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Selling Wholesale? Check Out These Online Wholesale Marketplaces To Grow Your Business


Got big dreams? If you’re hoping to take your small business or start-up to the next level, online wholesale marketplaces are a great way to broaden your reach and tap into potential new customers.

If you’re an e-commerce store looking for more suppliers – wholesale marketplaces can help there too. With one platform connecting businesses with multiple vendors, it’s never been easier to purchase inventory and scale up successfully.

Regardless of the industry, selling online is a great way to expand your customer base. By tapping into global markets and connecting with buyers from different cultures, you can not only increase sales – but also streamline operations for increased efficiency and savings.

In this article, we take a look at profitable online wholesale marketplaces to help businesses grow exponentially.

What Is An Online Wholesale Marketplace?

Need to make bulk purchases of wholesale products? An online wholesale marketplace is your go-to destination.

They provide a one-stop shop that connects buyers and sellers simplifying the process of purchasing wholesale products in large quantities. On the wholesale market, customers get access to the widest selection with just a few clicks – now that’s what we call efficient shopping.

With the rise of other wholesale marketplaces, independent retailers can now expand their customer base in an incredibly powerful way – by connecting with buyers and sellers from around the globe.

By tapping into a truly global network, businesses can sell goods at competitive prices, create deeper relationships with customers abroad & discover new opportunities for sale on multiple platforms.

The best wholesale marketplaces give businesses the power to operate around the clock, from wherever they are. Not only does this cut out time wasted on ordering and streamline payment processes – but it also provides efficient logistical management for an added boost of profitability.

How can online wholesale marketplaces help small businesses?

Small businesses have a massive opportunity to expand their global reach through online wholesale marketplaces.

By connecting with suppliers and vendors around the world, entrepreneurs can find new customers or sources of goods at competitive prices – all without leaving home.

Below, we consider some of how online wholesale marketplaces help small businesses:

Access to a wider customer base

The best online wholesale marketplaces are the perfect solution for small businesses looking to get their products out to a global audience. Broadening horizons and growing customer bases, these platforms open up new opportunities that could lead to bigger profits.

Competitive Pricing

The wholesale business now has access to the same buying power as their bigger rivals thanks to online wholesale marketplaces. This makes it possible for them to level the playing field by offering products they sell at more attractive prices, giving them an edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Streamlined business operations

Running a small business is no easy feat, but with the help of an online wholesale marketplace, you can save time and money on order processing, payment transactions, and logistics management. It’ll make life easier for sure.

Increased efficiency

Small businesses no longer have to be limited by traditional operating hours – they can now manage their business operations and process orders around the clock with online wholesale marketplaces. This offers major convenience, making it easier than ever to stay on top of efficiency.

Cost-effective marketing

If you’re a small business looking to increase your reach without breaking the bank, taking advantage of online wholesale marketplaces can be an excellent way to gain visibility and draw in new customers.

Their marketing and advertising services provide cost-effective solutions for growing sales. Wholesale suppliers also give you the chance to offer products at discounted prices.

Access to customer insights

With online wholesale marketplaces, small businesses now have easy access to precious customer data and analytics.

This invaluable information can help them identify their target audience more precisely and make smart decisions about product offerings as well as promotional strategies – something they could only dream of in the past.

Top 10 General Online Wholesale Marketplaces

Shopping for wholesale suppliers is no longer the hassle it used to be – nowadays, you can get fantastic wholesale purchases without ever leaving your desk. With so many online marketplaces available, how do you decide which one’s best? It all depends on what kind of business you have and it’s needs.

Looking for the best online wholesale marketplace but don’t know where to start? Check out our top 10 picks.

From Alibaba’s vast selection of products to specialized marketplaces tailored just for your business needs – you’ll find it all below.


If you’re an independent producer or retailer looking for a place where unique products can be showcased, then Faire is the marketplace for you. With over 300,000 retailers in its user base and attractive discounts on shipping rates and import duties to European buyers, it’s easy to see why so many people are flocking here.

