25 Best Wholesale Websites to Use in 2023

Buying in bulk from wholesale suppliers is an easy way to save money. What’s not as easy is finding a wholesale website that makes it simple to search for the best products from trusted wholesalers.

This is especially important if you run a large business, as finding a reliable wholesale supplier will save you time.

But where do you start when there are millions of wholesale suppliers?

To point you in the right direction, we’ve rounded up the best wholesale websites you need to use in 2023 – and why.



Alibaba is a go-to wholesale marketplace for wholesalers and retailers around the globe. One reason for this is because it’s highly trusted, as it’s been going strong since it started – way back in 1999.

Alibaba’s online directory is huge. It boasts millions of wholesaler suppliers and manufacturers across countless product industries, offering everything from discounted tech to the newest must-have fashion items.

In other words, you’ll have no trouble finding the products you need on Alibaba for factory-direct prices that are hard to argue with.

This wholesale marketplace is also user-friendly: search for products by category or find trusted sellers based on their reviews and ratings.

The Advantages of Using Alibaba



SaleHoo landed on the scene in 2005 and has since racked up more than 8,000 verified suppliers, becoming one of the most well-established wholesale marketplaces. That might not sound like a lot, but it is considering SaleHoo’s directory gives you access to over one million products.

What’s great about SaleHoo is that all items of this wholesale business are organized into user-friendly categories, with powerful search filters that let you hone in on sales trends and product niches – perfect if you’re always looking for the hottest-selling items on the market.

SaleHoo even offers live chat support around the clock, so there’s always someone to talk to should you need assistance with an order.

SaleHoo also vets all listed suppliers – and even their products. So if you’re looking for trustworthy wholesale suppliers, SaleHoo is worth checking out.

The Advantages of Using SaleHoo

  • Suppliers are vetted and verified
  • More than 8,000 wholesale vendors to choose from
  • Dedicated 24/7 live chat support
  • Organized product categories and advanced search filters


Like Alibaba, DHgate offers tens of millions of high-quality products from wholesalers, mainly from China. It started in 2004 and has since grown to become one of the biggest wholesale websites.

With US, EU, and UK warehouses, DHgate is a market leader in fast shipping. It has more than two million wholesale vendors listed on its website, mainly Chinese suppliers, with regular offers for buyers looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Another perk of DHgate is its buyer protection program, which makes processing returns and receiving refunds simple. But considering how the website displays reviews for all its sellers, finding a reliable wholesale supplier on DHgate is quick and easy.

The Advantages of Using DHgate

  • High-quality wholesale products from over two million suppliers
  • Regular flash deals on a range of products
  • Fast shipping from warehouses in the US, EU, and UK
  • Buyer protection on all orders

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a wholesale directory with trustworthy suppliers set up worldwide. Its website has over 15 million products to choose from, with a strict verification process to ensure every wholesale supplier is the real deal.

So if you’re hunting for verified suppliers and authentic products, all suppliers on Worldwide Brands have passed a vetted check, which includes a warehouse inspection for product quality.

New products are always added to the Worldwide Brands website, with regular deals to help businesses and retailers save even more.

The search function (on the website and app) even lets you browse and find items by brand, location, and more.

The Advantages of Using Worldwide Brands

  • Suppliers are vetted and inspected for legitimacy and quality
  • Worldwide Brands has its mobile app
  • Over 15 million products from suppliers based worldwide
  • Regular product deals

Global Sources

Global Sources hosts regular trade shows in Hong Kong that pull in buyers and sellers in the thousands – so it’s one of Asia’s most well-known wholesale companies.

Its website boasts millions of products in 18 categories, plus a powerful search function for finding the exact item you’re after.

As a B2B platform, Global Sources is a trusted wholesale website for connecting retailers to legitimate suppliers, complete with a dedicated messaging service for direct communication and negotiation.

If you thought Alibaba was old, Global Sources started in 1971, making it one of the longest-running and most trusted wholesale websites.

