After Effects, and more. Additionally, several online video-editing services, such as Fiverr and Freelancer, can help you create a professional-looking product highlight video faster and more effectively.

Q: Where will my Amazon product video be seen?

A: Your video will be added to your product page and appear in the main photo carousel on desktop and mobile browsing. It will also be featured in the videos section of each product listing. Customers don’t need to scroll down the listing as the video is easily found and can be viewed immediately. When you click the thumbnail video, this will open a bigger window so customers can watch it.

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