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Amazon HTML Product Description: Boost Your Sales with Engaging Design!

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As an Amazon seller, you understand the importance of eye-catching product descriptions to attract potential customers. Crafting your product descriptions using HTML enhances the readability and improves the overall appeal of your listings.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of using HTML; it’s a simple markup language that will elevate your descriptions. By incorporating basic HTML tags, like bold texts, and unordered and ordered lists, you can easily emphasize key information, structure your presentation, and ultimately drive more sales to your products.

Now that you’re ready to tackle HTML, let’s dive into the essential elements for crafting engaging Amazon product descriptions. Your listings are about to become more appealing and professional, giving your products the edge over your competitors.

Amazon’s Listing Policies and Permitted HTML Tags

HTML and listings have quite a history on Amazon. Things took a turn in 2021 when Amazon announced something. Read on to understand better how things play now on Amazon.

Amazon’s Announcement to Stop Displaying HTML Tags

In 2021, Amazon made changes to its product description formatting policies. They announced that they would stop displaying many HTML tags in product listings. This decision was made to maintain a clean, consistent appearance across all listings and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Understanding Amazon’s Listing Policies

As a seller, it’s crucial to understand Amazon’s listing policies to create effective product descriptions. A well-formatted description not only enhances the appearance of your listings but also helps customers make informed purchasing decisions. To achieve this, focus on providing relevant, accurate, and concise information for the existing listing while adhering to Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

To give you an idea of the policy, here are some prohibited content on your listing:

  • Testimonials and requests for some
  • Time-sensitive information
  • Personal information (email addresses, individual addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Other website URLs
  • Information about price, availability, or condition
  • Promotional material, advertisements
  • Pornographic or abusive content

Allowed and Forbidden HTML Tags on Amazon

Amazon permits a limited set of HTML tags in product descriptions. These permitted tags cover basic formatting options to help sellers create well-organized, easy-to-read content. Here’s a list of allowed HTML tags:

  • <b> (bold)
  • <i> (italic)
  • <ul> (unordered list)
  • <ol> (ordered list)
  • <li> (list item)
  • <br> (line break)
  • <p> (paragraph)

However, some HTML tags are forbidden or discouraged, such as tables and inline CSS. To create successful product descriptions, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these allowed and forbidden tags and use them appropriately within Amazon’s seller guidelines.

How to Create Engaging Amazon HTML Product Descriptions

These are some tips you can use to make better product descriptions. Remember, the better your product descriptions look, the more likely customers will read them. The more people reading your descriptions, the more conversion you potentially earn!

Adopting a Buyer’s First Mentality

When creating a product description, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Ask yourself: what information would you find important? This perspective helps you focus on addressing customer needs effectively.

Highlight the features that make your product stand out and provide solutions to potential problems. Keep language simple and relatable to engage and inform the reader.

For example, you sell gloves on Amazon. A customer would want to know about the following:

  • The sizes available
  • The color variation
  • The material
  • And more!

Utilizing Bullet Points Effectively

Bullet points are useful for presenting important information in an easy-to-read format. They help break up blocky texts and offer a quick overview of key product features.

02 bullet points
  • Select significant details about your product
  • Organize information by relevancy or priority
  • Limit each bullet point to one key feature or benefit

Remember to also use bullet points generously. If you use too much, it’ll have no difference with a block of text.

Incorporating Line Breaks for Whitespace

Whitespace is essential in web design, improving readability and reducing visual clutter. Use line breaks (<br>) to add space between paragraphs and elements in your product description.

Breaking up text improves the user experience, allowing buyers to easily navigate and find relevant information.

Taking Keywords Seriously

Keywords are crucial when it comes to visibility on Amazon’s search engine. Find out which keywords are most relevant to your product. Include these keywords naturally and strategically throughout the description to improve search rankings and reach your target audience.

There are several keyword research tools you can use to your advantage. Some examples are Ahrefs, Egrow, and Keyword Tool. Each of these tools has different prices, naturally. So, do compare them and find out which best suits your needs.

Tools for Optimizing Your Amazon HTML Product Descriptions

This section will explore various tools to enhance your Amazon HTML product descriptions, making them more visually appealing and reader-friendly.

Amazon Product Description Editor

The Amazon Product Description Editor is a user-friendly tool designed to facilitate the creation of polished product descriptions. Simply input your text, and it will generate formatted HTML code that you can easily copy and paste into your product listing.

The editor offers basic formatting options, such as bold or italic text, bullet points, and numbered lists. Utilizing these features can enhance the readability and impact of your product descriptions.

You may also use an Amazon HTML editor by a third party, which works the same but is made by a different party.

Using MS Word to Clean Amazon HTML

Microsoft Word offers a convenient way to clean up your Amazon HTML code. By pasting your HTML code into a Word document and then saving it as a .txt file, you can remove any extraneous formatting.

Copy the clean text from the .txt file and paste it back into your Amazon product description. This method helps ensure your final HTML code is clean, efficient, and easy to read.

HTML Converter Tool Optimized for Desktop Use

An HTML converter tool specifically designed for desktop use can streamline the process of creating Amazon product descriptions. Convert your text into HTML code quickly and efficiently with a desktop-based HTML converter tool.

