How to Get Reviews on Amazon: Unveiling Top Strategies for Skyrocketing Seller Success


Obtaining Amazon reviews is essential to the success of your products. Positive reviews have a direct impact on your sales and brand reputation. We’ll talk about some efficient methods for getting reviews on Amazon in this article.

Understanding Amazon’s Review Policy: The Dos and Don’ts

Overview of Amazon’s Policy on Asking for Reviews

Understanding Amazon’s review policy is crucial if you’re an Amazon merchant. This guarantees that your behavior complies with the platform’s rules. When it comes to how to get reviews on Amazon, Amazon permits vendors to request product reviews so long as they don’t break any rules.

Violations may result in severe repercussions, including account suspension. When soliciting consumer feedback, honesty, and transparency should always come first–even if it’s a negative review. This promotes favorable ratings while maintaining compliance.

Rules About How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Understanding the specific rules on how to get reviews on Amazon is essential. Some of the most significant guidelines to remember are:

  • Never ask for positive reviews only – This includes persuading customers to leave high star ratings or asking for a review only if they like the product.
  • Avoid offering incentives – Incentivizing reviews, such as offering discounts or gifts in exchange for feedback, is against Amazon’s policy.
  • Don’t manipulate reviews – Don’t write fake reviews, edit customer feedback, or pressurize buyers to change their negative reviews.

Make sure you are aware of the Amazon Community Guidelines so that when you create a strategy on how to get reviews on Amazon, you can follow all rules.

Staying Compliant While Boosting Your Review Count

To increase your review count without violating Amazon’s policy, consider implementing these strategies:

By following these tips and Amazon’s guidelines, you can ethically boost your review count and build credibility as an Amazon seller.

Pro Tips for Getting Amazon Reviews in 2023

Leverage Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ Button

Use your Seller Central account’s “Request a Review” button on Amazon. With the help of this function, you may ask customers for reviews by sending them a pre-approved, standard message. Keep in mind that it is recommended to send the request at least 5–10 days after the merchandise is delivered.

Bulk Request Reviews for Multiple Products

Use the “Manage Orders” feature in your Seller Central account to submit reviews in bulk. Use the “Request a Review” tool to send review requests for several orders simultaneously. You’ll spend less time doing this and are more likely to get reviews.

Use an Automated Review Solicitation Tool

Invest in a review solicitation tool that is automated, like FeedbackFive or BQool, to make the process easier. By automating your review requests and making it simple to send customers tailored comments, these solutions increase the likelihood that you’ll get reviews.

Create a Contact List for Email Follow-Ups

Create a contact list of your clients and ask them for evaluations in follow-up emails. Keep the email brief, respectful, and personalized. You may provide them detailed directions on how to submit a review. Never forget to follow Amazon’s communication rules.

Offer Products for Testing in Person

Offer your product for testing at trade shows or to friends and family. Request honest reviews from these testers after they have used your product. This method generates authentic reviews, creates buzz, and increases your product’s perceived value.

Great Packaging

Focus on developing distinctive, well-designed packaging that will provide a memorable, unboxing experience. To express your gratitude, include a unique greeting or a modest gift. Excellent packaging can assist in establishing a relationship with the consumer and persuade them to leave a review of their experience.

Crafting the Perfect Review Request

The Best Way to Ask for Amazon Reviews

Start by addressing the buyer by name and expressing gratitude for their purchase. Keep your tone cordial and welcoming and respectfully request their candid input through a review. Always keep in mind that lines like “We would appreciate it if you could leave a review” can have an impact.

Remind Buyers That Reviews Only Need a Star Rating

If customers believe it will take a lot of work, they could be reluctant to post a review. Remember that it only takes a few seconds for them to leave a star rating. By doing this, the probability of receiving more reviews can be increased.

Inform Reviewers About Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Let customers know that by giving honest, unbiased reviews, they are assisting others in making wise purchasing selections. Encourage people to relate their personal experiences and any potential benefits and drawbacks they may have had with the product rather than making general or ambiguous remarks.

In some cases, having a negative review that you will address in the comment section will be helpful.

Go Beyond Your Close Friends and Family for Unbiased Reviews

Although first reviews from friends and family can be helpful, it’s crucial to broaden your audience’s reach for more sincere comments. Talk to customers who have already bought comparable products, use Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, or collaborate with influencers in your market.

