Strategies for Selling Supplements on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

Selling supplements on Amazon can be profitable, but you must first comprehend the strategies that will help you succeed. The demand for supplements has remained the same as more people look to improve their health and well-being, and it has become an essential part of the expanding health and wellness industry.

Numerous steps are needed to successfully sell supplements on Amazon, varying from consumer research and niche selection to effectively utilizing social media marketing and reaping FBA benefits. It is also critical to keep track of customer reviews, performance metrics, competitive strategies, and changes in supplement sales policies. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your business stands out and expands over time.

What does amazon consider supplements?

Amazon defines supplements as any dietary supplement, minerals, vitamins, or other product intended to improve a person’s health. They can come as capsules, tablets, pills, drinks, or powders.

Researching comparable products in the same niche can help you gain knowledge of competitive pricing strategies and product positioning options. Here are some pointers for locating supplements to sell on Amazon:

  • There are various supplements on the market, so you must choose which one to focus on first. Investigate the most popular brands and supplement categories. Examine their product prices to ensure you can offer a fair price while making a profit.
  • Conduct some research and select a company with a solid reputation for producing high-quality goods.
  • Supplement trends change quickly, so staying current on the latest trends is a good idea.

How do I get Amazon to approve me to sell supplements?

The dietary supplements company must obtain prior approval by submitting a Brand letter of authorization (and acknowledgment of license application) along with three paid invoices. Aside from that, there are a few critical aspects of the Amazon marketplace that supplement brand owners must understand to put their best foot forward.

A few of them are listed below:

  • Comply with the labeling requirements
  • Prioritize product quality

If your item is in the gated dietary supplement category, it is one of the marketplace’s restricted categories, while the ungated category means they can be sold in various ways. To request approval if you fall into the gated category when you sell supplements, you will need the following:

  • You must have a Professional Seller Account, which costs $39.99 monthly.
  • Based on your eCommerce performance metrics, you must have a good track record. No late deliveries or canceled orders.

The following is the approval process for Amazon’s gated categories:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon seller account.
  2. Select the “Inventory” tab.
  3. Choose “Add a Product” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Next, to the product information, select the “Show Limitations” option.
  5. Then, select the “Request Approval” option.

Here’s a quick approval checklist:

  • Submit a qualified invoice at no more than 180 days old at the time of application submission.
  • Check the product and packaging images of your dietary supplement.
  • Documents include a Current Good Manufacturing Practice certificate, a screenshot of an FDA registration, a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), or a 510(K) premarket notification. The verification of documents could take 3 to 4 weeks. This last requirement requires a little more effort since dietary supplements do not need FDA approval. To be clear, this is requesting product information rather than yours as a seller. You will need to do some research using those terms and the product name for which you are looking for documentation.

Visit Amazon’s Dietary Supplements Policy for additional information.

You must ensure the following for approval since all sellers must adhere to Amazon’s strict supplement compliance requirements:

  • The dietary supplement must be sealed and labeled with the correct identification codes on the original manufacturer’s packaging (serial numbers or codes).
  • The supplement’s name, net weight or quality, ingredient list, manufacturer’s information, and a “Supplement Facts” panel must all be displayed on the packaging.
  • The dietary supplement must contain no prohibited ingredients, is not misbranded, unsafe, or contaminated, and is not subject to an FDA recall or safety alert.

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Take precautions when you sell supplements

It has numerous advantages when you list and sell your dietary supplement on a marketplace like Amazon. However, it has its downside. One of the most visible is the rise in the sale of fake or imitations of goods.

Dietary supplement manufacturers, brands, and packaging design firms have been forced to use anti-counterfeiting packaging and labeling solutions because of the prevalence of counterfeit products on the market and the ease with which counterfeiting technologies can be obtained.

 Brands can now use various flexographic and digital printing techniques to protect genuine products when selling them on online platforms such as Amazon.

Benefits of selling on amazon

Here are the benefits that can be an excellent way to increase your profits and brand exposure when you sell dietary supplements on Amazon:

1. The more people you can reach, the greater your chances of increasing sales and building brand loyalty when you sell supplements. Amazon has millions of customers visiting the site daily, making it the most excellent platform to reach broader audiences.

2. Several tools and services can help you automate many daily tasks in selling supplements on Amazon. Using Amazon automation tools, you can take care of tasks like listing products, managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and more. In addition, automated systems often provide higher accuracy and efficiency than manual processes.