These tools often include additional features, such as syntax highlighting and code validation, to ensure your final product description is error-free and adheres to Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon Product Description HTML Character Counter

To ensure that your Amazon HTML product descriptions stay within the recommended character limits, use a character counter tool. This will not only count characters but also gauge the ideal length for optimal readability.

By keeping your product descriptions concise and adhering to Amazon’s character limits, you can achieve a visually appealing and easy-to-read format essential for engaging potential customers.

Editing and Updating Your Amazon Product Descriptions

Maintaining up-to-date and engaging product descriptions is crucial for driving sales. Let’s take a look at how you can edit and update your HTML product descriptions on Amazon effectively.

How to Change HTML Descriptions on Existing Product Listings

To edit an existing product listing, log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and navigate to the Inventory tab. From there, select Manage Inventory.

03 manage inventory

Find the product you want to edit, click the Edit button, and make changes to the product description. You can include HTML tags, such as bold or bullet points, to enhance the readability of your descriptions. Remember to save your changes when finished.

Bulk Editing Amazon Listings

If you need to update multiple product listings, you can use Amazon’s bulk editing feature. Download the Inventory File Template in Seller Central, open it in Excel or compatible spreadsheet software, and update the relevant product description fields with your new HTML content.

Once the changes are made, save the file and upload it back to Amazon, following the instructions provided. Bulk editing can save you time and ensure consistency across all your listings.

Adding New Formatting to Your Product Descriptions Easily

For an even more polished look, consider using an HTML editor like TinyMCE or CKEditor to help streamline the process of formatting your product descriptions. Simply copy and paste your Amazon descriptions into these tools, apply your desired formatting using the available options, and then copy the resulting HTML code back into your Amazon listing.

Using a dedicated HTML editing tool not only saves time but also ensures proper formatting, giving you confidence that your product descriptions will look their best on the Amazon platform.

Amazon HTML Product Description: The Good and Bad

Believe it or not, there are some good and bad points to Amazon Product description. The good points are mostly advantages you can expect from it, while the bad ones are limitations you can expect.

Advantages of Using Amazon HTML Product Descriptions

Utilizing Amazon HTML Product Descriptions allows you to create visually appealing and well-structured listings that stand out. This can increase your product’s click-through rate (CTR) and improve conversion rates.

Properly formatted HTML descriptions make it easy for potential buyers to read and comprehend important product details, increasing their confidence in your product. Additionally, with clear layouts, you can prioritize key benefits and features your customers care about most.

  • Enhanced product presentation: Engage potential customers with eye-catching elements, including bullet points, bold text, and tables.
  • Improved readability: Organized and concise descriptions help customers quickly understand essential product information.
  • Increased conversions: A professional-looking product description can boost trust and increase sales.

Limitations and Potential Issues With Amazon HTML Product Descriptions

While there are numerous benefits to using Amazon HTML Product Descriptions, there are some limitations and potential issues to be aware of.

Firstly, Amazon has strict guidelines on the use of HTML elements in product descriptions. Using unsupported tags or excessive formatting can lead to your listing being flagged or penalized. Secondly, HTML product descriptions may not display correctly on certain devices, leading to a poor user experience.

  • Amazon’s guidelines: Be sure to follow Amazon’s rules and avoid unsupported formatting that may lead to penalties.
  • Device compatibility: Ensure your HTML description is compatible with various devices for the best user experience.
  • Appealing to all customers: Avoid over-complicating your descriptions and stick to clear, concise, and informative content.


Utilizing HTML in your Amazon product descriptions can greatly enhance the presentation and readability of your listings. By incorporating elements such as tables, bullet points, and bold text, you can effectively highlight key features and benefits of your products.

It’s crucial for you to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines while showcasing your products in the best possible light. Remember to keep your descriptions concise, engaging, and free of exaggerated claims to maintain credibility with your potential customers.

Embrace the power of HTML formatting in your Amazon product descriptions to create a captivating and effective listing that stands out from the competition. With a clear and knowledgeable approach, you can boost the appeal of your products and increase the likelihood of driving sales and growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove Amazon description HTML?

To remove HTML from your Amazon product description, go to the “Edit Product Detail” page, find the description box, and simply delete the HTML tags. Make sure you save the changes, and your new format description will be displayed in plain text.

Can I manually create an Amazon HTML product description without using the Editor?

Yes, you can manually create an Amazon HTML product description by typing the HTML code into the product description field. Keep in mind that Amazon only allows a limited set of HTML tags in their product descriptions, so ensure you are following their guidelines.

Is formatting product listings allowed by Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows formatting product listings. However, only specific HTML tags are permitted, such as <b>, <ul>, and <li>. Be sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines to avoid violating their rules and having your listing removed.

Will Amazon remove my custom formatting?

Amazon reserves the right to remove custom formatting if it violates its guidelines. To minimize the risk of having your formatting removed, adhere to the allowed HTML tags and avoid using other tags that are not permitted.

How else can I optimize my product listing?

Optimize your product listing by using high-quality images, focusing on relevant keywords in your title and product description, and providing accurate product information. These factors can help improve your conversion rates and overall visibility on the platform.

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