The Advantages of Using Global Sources

  • One of the oldest and most trusted online wholesale companies for B2B wholesale
  • Lists millions of products across 18 major categories
  • Negotiate directly with verified suppliers

The Wholesaler UK

The Wholesaler UK is a one-stop shop for UK local suppliers, sourcing products across every major industry.

Electronics, accessories, fashion, supplies, homeware – The Wholesaler UK sources all these and more—across over 50 categories—on its easy-to-navigate website that even offers flash deals and discounts for large business orders.

Suppliers are vetted and verified, too, providing an extra layer of trust and security for bulk purchases.

If you do most of your business in the UK, The Wholesaler UK is among the best wholesale websites. It’s also one of the oldest and most trusted wholesale directories, having been around since 1999.

The Advantages of Using The Wholesaler UK

  • Vetted and verified UK local suppliers
  • Countless categories for wholesale products and cleared stock
  • Huge discounts for business bulk purchases
  • User-friendly website for finding trusted wholesale vendors and niche products

Super Delivery

Super Delivery is worth looking into just for its no-order limitations. It’s a Japan-based wholesale marketplace with more than half a million listed products, which you can browse straightaway by creating a free account.

Some of the products Super Delivery sources on its website include furniture and interior decoration, electronics, materials, food and alcohol, books, and fashion. There are frequent site-wide offers, too, applied automatically to your order.

But where Super Delivery stands out the most is its delivery benefits. Large orders can be placed without cross-border shipping costs, with various shipping methods available to suit any need or preference.

If a delivery is late or damaged, getting a refund on Super Delivery is easy.

Bulk orders worth $5000 or more even come with a free consultation – a big bonus for business owners who want extra peace of mind.

The Advantages of Using Super Delivery

  • Regular site-wide offers
  • Make large orders without cross-border fees
  • Get refunds for late or damaged orders
  • Free consultation for orders over $5000
  • Browse instantly by creating a free account

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a B2B wholesale company for businesses and retailers that know what they’re after. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t feature a knowledge base. Instead, it promotes direct communication with suppliers, catering to buyers ready to find great products and negotiate rates.

If that sounds right up your alley, you’ll be glad to know that Wholesale Central lists countless products in its directory – all from US-based merchants with verified status.

Product categories on Wholesale Central include everything from clothing and accessories to perfume and gifts, so there’s a lot this marketplace has to offer, no matter whether you deal in dropshipping, wholesaling, or both.

It’s easy to search for products on Wholesale Central, and there’s even a dedicated section for in-demand suppliers with the hottest products and reviews.

Wholesale Central has been featured in Forbes Magazine for its ease of use and product variety, so it’s one of the best wholesale sites on your radar.

The Advantages of Using Wholesale Central

  • Offers direct negotiation with wholesalers
  • Countless product listings from verified US suppliers
  • Dedicated website page for in-demand suppliers

Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale Clearance is another wholesale site that lists suppliers based in the UK. It differs from The Wholesaler UK (listed above), however, because it specializes in surplus and liquidated stock.

This means huge wholesale discounts for niche items and job lots, including products you won’t find elsewhere.

Wholesale Clearance is not the best marketplace for large e-commerce online stores, for that reason, it is a great wholesale source for independent retailers and sellers that like to buy cheap (in bulk) and sell for profit.

Wholesale Clearance has also garnered support in the wholesaling industry, having featured on various high-profile UK websites, including The BBC and ITV.

Purchasing liquidated items can be tricky; it has to be said. But Wholesale Clearance makes it easier for independent sellers and small retailers that look for auctioned wholesale deals over commercial products.

The Advantages of Using Wholesale Clearance

  • Find niche items and rare products
  • Buy large discounted job lots
  • Save more through live auctions


HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) started in 1996 and is now a trusted marketplace with over 100,000 China-based wholesalers. Aside from being a wholesale site, HKTDC is also a leading facilitator of conferences, trade shows, and sales exhibits held in Hong Kong.

So it’s a legitimate organization for all things wholesale. Suppliers with great service earn verified status on HKTDC, and buyers can talk directly with suppliers for custom orders and negotiate rates on large orders.

