A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Leveraging Amazon Sales Rank for Your Business

01 understanding and leveraging amazon sales rank

Hundreds of millions of products are listed in the Amazon US marketplace catalog alone. While those figures may sound astounding, what’s even more impressive is that each product is given a unique ranking known as Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This number is integral for any business selling products on Amazon, as it tells the story of a product’s performance and your business success. But what is the Best Sellers Rank, and how does it affect your overall Amazon business?

In this article, we’ll explore what Amazon sales rank is, how Amazon sellers can interpret the numbers, why it matters when running a business, factors that influence Amazon best sellers rank, strategies for improving Amazon sales rank, and ways to leverage Amazon sales rank for your business. By the end of this article, you should have a comprehensive understanding of Amazon sales rank and be able to use it effectively to reach your goals.

What is Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon Sales Rank or Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a score that ranks how well a product is selling on Amazon in its assigned category. It is shown as a number ranging from 1 to 100 million or even higher. Products with the highest sales rank are often featured on Amazon’s main page and are considered bestselling products. Sales rank is also used to determine how a product should be displayed in Amazon search results. The lower the Amazon sales rank, the better its visibility in Amazon searches.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank helps businesses gauge success and provides valuable insights into customers’ buying habits. In addition, it can provide helpful information for Amazon users on what products are bestsellers and which ones are performing differently than expected.

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Now that we know Amazon’s sales rank let’s discuss how to interpret it.

How to Interpret Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon’s sales rank is measured in the product’s respective category, so the product’s BSR can vary across different categories. For example, an XYZ product headlamp is ranking #100 in the “Tools and Home Improvement” category but could also be ranking #15 in the “Camping Headlamps” category and ranking #5 in Headlamps Category.

Generally, a product with a BSR of 1-100 performs very well in sales performance and conversion, and we expect the category to be highly competitive. For example, if a product’s Amazon sales ranking falls between 100-10000, the item is sold consistently, but some competitors still outperform it.

Finally, Amazon sales rank higher than 50,000 or no Amazon sales rank means that the item needs to do better or sell consistently. It may be due to needing more stock or requiring improvement in product, listing quality, reviews, advertising, etc. It’s important to note that Amazon sales rank numbers can change rapidly depending on how many products have sold.

Why Is Amazon Sales Rank Important for Your Business?

Amazon sales rank is an important metric to measure, as this gives Amazon sellers valuable information about the success of their products, especially the overall business success.

Recent and historical sales data provide insights into customer buying habits and trends. It also indicates how their product performs compared to other products in its category. Moreover, Amazon sales rank allows Amazon sellers to identify which products have a high potential for success and which ones need improvement or changes in marketing strategies. If a product’s Amazon sales rank is high, customers respond positively to the product.

On the other hand, if Amazon sales rank is low or non-existent, customers may be uninterested in the product.

03 amazon-sales-rank-important-for-your-business

Therefore, Amazon sellers must increase their visibility, attract more buyers, and achieve higher sales.

Understanding Amazon Sales Rank

Understanding Amazon Sales Rank helps sellers to identify products that are likely not selling as well as expected and may need improvement. By monitoring Amazon’s sales rank regularly, Amazon sellers can understand how their products perform, make necessary changes to increase sales, and make better decisions on pricing, product selection, advertising campaigns, and product promotion.

In addition, Amazon sellers can use sales rank to determine the best strategies for improving Amazon product rankings and increasing visibility on Amazon. By understanding Amazon’s sales rank, Amazon sellers can make more informed decisions about pricing and promotional activities.

Finally, Amazon sales rank is vital to understand when running a business because it helps Amazon sellers identify products with potential for success and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Top 3 Factors Influence Amazon Sales Rank and Tips to Improve it

1. Reviews and Ratings – Amazon considers customer reviews and ratings when determining a product’s Amazon sales rank. Positive reviews can help boost Amazon’s site ranking, while negative reviews can hurt it.