Tips you can use to stand out on Amazon:

  • Leverage Social Media Marketing to increase brand awareness and attract more buyers.
  • Develop an SEO strategy to make your products easily found in Amazon’s search results.
  • Offer discounts and promos to draw attention to your product.
  • Utilize videos to showcase your product in action and demonstrate its benefits to customers.
  • Monitor customer reviews and use feedback to improve your product or customer service
  • Track performance metrics to adjust pricing strategies and target the right customers.

3. Amazon is a trusted name in the industry, and customers are likelier to purchase from companies selling through their platform. It can help companies build customer trust and recognition, leading to increased sales. With its wide variety of tools, services, and automation, Amazon is an ideal platform for companies looking to expand their presence in the health and wellness industry.

The most effective strategies for selling supplements on Amazon

When it comes to selling supplements, several strategies can be used to maximize sales. Here are the most effective strategies:

Optimize your product listings with keywords, descriptions, and images.

When you’re planning to sell dietary supplements, effective optimization is vital. In your titles and descriptions, include relevant keywords that match what customers are searching for. Include clear, concise, and accurate product descriptions that will help customers decide to purchase. Additionally, you can use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content to create a more engaging and informative listing.

Use Amazon Advertising to increase the visibility of your products.

Amazon Advertising is a powerful tool for increasing the visibility of your products and attracting new customers. You can reach the right demographic and advertise specifically for supplements in a specific niche targeted ads.

Take advantage of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services.

Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent way to streamline your selling process while also benefiting from additional features like Prime shipping and customer service support. Signing up for an FBA account reduces the work and time required when handling orders, making your selling process more efficient.

Offer special discounts or promotions on specific items or bundles.

Discounts or promotions on specific items or bundles are the best way to entice customers to buy your products. Providing incentives for customers to shop with you this strategy can help you increase sales and customer loyalty. Furthermore, tracking the effectiveness of these discounts and promotions is vital to identify any flaws in your products.

Offering discounts or promotions can increase sales and encourage customers to buy from your business. Here are the tips on how you can offer discounts or promotions online:

  1. Creating promotional codes is an effective way to offer discounts or promotions on selling supplements, allowing them to save money while still purchasing the products they need. These codes can discount customers when they purchase specific items or bundles.
  2. Offering bundle deals to offer discounts or promotions on selling dietary supplements. It could be selling multiple products at a discounted rate or offering additional bonuses when customers purchase specific products.
  3. Offering quantity discounts, including offering lower prices when customers purchase larger quantities of products, makes it more economical and cost-effective for them.
  4. Creating loyalty programs and rewards for repeat customers. A loyalty program can reward repeat customers with discounts and exclusive offers, making them feel appreciated and incentivizing them to continue shopping with you. Additionally, offering rewards such as free shipping or gifts can be a great way to show appreciation for loyal customers.

Be updated on the changes in policies & regulations related to supplement sales

Amazon has strict policies that all sellers must follow, so it’s essential to review them regularly and ensure your products are compliant. Staying up to date on changes in policies and regulations related to selling dietary supplements is essential when you sell supplements.

Develop relationships with influencers who can help promote your brand

Influencer marketing can significantly increase brand awareness and drive more sales. Having good relationships with influencers who are familiar with online supplement marketing can assist you in effectively promoting your products and reaching out to potential customers when you sell supplements on amazon.


It is essential to understand the requirements and ensure your products are compliant before selling them since selling supplements on Amazon is an excellent way for businesses to expand their reach and increase sales.

However, getting approved to sell dietary supplements on Amazon can be challenging, with strict guidelines that must be followed. Additionally, leveraging various strategies such as optimizing your product listings, taking advantage of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services, offering discounts and promotions, and developing relationships with influencers can help you maximize sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary for supplements to be FDA approved?

A: Dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA, and the FDA lacks the authority to approve dietary supplements for safety and efficacy.

Q: How to optimize my product listing when you sell supplements on Amazon?

A: Use relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions that correspond to customers’ wants. Please include a clear, concise, and accurate product description to assist them in purchasing. You can use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content to make your listing more engaging and informative when you sell supplements on amazon.

Q: What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

A: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that allows businesses to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers to take advantage of features such as Prime shipping and customer service support. Companies that sign up for an FBA account can reduce the work and time required to handle orders, making their selling process more efficient.

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