Despite that, small orders are also possible on HKTDC thanks to the website’s Small Order Zone. This dedicated zone lets buyers purchase products without contacting suppliers, complete with the order rates provided upfront.

Moreover, all orders on HKTDC come with buyer protection provided by HKTDC and PayPal. So, whether you plan on placing a small or large order, the peace of mind is there should you encounter an issue.

The Advantages of Using HKTDC

  • Verified Hong Kong suppliers
  • Negotiate directly for large custom orders
  • Features a Small Order Zone for small retailers
  • All orders come with buyer protection
  • HKTDC is both a trusted wholesale website and a wholesale organization


Faire started in 2017 but has quickly grown to become one of the most popular wholesale websites for suppliers based in the US. The website serves over two million active buyers, with over 100,000 suppliers selling everything from toys to homeware.

What’s great about Faire is that products and orders are listed with their suggested retail prices, showing you how much you’re saving. There are no order limitations on Faire either, which is ideal if you order frequently and in bulk.

Plus, if you don’t like the items you’ve ordered, you can get a cost-free refund with all shipping rates shouldered by Faire.

It’s also worth mentioning that Faire is a superb directory for small wholesalers with a low minimum order quantity. So if you prefer to support small businesses, it’s a great wholesale company for finding niche stock from retailers that care more about quality and customer satisfaction.

The Advantages of Using Faire

  • Over 100,000 trusted suppliers based in the US
  • No order limitations
  • Free shipping
  • Hassle-free refunds
  • Great platform for finding small wholesale businesses


Tundra is one of the fastest-growing wholesale websites in the last two decades. It launched in 2017, like Faire, and is another must-know wholesale business for finding reliable suppliers based in the US.

With close to 200,000 products from over 2500 brands, Tundra has much to offer wholesale buyers, from homeware to fashion and everything in between. In addition, you get free shipping on Tundra, which is a huge perk if you frequently make large business orders.

Above all, Tundra is a top wholesale website for ordering branded products. So if you’re based in the US and sell branded clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, or home decor, Tundra has the wholesale suppliers you’re looking for.

The best thing is that Tundra’s free shipping is fast and reliable – both in the states and across the 180 countries it ships to.

The Advantages of Using Tundra

  • Free, fast shipping
  • A great wholesale platform for branded high-quality products
  • Reliable US-based suppliers


TopTenWholesale is one of the most widely used websites based in the US for B2B wholesaling and dropshipping. Buyers can find trusted suppliers with little to no effort thanks to the website’s verification process, which vets sellers for authenticity before listing them.

So it’s a top choice if you’re looking for a US directory of legitimate wholesale suppliers selling branded products and niche items. Both online sellers and big retailers use TopTenWholesale, as it’s that versatile in the products and suppliers it has to offer.

But trusted suppliers and products are not all TopTenWholesale offers. So the website also lets you post product requests and set up product alerts, complete with an active user forum for discussing wholesale.

You don’t have to be an experienced trader to use TopTenWholesale, as countless website video tutorials are available for free.

The Advantages of Using TopTenWholesale

  • Vetted and verified US-based suppliers
  • Post product requests and set up product alerts if you can’t find what you’re looking for
  • Engage with suppliers and other wholesalers on the community forum
  • Free video tutorials for new users


4WholesaleUSA has been around since 2002, connecting businesses to suppliers with high-quality products listed across 50 categories. So it’s not hard to find exactly what you’re looking for on 4WholesaleUSA.

There are no membership fees on 4WholesaleUSA, and there’s even a host of free guides to get you started if you’re new to the industry. 4WholesaleUSA caters to small sellers and large businesses. As a result, offering a large directory of US-based suppliers selling fashion items, homeware, gifts, high-end tech, and more.

The website is also conveniently user-friendly and simple to navigate. For example, it’s easy to search for trusted suppliers on 4WholesaleUSA, with filters that help to narrow down products by brand, price, and more.

All in all, it’s another wholesale website to check out if you’re based in the US or want to source the best US-based products from trusted suppliers.