Faire’s commission structure lets producers keep more of their profits – 25% when a buyer discovers your product followed by 15% per order thereafter.

Faire’s vibrant online community is the perfect place for producers to connect, exchange ideas and build their businesses. Plus, with data analytics available in-app it’ll help you gain valuable insights into what customers want so that you can make smarter business decisions!


Alibaba is one of the biggest online retail powerhouses, and it’s no mystery why. With over 1 billion shoppers around the globe in 2022, businesses can tap into a vastly diverse market to exceed their potential. A truly global platform for success.

Banks of computers and warehouses filled with cell phone accessories, apparel, trinkets; whatever you need can be found on Alibaba. With suppliers all over the world – including China- getting what you want is easy with Alibaba.


Amazon Marketplace is the go-to spot for global businesses looking to make their products available around the world. Operating since 2000, it has helped more than 2.5 million active sellers spread their wares across a smorgasbord of categories – from electronics and clothing to beauty supplies, and household items… you name it.

Amazon Marketplace is the perfect place to start selling with its huge audience of over 300 million active users. Plus, you’ll have access to powerful marketing tools and strategies to help your business stand out from the competition – making it worth it compared to brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon takes the hassle out of running an online store. With its Fulfillment by Amazon program, sellers can save time and energy on shipping and customer service – leaving them free to devote their attention to growing a successful business.

Amazon feeds on seller success in the form of referral fees! When you sell a product, no matter what category it falls under or how much your item costs, there’s always something for them. Referral fees start at 6% and can soar as high as 45%, plus extra if you’re using their FBA program or selling internationally – talk about an incentive to succeed.


Thinking of sourcing products from China? Look no further than Made-in-China. This global marketplace puts you in touch with reliable Chinese suppliers, helping connect buyers and sellers. The best part – there are no commission fees involved but a modest yearly subscription fee starting at just $1,500.

With the platform, sellers have an incredible 10 million options to choose from and can easily pinpoint their desired product based on price and quality features. Plus they get extra benefits like translation services and payment processing – not to mention data-driven insights that help them make informed decisions when looking for sources.


Get connected with independent brands and makers, no matter where you are! Tundra is a wholesale marketplace that bridges the gap between retailers in the US & Canada. From jewelry to kids’ toys, and pet supplies – there’s something for everyone at an unbeatable 10% commission fee on orders.

With the platform, independent makers can showcase their products and engage with customers in unique ways – creating customizable stores complete with product photos, descriptions, and order/shipping tracking capabilities. Plus they benefit from expert customer service support.

On the lookout for a platform to show off your brand? Tundra takes pride in being an unbeatable online wholesale marketplace, offering great customer service and ease of use – all while keeping bottom-line costs low. Make sure you check them out.

With their worldwide reach and free access to the online wholesale marketplace, you can easily connect with customers on a global scale. Plus, if you’re looking for extra attention like a brand promotion or advertising opportunities – they also offer those services.

Worldwide Brands

If retail buyers need the best selection of high-quality electronics and furniture, Worldwide Brands has got your back. Their directory of pre-verified wholesalers and drop shippers operates globally to bring premium products to customers all over. With just a one-time $299 membership fee, it’s an affordable way to get access to top items from around the world.

With 16 million products from 8,000+ suppliers and distributors at your fingertips, Worldwide Brands can help you find the perfect product for your online store. Plus they provide valuable insights on how to avoid fake or broken goods.

Feeling stuck? Worldwide Brand offers helpful services like keyword research and professional photography – now that’s something worth shopping around for.


You can discover unique products from independent brands and makers on Abound – the wholesale marketplace. From apparel to home décor, beauty supplies, and more – get access to a huge selection of diverse items. Plus, with our competitive commission fee of only 15%, you can shop without breaking your budget.

Abound is the ultimate marketplace for independent makers and retailers to unify their products all in one place. Forget about tedious website setup; it’s easy as pie. You’ll have eye-catching product pages with photos, and engaging descriptions, plus order tracking and customer service support…all customizable by you.


