Amazon’s FBA Small and Light Program Comprehensive Guide 2023

Do you want to find other ways to increase your Amazon sales? The Amazon FBA Small and Light Program is a great option. This guide will help you review the program details and help determine if it’s right for your business.

Through this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped with all the necessary information to decide whether Amazon FBA Small and Light Program is viable for your business.

What is Amazon Small and Light?

Amazon Small and light is a program for Amazon sellers who want small and light products listed on the platform. The program offers reduced fulfillment costs compared to standard FBA fees. In addition, it enables Amazon Sellers to pass the savings to their customers and enjoy the benefit of Amazon’s efficient order fulfillment process.


What products are eligible for Amazon Small and light?

The product must meet the following criteria to qualify for Amazon’s small and light program. The product must be new, priced at $12 or less, weighs up to 3 lbs or less, and measure 18 x 14 x 8 inches or smaller.

Products not eligible for Amazon FBA small and light

The categories not eligible for the Small and Light program contain hazardous materials, products under the restricted category, adult goods, temperature-sensitive products like chocolates, and any product not meeting the weight, measure, price, or shipping guidelines.

FBA small and light fulfillment fee for 2023

Effective January 17, 2023, there will be changes to Amazon’s small and light fulfillment fees. Below are the fulfillment charges:

Source: Amazon


How to create FBA small and light listings in Seller Central

You must first meet the eligibility criteria to proceed and start with the Amazon FBA Small and Light Program. Here are the following steps.

  1. Get started by logging in to your Seller Central account.
  2. Go to Inventory – Manage Inventory and select the ASIN you wish to turn into FBA small and light listing. Click the Edit dropdown menu and choose to add another condition.
  3. Enter the necessary information, such as price $12 or less, zero for quantity, and condition must be new. In the fulfillment channel, select I want to ship this item to the customer if it sells. Click the save and finish button.
  4. Look at the newly created small and light listing in the Manage inventory search bar, click the edit button, choose more details, and enter the package dimensions and weights. Click save and finish.
  5. Start enrolling the SKUs in Fba Small and light program.

Enrolling Products in FBA Small and Light

Enrolling single or multiple small and light items can be done by going to Amazon’s FBA Small and Light enrollment page. You may enroll up to 100 products by putting in the SKUs in Quick enroll or doing it in bulk thru a download template to enroll up to 50,000 products.

Quick Enroll

  1. Click Fulfillment programs in the Amazon Seller Central Growth tab, and choose Small and Light.
  2. Go to enroll products and select quick enroll.
  3. If you pass the Check product eligibility, enroll by clicking Enroll Selected Products.

Download Template

  1. Go to the Amazon Seller Central Small and Light
  2. Proceed to enroll products download template. There are three tabs in the template Instructions, Example, and Upload. Go to the upload tab and enter the MSKU (merchant stock keeping unit) that you want to enroll in the program.
  3. Note that having extra space before and after the MSKU will result in errors, so make sure to remove it.
  4. The B1 column is for the marketplace.
  5. Save the file and ensure that compatibility.
  6. Upload the saved template to seller central. The upload time depends on the file size.
  7. Check the review upload status and history to see if the file is successfully uploaded and if there are any upload errors.

Now that you’re better grasped the Amazon FBA Small and Light Program, let’s proceed to the preparation and fulfillment page.

Shipment of Amazon Small and Light to Fulfillment Center

After enrolling the products in the Small and Light Program, you must prepare your shipments. To do this, go to the shipment plans page and create a new shipping plan then, Go to the Manage Inventory page and enter the MSKUs, choose Change to Fulfilled by Amazon, and click Convert & Send Inventory.


How to Prepare Small and Light Products

When you’re ready to start shipping your products, consider the packaging, labeling, shipping, and delivery.


Pack the products appropriately. Put the items in clear plastic bags. For crushable items like potato chips, ensure that the product is safe during transit inside a cardboard box, or wrap them with bubble wrap.


All shipments must have the correct labels with ASINs and MSKU and must attach a label that indicates the total quantity of the items in the box,

Shipping and Delivery

Once the items are labeled correctly and properly packaged on seller case packs, you can create a shipping plan in your seller account. On the Shipping Plan page, you can now ship the items (minimum of 24) to Amazon according to their shipping guidelines.


Pros of Enrolling in FBA Small and Light

Enrolling in Amazon FBA Small and Light Program has many advantages, such as reduced fulfillment fees, free promotion, no minimum purchase required, Amazon MCF, and Amazon’s A Z Guarantee.

