Unlock the Power of Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is a feature released in 2016. It provides a great opportunity for Amazon Brand Registered sellers to stand out and show customers why their product is the best choice.

By utilizing EBC, sellers can showcase their brand story visually appealing and engagingly, providing shoppers with comprehensive product information.

This article will provide an overview of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and its benefits. Suppose you are interested in investing more in your Amazon business and ready to take it more seriously. In that case, this is the time to follow this guide to use this feature and take your business to another level.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an important feature available through Amazon’s Marketplace that allows sellers to make their brand stand out.

With EBC, sellers can share their unique brand story and add enhanced imagery, bullet points, or even videos rather than plain description texts on the detail page of their product listings.

By utilizing enhanced brand content, sellers get increased visibility for their products on Amazon for potential customers looking for what they are selling and improve the brand loyalty of existing customers.

According to Amazon, EBC can effectively increase your product sales by an average of 3~10%.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Using enhanced brand content Amazon provides a great way to communicate your brand’s story and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Here are some of the benefits of using the EBC feature in your product listings:

  1. Attract attention to your product: By offering relevant product details in a more complex and visually appealing way, you can attract customers and make them remember your brand.
  2. Provide complete information about the product: By utilizing the EBC feature, you can add all of the important features and specifications to your product detail page. This will give customers a complete understanding of what you are selling in a visually pleasing way.
  3. Increase customer engagement: EBC can help engage customers and increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Boost your conversion rate and reduce bounce rates: With a better display of your product benefits and brand story, customers are more likely to place an order than exit the page. Thus, your will increase the conversion rate and generate more sales.
  5. Increase brand awareness and loyalty for your brand: You have plenty of space to highlight your brand identity in the EBC section and, therefore, more chances to impress your customers with your brand’s story.

Those utilizing EBC are seeing measurable performance improvement versus text-only product features. Enhanced brand content is an essential tool for any business looking to succeed on Amazon.

Amazon EBC, A+, And A++ Content: What Are Their Differences

Before adding EBC to your listing, it is vital to understand the differences between EBC, A+, and A++ content.

EBC Versus A+: Are They The Same?

In short, Amazon has now fused EBC and A+ content into one unified tool. So yes, they are the same concept.

Amazon offers two unique platforms for sellers; Seller Central, which sells to consumers directly, and Vendor Central, selling products straight to Amazon. Accordingly, EBC content was implemented on the former platform, while A+ Content was implemented for vendors using the latter.

A significant shift has occurred in Amazon seller operations: the content manager tab, formerly contained in the EBC dashboard, is now found within Seller Central.

EBC/A+ Versus A++: The Key Differences

A++ is an invite-only feature on Amazon, and only top players like luxury brands or internationally best-selling tech products are using this feature.

This premium content feature includes much more than a simple listing, such as interactive images combined with in-depth descriptions and videos. It is similar to EBC and A+ but has more features on offers like HD videos and more advanced product descriptions.

  • Cost: A+ is free to access, while A++ costs thousands.
  • Eligibility: Every seller or vendor under Brand Registry can access A+. However, A++ is an invite-only feature only available to top-notch sellers.
  • Modules: A+ contains five modules at most, while A++ can have up to 7, providing more space to display brand or product information.
  • Image Dimension: If you use an A+, the images can not exceed 970 pixels wide. But in A++, the pictures and videos can be 1464 pixels wide and fit the entire page.

How Much Does Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Cost?

Amazon EBC used to be a pricey service, but now it’s free of charge for vendors and sellers looking to utilize A+ content services.

However, A++ (premium A+) is still too expensive for small vendors or brand owners — it can run into hundreds of thousands.

Theoretically, it is free to create EBC content. However, the cost could vary if you decide to find an agency to make the content or hire someone professional to create high-quality images and engaging texts for you.

The Requirements: Who Are Eligible For Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content enables sellers to display their brands better, but Amazon sellers may wonder if they have the eligibility to use this feature.

As long as you register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry Program, you can use EBC in your product listing. However, the program is not open to all categories, such as media, video, digital, or book.

Some new Amazon sellers can also take advantage of A+ content if they are part of programs like Amazon Exclusives or Launchpad.

However, to get access to A++ (premium A+), you must be a top-notch seller in specific categories and will need an invitation from Amazon.

How To Add Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

Adding Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to your Amazon product pages can be a great way to boost engagement and trust with potential customers.

Follow the three steps below, and you can have access to it.

  1. Log into your Seller or Vendor Central account.
  2. Select “A+ Content Manager” from the “Advertising tab” drop-down menu.
  3. Click the “Start Creating A+ Content” button for the selected ASIN.

And now it is time to upload your EBC design or insert descriptions for your product listing.

Before submitting, you can preview your EBC section on a desktop or mobile device. Then, ensure your content follows Amazon guidelines to get Amazon’s approval in time.

Keep tabs on your content progress with the A+ Content Manager page. You’ll be informed of any status changes, from submission to approval, typically taking 7-14 days.

Enhanced Brand Content Modules

To make full use of the Enhanced Brand Content feature, you must understand what the modules are.

There are five main Amazon EBC modules, under which there are altogether 15 more.


This is a text-only module including two types: standard and product description, both providing plain text for the whole width of the page.

Full-width Images

Here in this module, you can insert one 600×180 pixels image.

Many sellers tend to insert a hero or banner image conveying their brand message or highlighting the key feature of their products.

This module is also perfect for displaying lifestyle items that are seen in use.

It can also come with overlays of light and dark text and headers supplemented by text to emphasize the product’s unique features.

Single Smaller Images

Each image size is 300×300 and can come with text.