The Advantages of Using 4WholesaleUSA

  • One of the longest-running, most trusted wholesale websites
  • Big range of products from trusted US suppliers
  • Free guides for buyers who are new to wholesale
  • User-friendly website with advanced search filters


Made-in-China headquarters in China but lists products and suppliers from all around the world. Because of that, it boasts over 200 million active users buying from trusted global suppliers that offer some of the best rates around.

One perk of Made-in-China is that you can engage in video calls with suppliers to get to know people before doing business with them. This is ideal for custom orders and building loyal partnerships with suppliers that are a good fit for your business.

Another perk is that sellers on Made-in-China are highly trusted. All wholesalers get vetted for authenticity and product quality, so you know you’re in good hands no matter which supplier you choose to order from.

If you prefer to get your items before paying, that’s also possible on Made-in-China by signing up for its Secure Trading service.

The Advantages of Using Made-in-China

  • Lists trusted wholesale suppliers from around the world
  • All suppliers are vetted for quality before getting verified
  • Easy to video chat directly with suppliers
  • Sign up for the Secure Trading service to pay after Delivery  


BrandsGateway connects retailers to high-end fashion apparel with over 100 brands on its website. This makes it one of the best wholesale websites for luxury fashion, listing big-name brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, and more.

Placing large orders for branded apparel can be difficult as authenticity is always a big concern. However, this isn’t the case with BrandsGateway, as it’s been the most trusted wholesale website for luxury apparel since it started in 2017.

On top of authentic fashion items, suppliers on BrandsGateway also offer fast shipping, which makes it a trusted source for restocking shelves at the last minute.

The Advantages of Using BrandsGateway

  • The best wholesale website for luxury fashion suppliers
  • Authentic products from trusted worldwide suppliers
  • Fast shipping


Wholesalers4U offers high-quality products across more than 70 categories from suppliers based all around the world. The website makes it easy to contact suppliers directly, and you don’t have to pay any membership fees to get started.

From clothes and accessories to pet supplies and giftware, Wholesalers4U sources enough product suppliers to satisfy small and large retailers. It’s been on the scene for over a decade, so it’s also a trusted directory for buyers and sellers who want to jump straight in without paying fees.

Right from the homepage, Wholesalers4U lists a full range of suppliers, including antique dealers, art dealers, jewelry wholesalers, sportswear wholesalers, job lot dealers, and more. The website is user-friendly, as a result, but also wide-ranging in the suppliers it sources worldwide.

The Advantages of Using Wholesalers4U

  • Over 70 categories of wholesale products
  • It’s easy to contact suppliers directly
  • No membership fees

eSources UK

eSources is a wholesale and dropshipping directory based in the UK with more than 500,000 suppliers to connect with – both in the UK and worldwide.

Its diverse product list offers everything from niche items to commercial products from some of the most well-known brands worldwide.

So whether you operate in the UK or not, eSources is a wholesale website that sources trusted international suppliers for small and large retailers. It’s free to use, too, with the option to sign up for a premium account (paid monthly) if you want full access to its supplier database.

The Advantages of Using eSources

  • Over 500,000 global suppliers
  • More than 200,000 suppliers based in the UK
  • Free to use – premium account is optional


Like Wholesale Clearance, Liquidation connects sellers and retailers to the liquidated stock going for bargain prices. The difference is that it’s based in the US, with a bigger range of products and job lots up for grabs.

Liquidation.com is one of the top wholesale websites for finding bulk products sold with massive discounts, from electronics to homeware and everything in between. The fact that many of the auctions sell for much less than the retail price is another reason Liquidation.com can help save you a ton of money.

What’s also great about Liquidation.com is that it lists products in over 500 categories. So whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance Liquidation.com is selling it with auction rates that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Advantages of Using Liquidation

  • Big discounts for surplus and liquidated stock
  • Save more with auctions
  • Product listings in more than 500 searchable categories

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation is another wholesale website that sources overstock, cleared and liquidated stock. With manufacturers and suppliers that include Walmart, Target, and Amazon, it’s also a great marketplace to pick up sellable products for massively discounted rates.