  • Ask for customer reviews at the right time: after they’ve had enough time to use the product and when the experience is still fresh in their minds.
  • Improve customer service by being responsive, friendly, and helpful. Encourage customers to contact you with any questions or concerns.

2. Pricing Strategies – Amazon considers a product’s pricing strategy when determining Amazon sales rank. A product with a competitive price will generally perform better in amazon’s rankings than one priced too high or too low.


  • Start by researching the Amazon sales rank of similar products in your category and use this as a guide to determine an appropriate pricing strategy.
  • Offer discounts on certain products to encourage customers to purchase more than one item or bundle multiple items together for increased savings.
  • Consider seasonal demand when setting pricing for Amazon items.
04 pricing-strategies

3. Visibility and Searchability – Amazon’s search engine looks for products that are easy to find and searchable. Amazon sellers should ensure their product listing is optimized for Amazon’s search algorithm as it will help increase visibility, resulting in better Amazon sales rank.


  • Optimize your listings with keyword-rich titles, product descriptions, and categories. Use Amazon’s auto-suggest feature to identify appropriate keywords and optimize for them.
  • Enhance product images with high-quality, professional photographs accurately representing the product’s features and uses.
  • Make sure your products are listed in relevant categories.

How to find your Sales Rank?

  1. Go to Amazon.com.
  2. Search for your product in Amazon’s search box.
  3. Go to your product detail page.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Product Information Section.
  5. Finally, look for the “Best Sellers Rank,” and you’ll be able to see your product’s sale rank.

How is the Amazon Sales Rank Calculated

Amazon Sales Rank is calculated based on Amazon’s A9 algorithm considering various product-related factors such as reviews, ratings, pricing strategy, and visibility. The Amazon Bestseller Ranking is updated hourly to evaluate all new orders and customer feedback. Amazon also considers other product performance metrics such as conversion, click-through, and page views.  

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and how does it affect sales rank?

Amazon A9 algorithm is used to determine and calculate Amazon sales rank. The algorithm considers various factors in product listings, including product reviews, ratings, pricing strategy, visibility, etc. A9 also improves Amazon’s search engine, which helps Amazon shoppers quickly find the products they are looking for.

What are the 4 Strategies to Improve Amazon Sales Rank?

1. Maximizing Reviews and Ratings – Amazon sellers should aim to get as many positive reviews and ratings as possible, as it will help get a good sales rank and more sales.

05 reviews-and-ratings

2. Optimizing Pricing – Amazon sellers should regularly analyze their competitors’ pricing in the same category and adjust their product’s price accordingly to remain competitive in the Amazon marketplace multi-million product catalog.

3. Optimize Listing Quality – Amazon sellers should optimize their Amazon product listings from the title, image, and backend search terms with clear, concise, relevant keywords and accurate and comprehensive product descriptions to have better conversion and improve Amazon sales rank.

4. Leverage Advertising – Amazon sellers can leverage Amazon’s advertising platform, including creating PPC campaigns such as Sponsored Products, Brand, and Display Ads to increase and improve product visibility, resulting in better seller rank and increased sales.

Leveraging Amazon Sales Rank for Your Business

Leveraging Amazon’s sales rank is crucial to maximizing your business success on Amazon. By doing this, Amazon sellers can understand customer buying habits, identify best-selling products in a particular category, optimize pricing strategies, improve listing quality, and leverage Amazon advertising.

Tips on How to Leverage your Sales Rank:

Identify Niche Opportunities and Market Trends

By monitoring Amazon’s sales rank, Amazon sellers can identify niche opportunities and market trends. This will help Amazon sellers spot emerging trends early and capitalize on them before the competition does.

Analyze Competitors

Amazon sales rank can give amazon sellers valuable insights into their competitors’ listings. Amazon sellers can use this information to identify improvement areas and adjust their Amazon listing accordingly.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Monitoring Amazon’s sales rank can give Amazon sellers an edge. By understanding Amazon’s ranking system, Amazon sellers can ensure their products are always competitively priced and well-positioned for maximum visibility on its search engine.