This module has single left and right images, sidebars, highlights, and specifications.

Combined in bullet point form, they offer customers a comprehensive view of the brand’s features and details.

This format makes it easy to understand text-heavy content paired with captivating visuals that enhance what is being conveyed.

Multiple Smaller Images

This module contains the classic three (300×300) and four (220×220) picture layouts and multiple pictures with text in quadrants.

When utilizing multiple images, be mindful of their potential to seem repetitive or overdone. Instead, showcase your products through these modules with text and visuals in clusters for the best impact.

Product Comparison Widget

This module is the most effective way to showcase different variations of a single product. Buyers can effortlessly identify and purchase what they need by clearly outlining the distinctions between each version.

Despite their distinctions, these distinct modules share many commonalities, primarily in combining text and images to form rich content.

Are you struggling to choose a suitable EBC template that meets all your design needs? Take time to decide which will best suit your requirements and then build it.

Your product’s visual presentation should be tailored to the features that you want to emphasize. Design a stunning layout by selecting from an array of modules and assembling them – it’s easy and produces stunning results.

The Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

To ensure your A+ content is of the highest quality, Amazon has specific guidelines that must be followed regarding images and logos. Learn more about these requirements below.

Image resizing

You must use the RGB color space when formatting your images, avoid low-quality photos, add originals and complete your pictures.

Furthermore, your Amazon EBC image keywords in alt tags must accurately describe the image to support customers who use a screen reader.

Restriction on Content

Time-sensitive terms, competitor claims and mentions, customer quotes, third-party quotes, pricing information, warranties and guarantees, and shipping details are strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, you are prohibited from including links or language that direct visitors away from the website. For instance, leaving your company contact information in the EBC is not allowed by Amazon.

Check out the official A plus content guidelines to ensure you follow all the rules.

Rewards and Claims

Specific claims are not permitted in the EBC text. Amazon, for example, does not allow the phrases “best selling,” “100% satisfaction guaranteed,” and similar unsubstantiated language. Certification for energy-saving claims and health benefits is permitted, but only if supported by sources in liner notes.

Master Enhanced Brand Content: Dos And Don’ts

Here are tips and tricks about how to master Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.


  • Adhere to Amazon’s advertising guidelines.
  • Employ high-quality images and videos.
  • Make sure your content is interesting and pertinent to the goods.
  • Develop a unified brand narrative for all of your EBC content.
  • Include relevant product details in sections that are simple to understand.
  • Keep your descriptions about product features brief and to the point.
  • To make the material more searchable, use keywords throughout.
  • Use Amazon’s resources to provide personalized images, videos, and 360-degree views of your products.


  • Do not mimic Amazon logos in your product images.
  • Avoid making inflated or deceptive claims regarding the goods.
  • Avoid using words that might be construed as discriminatory.
  • Remove all external links directing to other sites from your content.
  • Utilize no videos or photos that contain copyrighted content.
  • You should not include prices or phone numbers in your EBC content.

Why My EBC Go Rejected?

Even if you think your content follows Amazon EBC guidelines, your content may still get rejected.

If your content is not accepted, it’s most likely because Amazon’s A9 algorithm has determined that the material does not meet their rules and regulations.

Regardless of the kind of content you create, everything from your bullet points to comparison charts and images must adhere to product category specifications and Amazon’s selling guidelines.

Here are the common reasons why EBC does not get approved by Amazon.

  • Reliable data and research do not support product claims before advertising about its effects, health benefits, or eco-friendliness.
  • Employ persuading words and unsubstantiated satisfaction assertions such as “top-rated,” “bestselling,” “satisfaction guaranteed,” and so on.
  • Refer to your brand as a distributor or seller or leave personal or company contact information.
  • Provide QR codes or external links.

You can check the status of your content by navigating to the “Content Manager” page. If it has been approved, all left for you to do is go to that particular ASIN’s product description section, and voila – there will be your content.

Is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Indexed?

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to help your brand stand out and tell its story on the platform. It allows authorized sellers to create custom content, such as product descriptions and high-quality, lifestyle images, for pages of products they are selling on Amazon.

However, it’s important to note that search engines and other platforms do not index this content. This is because, for now, Amazon does not allow web crawling of its Enhanced Brand Content, which keeps it exclusive to its customers.

The unique value of creating this type of content for Amazon is mainly focused on improving engagement within the Amazon platform itself instead of driving new traffic from outside sources.

The Limits of Enhanced Content on Amazon

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is an excellent way for brands to create engaging and informative content on their product pages. On Amazon, sellers enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry have the option to add Enhanced Content, which allows them to use different visuals, such as images and videos, as well as descriptive texts, for further product descriptions.

However, Enhanced Content has some limitations; brands cannot solicit reviews or link externally from the page due to Amazon’s restrictions. This can sometimes be challenging since it limits a brand’s scope in how they want to engage their potential audience.

It is essential to abide by Amazon’s standards to ensure the quality of content fulfillment while focusing on creating innovative and creative ways to engage customers within the restrictions of Enhanced Brand Content.


Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is an innovative way for brands to increase their visibility and tell their story on the platform.

For any business looking to make a splash on Amazon, EBC is the go-to choice, as it provides companies with access to a valuable tool that allows them to craft content that truly speaks to their audience.

With a compelling, engaging EBC page, businesses can create a meaningful connection with customers and inspire them to learn more about the brand’s products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon enhanced content?

Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) is a feature available to brand-registered sellers that allows them to customize their product pages with visuals, videos, and descriptive text. This helps brands create a unique value proposition and increase customer trust in their products.

How do I get enhanced brand content on Amazon?

To get amazon enhanced brand content, businesses must first be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

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