DHgate is an innovative marketplace that connects shoppers to amazing Chinese manufacturers from around the globe. With their unique commission system, you can get great deals on all kinds of products – including stylish fashion and advanced electronics. If you’re itching for a bargain, this could be your perfect destination.

DHgate is free to use. You get access to awesome features like product pages with photos, order tracking, customer service support, and more.


Experience the ultimate shopping convenience with Trayde – a wholesale marketplace connecting buyers around the world to leading manufacturers and suppliers in India. Shop for apparel, jewelry, home décor, and more without paying any extra commission fees.

All it takes on Trayde is a one-time yearly subscription starting at just $499 – doesn’t get much better than that.

Trayde helps businesses succeed with features like online stores for suppliers, tantalizing product pages showcasing photos and descriptions, order tracking abilities to keep customers informed about their purchases, customer service support to answer any inquiries along the way and payment processing.


RangeMe is revolutionizing the way retailers and suppliers of consumer goods do business. Whether you’re a store owner or manufacturer, this online wholesale marketplace puts your products in front of thousands – both domestically in the U.S. and Australia – with a one-time subscription fee starting at just $1,999 per year.

RangeMe makes it easy for suppliers to set up an online store and gives them the tools they need to succeed in wholesale – from product pages with clear photos and descriptions, order tracking capabilities, customer service support, plus payment processing all at their fingertips. Plus if you’re looking for extra visibility on the platform there’s even a fee-based promotion opportunity available.

Niche-focused Online Wholesale Marketplaces

Shopping for wholesale products just became a whole lot simpler! Niche-focused online marketplaces make it easy to find the perfect item, whether you’re in retail or another industry. They provide an expertly curated selection of goods tailored specifically for your sector – so no more trawling through endless options that don’t meet your needs.

Specializing in niche products can be a great option for small businesses that want to source unique items that aren’t available on mainstream marketplaces. If you need something really specific, this is the way to go.

Small businesses are discovering the power of niche-focused online wholesale marketplaces to streamline their buying process. Here are a few niche-focused wholesale marketplaces you should consider for your business;


Mable connects food and beverage businesses to the amazing world of suppliers, streamlining their search for products so they can get back to running a top-tier business.

With Mable, online retailers have access to simplify ordering and inventory management — making sure all your culinary dreams come true.

Mable gives food and beverage reputable wholesalers the power to take their operations up a notch. From sourcing top-notch ingredients at wallet-friendly prices to growing their range of offerings – they provide tailor-made solutions that help global buyers purchase products.


Mediatask is your one-stop shop for all of your architectural needs. Whether you are a business or an individual, our marketplace connects you with the best freelance architects and firms so that you can bring even the most ambitious designs to life.

You can search and compare architects by their skills, experience, or chosen project types – we make it easy to manage all of your projects in one centralized hub.

Mediatask helps wholesale buyers find the right architect for their project, saves time and money on project management, and ensures the quality and consistency of their architectural work.


Clora is revolutionizing healthcare. They bring the right connection between innovative organizations and experts in science, technology, and medicine so that everyone can benefit from great ideas.

Clora makes it easy for healthcare providers to find the best consultant match, skyrocket their project management success and maximize quality while cutting costs. It’s a win-win.


Arrow provides the perfect digital solutions to help businesses and individuals reach their goals. With a wide variety of tech products and services, you’ll always find exactly what fits your needs – no trouble required.

Arrow provides businesses with a one-stop shop for all their tech needs, from custom solutions that fit individual business objectives to the latest market trends! With access to these specialized services, companies can save time and money while staying ahead of the competition.


Searching for industrial equipment just got a whole lot easier! Kitmondo is one of the best wholesale marketplaces listed to find used and refurbished machinery from buyers and sellers around the world. With so many resources in one place, you can easily get your hands on what you need – fast.

Kitmondo makes it easy to find high-quality products for your needs. With its powerful search engine, you can quickly compare different products based on features, specs, and conditions – all in one place.