Enhance the Shopping Experience with Targeted Content

Amazon sales rank can also help Amazon sellers identify products that interest customers. Then, using Amazon’s data, Amazon sellers can create targeted content and offers to enhance the customer shopping experience and increase Amazon sales.

06 targeted-content

Monitor Competitors’ Performance to Make Strategic Decisions

Amazon sales rank can also give Amazon sellers insights into their competitors’ performance. By monitoring Amazon’s sales rank, Amazon sellers can identify areas where they need to improve and make strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Track and Analyze Product Performance to Optimize Strategies

Amazon sellers can track their Amazon sales rank regularly to identify improvement areas. This can help Amazon sellers optimize their product listing, pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns for better results.

Use Sales Rank to Evaluate Different Product Categories

Amazon sales rank can also give Amazon sellers insights into different product categories. This can help Amazon sellers identify which products and types are likely to be successful, allowing them to make strategic decisions on what products to focus on.

Improve Shopping Experience with Targeted Content

Amazon sales rank can also help Amazon sellers create targeted content to improve the shopping experience and increase conversions from customers interested in the product or similar items sold by other brands or retailers on Amazon’s marketplace platform.


Amazon sales rank is a critical metric Amazon sellers should understand and use to maximize their business success. It provides valuable insights into customer buying habits, identifies trends in the Amazon marketplace, and allows Amazon sellers to make strategic decisions on product selection, pricing strategies, listing quality, and advertising campaigns. By effectively leveraging Amazon’s sales rank, Amazon sellers can increase their sales and reach their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use historical sales rank data to improve my business?

Using this data, Amazon sellers can identify trending products and customer buying habits over time. Additionally, tracking historical Amazon sales rank data over time provides insights into customer demand fluctuations which helps Amazon businesses plan strategically.

How can a seller check their seller rank on Amazon?

Amazon sellers can check their Amazon sales rank by searching for their product on amazon.com, navigating to the product detail page, and looking for the “Best Sellers Rank” section.

What does Amazon BSR mean?

Amazon BSR stands for Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Amazon’s unique ranking system ranks a product’s performance in its respective category.

How many sales does it take to change amazon’s sales rankings?

It depends on how quickly other products in the same category are selling. Generally, the higher a product’s Amazon sales rank, the more sales it takes to move up or down just one ranking point. However, if only a few products are sold in a particular category, it may only take one sale to change an Amazon sales ranking.

How can amazon sellers estimate their sales to help improve amazon’s sales rank?

Amazon sellers can estimate their sales through various methods, such as using historical Amazon sales data and tracking sales trends. Historical sales data can provide Amazon sellers with an estimate of how many products have sold in the past and give Amazon sellers the ability to forecast future amazon sales.

Can I do product research on amazon’s best sellers list to get product ideas?

Yes, Amazon sellers can perform product research on Amazon’s best sellers list.

What will happen to my sales rank if I sell a seasonal product?

If a seller sells a seasonal product, the sales rank typically peaks during the season and drops off afterward. However, Amazon sellers can leverage Amazon’s advertising platform to increase the visibility of their products and achieve higher sales rank throughout the year.

How can amazon sellers achieve higher amazon sales rank?

Optimizing your product listing, pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns can achieve a higher sales rank. Optimizing product listings includes writing detailed and accurate descriptions, using relevant keywords and search terms, and including attractive product images.

What is the difference between Amazon’s Sales Rank and Organic Ranking?

Amazon’s Sales Rank measures a product’s performance based on Amazon sales, while Amazon’s A9 algorithm determines Amazon’s organic ranking.

Can I look for my seller rank in Amazon Seller Central?

No, Amazon sellers can only find Amazon sales rank on amazon.com when they search for their product or view its detail page.

What tools can Amazon sellers use to estimate their sales to help improve sales rank?

Amazon sellers can estimate their sales using Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and AMZScout. In addition, these tools provide Amazon sellers with insights into Amazon ranking, customer demand, and product performance metrics.

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