So if you don’t mind auctions, Direct Liquidation can save you money on job lots, homeware products, electronics, toys, clothing, furniture, and more – there’s no end to what you might find on this wholesale website.

Direct Liquidation is ideal for independent sellers and retailers, but it’s still worth checking out for online store owners hunting for sought-after products and branded stock.

The Advantages of Using Direct Liquidation

  • Discounted clearance and liquidated stock
  • Countless products in a range of major categories
  • Save more money through auctions


Want access to job lot auctions and general wholesale products? Merkandi offers both on its website, making it a versatile option for independent sellers and large e-commerce retailers.

Alongside products across every major category you can think of, Merkandi offers low wholesale prices that are ideal for traders who are just starting. In addition, it lists worldwide suppliers in over 150 countries, so there are plenty of great sellers with convenient shipping options.

What’s more, job lots on Merkandi can be small or bulk stock, providing you with a wide range of affordable wholesale deals depending on your need.

The Advantages of Using Merkandi

  • Lists job lot auctions and general wholesale products
  • Find reliable suppliers in more than 150 countries


Creoate is a high-traffic wholesale website, and for a good reason. For one, there are no membership fees, and you also get free shipping on all orders to the US, UK, and EU.

Over 100,000 products to bulk-buy on Creoate in every major category, including apparel, fashion accessories, homeware, giftware, seasonal products, the latest tech, and more.

If that’s not enough, Creoate also offers new users 60 days to return items if the products don’t meet expectations. So for buyers new to the wholesale industry, this Creoate can be a great place to start ordering with added peace of mind.

What’s also great about Creoate is its user-friendly website that makes searching for products and sellers as easy as possible.

The Advantages of Using Creoate

  • Free shipping
  • Free 60-day returns for new users
  • More than 100,000 products from trusted suppliers
  • User-friendly website


TradeGala sources high-quality fashion items for super low prices, listing suppliers worldwide.

Baby clothing, kids clothing, and the newest must-have fashion accessories for men and women – TradeGala has no shortage of wholesale clothing items on its website, which has continued to grow since its launch in 2019.

This makes TradeGala a great option for boutique ecommerce retailers that want cheap fashion items that can be sold for profit. It’s also free to sign up with dedicated customer service for buyers and sellers.

The Advantages of Using Tradegala

  • A one-stop shop for wholesale fashion
  • Free to sign up and get started
  • Offers dedicated customer service


eBay is a great platform for buying wholesale items at bargain prices. The best thing is that the countless auctions eBay offers can help your business save even more.

Finding wholesale products and suppliers on eBay is easy through its advanced search feature, with many China-based listings at low prices. It’s also possible to manually search for bulk product sales, including job lots for niche items and unwanted stock.

So if you know your way around eBay and what you’re looking for, eBay’s popular marketplace can be a great source of wholesale suppliers selling products in every category imaginable.

The Advantages of Using eBay

  • A huge marketplace for wholesale and live auctions
  • Countless products to buy from around the world
  • Find niche products and unwanted bulk stock

Costco Wholesale

Everyone knows Costco. But not everyone knows that Costco is a great platform for wholesale trade, with countless products on offer for hard-to-believe prices.

This includes tech, clothing and footwear, homeware, gifts, pet supplies, office supplies, furniture, food, and lots more. In addition, Costco Wholesale connects buyers to sellers directly and even offers an integrated service for large business orders: Costco Business Center.

So it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an in-demand stock selling for low wholesale prices. Shipping is also fast through Costco Wholesale (which shouldn’t come as a surprise), as it boasts worldwide warehouses paired with top-notch customer service.

The Advantages of Using Costco

  • A trusted name that also offers wholesale
  • Countless products to choose from across a range of categories
  • Fast shipping
  • Suppliers based around the world


These wholesale websites made a list as they are easy to use, with some of the best supplier directories on the market. Of course, the best wholesale website can still depend on what you’re buying, but this list will surely narrow down the best options for your business!

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