Boosting Your Book Sales and Reviews

You understand the value of getting more reviews as an Amazon seller to raise the profile and reputation of your book. In this section, we’ll cover three efficient tactics to boost book sales and reviews: holding giveaways, utilizing Amazon Vine, and introducing products with discounts.

Run Giveaways for Increased Visibility

Hosting giveaways is a successful strategy for attracting readers and generating interest in your book. You may give customers a chance to win your book for free by setting up a giveaway on Amazon. As receivers are more likely to express their impressions, this may result in more naturally occurring reviews. Organize your giveaway well in advance and advertise it on your social media platforms to expand your audience.

Use Amazon Vine Program for Trusted Reviews

In order to connect you, the seller, with reliable reviewers known as “Vine Voices,” you can join Amazon Vine. By signing up for the program, you can send free copies of your book to these reviewers in exchange for their frank opinions. Vine reviews have more sway because they originate from reliable sources and have the power to persuade consumers, boosting both sales and review ratings.

Enrollment will cost $200 for each package as of October 2021. Although it was free before October 2021, the $2500 it once cost Vendor Central clients makes it still a good deal. Only products with fewer than 30 reviews can be enrolled.

Launch Products Using Promotions for a Sales Boost

Providing promotions, such as time-limited discounts, can attract customers’ attention and increase the early sales of your book. Your book will move up in Amazon’s rankings as it sells more copies, increasing its visibility to other purchasers. More reviews result from increased visibility because more readers can read and comment on your work.

Managing and Improving Your Seller Feedback

Check Your Seller Feedback Regularly

It’s essential to monitor your seller reviews if you want to keep up a good Amazon reputation. Keep an eye on your reviews—both favorable and negative—on a regular basis to learn more about your clients’ experiences. Your brand will be strengthened, and your product offers will be enhanced as a result.

Mitigate Negative Reviews with Proactive Customer Service

Customers that express displeasure with your goods or services must be addressed quickly. Involve them in conversation to understand their problem and provide a resolution, such as a reimbursement or replacement. This proactive approach decreases the likelihood of unfavorable reviews while also strengthening your relationship with clients.

Use Product Inserts for Additional Review Encouragement

Product inserts are a valuable way to encourage customers to leave reviews. Include a message in your packaging highlighting the importance of feedback and showing appreciation for their purchase. However, respect Amazon’s guidelines by not offering incentives or pressuring customers to leave positive reviews.

To create a well-crafted product insert, consider using the following format:

  • Personalized greeting, expressing gratitude for their purchase
  • Short explanation of the importance of feedback
  • Instructions on how to leave a review
  • Reminder to contact your customer service if they have issues

This approach ensures a professional and effective communication with your customers, driving engagement without violating Amazon’s policies.


In summary, getting reviews on Amazon is crucial for your product’s success. By following best practices, such as providing exceptional customer service and leveraging promotional tools, you can maximize the number of positive reviews for your products.

Key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Request reviews through Amazon’s built-in request feature or follow-up emails.
  • Encourage reviews by offering superb customer support and solving user’s issues quickly.
  • Join the Amazon Vine and Early Reviewer programs to gain initial reviews.
  • Monitor and respond to negative reviews professionally, and make improvements based on customer feedback.

With consistency and a proactive approach, you will see an increase in the number of reviews for your products, ultimately leading to higher rankings and better conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Good Sales-to-Review Ratio on Amazon?

A good sales-to-review ratio on Amazon varies depending on the product category and competition. However, a general benchmark to aim for is around 1% to 3%. This means that for every 100 sales, you should aim to receive 1 to 3 product reviews.

How Long Do Amazon Product Reviews Take to Post?

Amazon product reviews typically take 12 to 48 hours to post, as they go through a moderation process. In some cases, a review may take a bit longer to appear if it requires additional scrutiny or approval by Amazon’s moderation team.

Can I Ask for Reviews Outside of Amazon’s Platform?

You can ask for reviews outside of Amazon’s platform, but you must adhere to their guidelines. Avoid offering incentives, asking only for positive reviews, or using manipulative language. Instead, request unbiased reviews from your customers through email, social media, or other communication channels.

What Are the Consequences of Not Following Amazon’s Review Policy?

Not following Amazon’s review policy can lead to severe consequences for your seller account. These may include:

  • Removal of reviews gained through policy violations
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of your Amazon account
  • Legal actions and penalties from Amazon

It’s crucial to remain compliant with Amazon’s terms of service to preserve your account and reputation as a seller.

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