Kitmondo’s handy platform simplifies purchases and logistics so that shopping is smooth sailing.


IndieMe is a beautiful showcase of unique and handmade creations from independent makers and artists. From one-of-a-kind jewelry, specialty boutiques, beauty accessories, luxury fashion, clothing, and home décor items to awesome art pieces – the marketplace provides buyers with an amazing selection of products.

Not only does IndieMe help retailers provide customers with truly exceptional goods that support creative individuals but it also helps build loyalty amongst their shoppers who appreciate individuality.

How To Determine Products To Sell In An Online Wholesale Marketplace

Online wholesalers need to be strategic when it comes to selecting products. A wrong choice can mean a serious dip in sales and profits, so performing research and analysis is key for finding the right items that will sell well in an online wholesale marketplace.

Below are some factors to help you determine products to sell online:

How long can the product stay in demand

If you’re selling a product that depends on trends or seasonal fluctuations, niche marketplaces are probably ideal since they specialize in these types of products with limited lifespans. But if you have something with more staying power and broader appeal, consider checking out larger marketplaces – they carry just about anything.

Can the product guarantee repeat customer orders

For any digital marketplace to thrive, it’s essential to have loyal customers – and what better way than offering them convenient repeat orders? It pays off big time when a purchasing platform provides you with options like subscription services or auto-replenishment programs that make sure your awesome product always reaches its most devoted fans.

Storage size of the product

When it comes to online wholesale marketplaces, product size matters. Some platforms may be limited in the kind of products they can accommodate while others may have more flexible options.

Don’t forget about the power of warehousing and fulfillment services – they could help you manage your storage requirements and take care of logistics so that customers receive their orders with ease.

Tips for choosing the right online wholesale marketplaces

If you’re a small business on the hunt for an online wholesale marketplace, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you – there are plenty of options out there.

With the ever-expanding online marketplace, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you. But with a bit of consideration on your part, making an informed decision about the best fit should help steer your business in the right direction.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right online wholesale marketplace for your business:

Consider your audience

It’s essential to select an online wholesale marketplace based on your target audience – like fitting a hand in a glove. For instance, if you’ve got handmade products for sale, Etsy is the ideal place compared with more general marketplaces such as Amazon.

Usability of the marketplace

Choosing an online marketplace is so much more than just a good price point. A user-friendly interface can make all the difference when it comes to managing your business and getting things done quickly. An intuitive experience with clear product listings, helpful analytics, and reporting tools will be key for saving time, and energy – not to mention stress.

Supplier Quality

Picking a marketplace with quality suppliers is key to the success of your business. Do some investigation and check out supplier reviews, ratings, and credentials – this can give you an idea about how trustworthy and reliable their products are so that all of your needs get met.

Order fulfillment

Choosing the right wholesale marketplace isn’t just about great product variety – it’s also crucial to make sure they have a good order fulfillment process. Look for features like automated shipping labels, tracking numbers, and open communication throughout the whole shipment journey so your business runs as smoothly & efficiently as possible.

Commission and pricing

If you’re thinking about selling your products online, it’s crucial to do some research on the various wholesale marketplaces out there. Every platform has its own commission and pricing structure – but don’t just go for the lowest number. You should ask yourself if they also offer any extras like advertising or marketing that could help boost sales.

Final Thoughts

With e-commerce expanding and small businesses popping up left, right, and center it’s no surprise that making the right choice for an online wholesale marketplace can seem overwhelming.

Choosing an online marketplace doesn’t have to feel like a shot in the dark. Consider all angles and how well they fit into your business goals.

Look into factors like supplier quality as well as order processing speed – not only that but also don’t forget all those nitty-gritty details like commission prices and structure too! With this information under your belt, you can make sure that when selecting the right one – no stone has been left unturned.

Jumping into the digital arena has never been easier, thanks to online marketplaces. Businesses of all sizes are leveraging these platforms as a way to expand their customer base and boost profits. So don’t wait – connect with these marketplaces today for greater success tomorrow!

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