Reduced fulfillment fees

The reduced fulfillment fees are the most significant reason to register for small and light. It can be essential in selling small products on Amazon, an excellent value that reduces fulfillment costs.

Free promotions

As a customer, who doesn’t want promotions? It draws attention to specific products without extra charge to convey savings to your customers. It could help in brand loyalty and sales growth.

No minimum purchase requirement

FBA Small and Light has no minimum order required. It is an attractive bonus for customers who want to try two or more units before buying in bulk.

Benefit from Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

Amazon’s MCF provides orders from other e-commerce sales channels. Amazon handles the picking, packing, and shipping of orders. This global logistics option may further boost sales and offer more growth opportunities.

Save on Shipping

Enjoy free shipping for prime members.

Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee

Add existing inventory and take advantage of this guarantee. It will help your customer to be at ease knowing that Amazon will cover the condition and delivery of their orders. As a result, customers have an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


Cons of FBA Small and Light

Despite the lower Fba fees and the offers available on the Amazon FBA Small and Light Program, there are some disadvantages you may want to consider, like the delivery time, limit to marketplaces, additional preparation, and suitability of the product.

Longer delivery times

Unlike the products sold by the standard FBA program (two-day shipping), the shipping will take three to five days for prime customers and six to eight days for non prime customers.

Limited Marketplaces

The United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom are the marketplaces qualified to join for now.

Additional preparation required

Packaging and labeling is an additional work before sending the items to the Amazon fulfillment center. It’s a do-it-yourself task.

Suitability of the product

Small and light options may only suit some products since Amazon has strict rules and guidelines.



Amazon’s small and light eligibility increases profit margins and optimizes the business. Researching before enrolling in the program is essential. Additional work, such as size, weight, price, packaging and labeling, and available marketplaces, may be required.

Amazon FBA Small and Light Program conveys savings and provides good value to sellers and customers. Customers may enjoy the cheaper products on a free delivery or from a service that reduces delivery costs. Lowering fulfillment costs is a cost-saving initiative for the customers.

Let us know if you want to take advantage of this program!

Savings on fulfillment costs and increased profits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon FBA Small and Light?

Amazon FBA Small and Light option is to help sellers save money on fulfillment costs for small and lightweight products while giving free Prime delivery convenience to customers.

Is Amazon Small and Light applicable in all marketplaces?

No. Currently, the program is only available in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the UK.

How does the FBA small and light work?

Fba sellers must pack and label their products according to Amazon’s guidelines before sending them. Then Amazon will provide the Fba service and takes care of the packing and shipping of orders to customers with reduced fees.

What are the benefits of FBA Small and Light?

Sellers can reduce costs on fulfillment fees and increase their profit margins, while customers get free Prime delivery. In addition, sellers can utilize multi-channel fulfillment to fulfill orders from other e-commerce sales channels smoothly.

How to check if the product is eligible for the program?

Small and light Fba program eligibility must meet factors like the price of $12 or less, weight up to 3 lbs or less, size 18 x 14 x 8 inches or smaller, and must be in new condition.

Do I need additional packaging or labeling before sending the items?

Yes. All shipments must include a label indicating the total quantity of the products. Use poly bags and jiffy bags for packaging. All products must be in appropriate packaging to ensure safety during transit.

How many items will I need for the shipment?

It must include at least 24 units per SKU in each shipment.

How can I make the most of amazon’s small and light program?

Ideally, more units sold will provide better profits. Make the most of this program by regular inventory monitoring to avoid being out of stock, price evaluation, listing optimization, and using all the program’s features could help you further grow your business and increase sales.

Do Amazon Small and Light offer next-day delivery?

No. Small and light are not like the standard Fba. Though the delivery costs are free for prime members, the shipping is within three to five days, while for nonprime members, it’s six to eight days.

Can I sell used items in FBA small and light program?

No. Items must be in new condition.

Can I disenroll the existing ASIN in the Small and Light program?

Yes. Check your small and light inventory first and ensure you have nothing left. Then, remove products in the small and light program and disenroll products.

Amazon Small and Light, is it worth it?

Amazon’s small and light is a great opportunity for sellers to sell small and low-priced products with lower fulfillment costs. Merchants can maximize their profits by enjoying free promotion offers, gaining customer trust with the A-Z guarantee, and enjoying amazon global logistics options.

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