How Amazon Brand Gating Can Help Protect Your Brand

Amazon is serious when fighting against counterfeits. That is why Amazon launched various programs to protect brand owners, including Brand Gating.

This program helps businesses prevent unauthorized resellers from using their brand name to sell knock-off versions of their products. In this case, resellers must provide proof that they’re authorized resellers through an invoice and written permission from the brand.

The article will explain what Amazon Brand Gating is and its benefits, discuss how it works, and how it can help protect your brand. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about Amazon brand gating.

What is Brand Gating on Amazon?

Amazon brand gating is a program that helps merchants avoid the unauthorized sale of fake or copycat products. Amazon Brand Registry permits sellers to “gate” their marketplace presence by restricting the number of sellers for their products and requesting approval and prior consent before distributors can begin operations. In addition, product listings can be made private, and only users who the brand owners have authorized can view them.

How Does Brand Gating Work?

Brand Gating requires resellers to request authorization from the brand before listing a branded product on Amazon.

Once the brand owner registers through Amazon’s Brand Registry program, the brand can set up rules that dictate which sellers can list and advertise products associated with the brand.

Amazon brand gating requires resellers to prove permission to sell products. Amazon ASIN can be used to identify products and listings requiring proof. If a seller tries to use your Amazon Standard Identification Number, Amazon will notify them to block them from selling until they:

  1. Pay a non-refundable $1,500 fee for the brand.
  2. Show written permission from the brand to market gated items.
  3. Send three purchase invoices dated within 90 days from the manufacturer or distributor.

This fee and required documentation can prevent sellers looking for an easy payout from further attempting to counterfeit your products.

Amazon Brand Registry: How to Apply

To apply for brand gating on Amazon, here are the steps:

Get Registered

Register your brand with Amazon Brand Services since it requires an active registered text- or image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers.

Provide a list of ASINs for gating

Compile a list of ASINs and submit an application for brand gating on Amazon, including relevant information such as seller ID, list of authorized sellers, and measures taken against counterfeiting to speed up the process.

Submit your application

Once you apply, Amazon does all the work for you, eliminating the need to check for hijackers or knock-offs.

The Importance of Brand Gating on Amazon

Amazon is a hotspot for counterfeit activity, leading to brands quitting the marketplace due to product authenticity issues. However, in 2020, Amazon’s Brand Protection Report disclosed the company that more than 10 billion fake listings and destroyed two million fake items in its warehouses were blocked.

But, consumers can still fall prey to counterfeit scams, as they often focus more on comparing prices than vetting merchants. Consumers trust that Amazon offers the best purchase options when a lower-priced listing appears in product search results. Amazon Brand Gating allows all authorized sellers to take action against fake items to keep customers from purchasing counterfeit products.

Brand gating on Amazon is beneficial for a few reasons, including:

Can stop counterfeit brand sellers from automatically

Amazon has invested in brand gating to prevent counterfeit listings, allowing businesses to stop counterfeit sellers from automatically using their product’s ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). This system saves time and allows businesses to focus on other ways to drive sales.

Can boost your Amazon Sales

Brand gating on Amazon helps companies fight back against counterfeit sellers by preventing them from even listing their products. This helps them capture more sales from the marketplace, eliminating a source of lost sales.

Can protect the value of your brand

Counterfeit goods are rarely equal to the original product.

Word-of-mouth is an effective way to persuade people to make a purchase or look elsewhere. Amazon brand gating helps people find, purchase, and experience their products, which can be used as a trust signal or resource for design and development teams.

How to Make Sure that Your ASINs are Brand Gated

After you apply, using a different seller account to search for the ASIN(s) and clicking on the “Sell on Amazon” button in the account can help the sellers to see if the correct listings are brand gated. Then, a warning message will appear, and a button to request approval will appear if the product is gated.

Who Can Take Advantage of Amazon Brand Gating

Brand gating is an excellent idea for large brands that are vulnerable to counterfeiting, while smaller brands may benefit from Amazon brand gating.

To apply for Amazon brand gating, the sellers must have a registered trademark. Here are the only brands in the following countries that may apply:

  • US
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Benefits of Amazon Brand Gating for Retailers

Brand gating on Amazon benefits sellers and their authorized reseller network in several ways, including:

Prevent from counterfeits

Amazon brand gating is completely automated, meaning once you’re approved, seller services handle the rest. No manual counterfeit hunting. No checking listings religiouslyKeep team focused on selling instead of worrying about unauthorized sellers and products.

Get sales back

Unauthorized sellers can disrupt your reseller network, cutting into marketplace sales and third-party sales. By stopping fake accounts, consumers will only see legitimate listings, feeding revenue back to your business.

Protect the brand

Consumers may choose unapproved sellers due to lower costs and stolen images or descriptions that they believe to be real. When they receive counterfeit products, it may lead to poor quality and negative reviews. Limiting the selling pool to only authorized sellers ensures customers receive quality products, increasing the likelihood of a positive experience.


Brand gating on Amazon is a great way to protect and secure your brand from counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers. Preventing these people from listing fake products helps customers find the authentic goods they’re looking for. It also increases profits by controlling who can list and advertise your products, allowing you to capture more sales. With proper protection, you can ensure customers receive quality products, increase your brand’s reputation, and improve customer trust in your offerings. With Amazon’s Brand Gating program, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on other sellers and protect your sales from any potential counterfeiters. You’ll also need to take additional steps to make sure that your brand remains secure, such as trademarking your logo and patenting product features. By doing this, you can protect your brand from hijackers and counterfeits and keep your customers happy too! Take advantage of Amazon Brand Gating today to start protecting your brand on the world’s largest marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply for Brand Gating on Amazon?

A: Amazon Brand Gating is available to brands in the United States, UK, EU, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Q: What benefits does Brand Gating provide?

A: Brand gating provides several benefits for businesses, including proactive prevention of counterfeit sellers on Amazon’s marketplace, improved customer experience and trust in your brand, increased sales revenue from authorized resellers, and enhanced brand reputation.

Q: What should third-party sellers do when they receive an Amazon Brand Gating notification?

A: Third-party sellers should visit the Amazon Seller page and input the ASIN in question. They may need to obtain approval to sell a specific brand, which can take up to seven days. It is also recommended that sellers have documentation ready such as their registered trademark and any action taken against counterfeits (e.g., cease and desist letters).

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