Walmart vs Amazon: Which is Better

Walmart and Amazon are two of the most popular retailers when it comes to obtaining the finest offers and the broadest assortment of goods. Both stores provide a huge selection of affordable goods, but which is the superior option?

This article will compare Walmart and Amazon’s prices, selection, customer service, delivery options, and advantages and disadvantages of each store to assist you in making your decision whether you’re online shopping or at the physical store. You will be able to choose wisely between Walmart and Amazon once you have read through this information.

Amazon Overview

The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon carries a wide range of goods, including groceries, gadgets, and books. They provide simple returns as well as free two-day shipping on orders over $25. Amazon offers Prime (Amazon Prime), which entitles Prime members to special offers, discounts, and free shipping on a wide range of goods.

Walmart Overview

One of the largest corporations in the world, Walmart operates thousands of locations all over the world. The Walmart store offers consistently low pricing on a wide range of things, including food, household items, furniture, clothing, toys, and more. They also have a helpful return policy and offer free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.

Walmart Store Prices

Pricing at Walmart stores is often less expensive than those on Amazon. This is because of their greater market presence and their improved negotiating position with suppliers and manufacturers.

A study that involved 50 different products showed that Walmart prices are cheaper than Amazon’s by 10.4 percent.

In contrast to decreasing kitchen and appliance prices, Walmart displayed increasing prices for food, technology, and home items.

Amazon Store Prices

The pricing on Amazon are typically competitive, matching or even being lower than those at Walmart. Yet, when looking for certain products that are solely offered through Amazon, such electronics and books, shoppers frequently find greater bargains.

More Amazon sellers are based in China than in the US, resulting in price competition and fluctuations. This can benefit buyers since it means there’s always a chance of finding something on sale.

When it comes to Amazon prices, shoppers should also consider the cost of shipping fees and taxes that may apply.


Walmart has been implementing a number of programs to improve the consumer and online shopping experience. One of these is spending money on cutting-edge technology, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to make it easier for customers to find what they desire. They’ve also started offering same-day delivery options.

Walmart launched Alphabot in 2020, a platform that is faster and more precise than people at picking, packing, and delivering online food purchases.

As for Amazon, they are constantly innovating. They are developing new technologies, such as drones and robotics, to speed up delivery times and improve customer service.

They have also introduced a grocery store that is cashierless, allowing customers to shop without having to wait in line or interact with anyone else.

In terms of cutting-edge technology and automation, Amazon is a pioneer. A 350,000 square foot robotics hub was launched by Amazon in Massachusetts in 2021. The structure is a component of a $40 million investment in growing the usage of robotics in the fulfillment and supply chain.

Selection Comparison

Both Walmart and Amazon provide a large variety of goods, but when it comes to in-store shopping, Walmart could have the advantage.

Since there are more physical stores and larger retail locations across the country, shoppers may frequently find what they need without having to wait for an online order to be delivered.

Compared to physical stores, Amazon has a considerably wider range of things. This covers specialized items as well as difficult-to-find goods that regional stores might not stock.

On a number of products, Amazon frequently offers exclusive discounts that are unavailable elsewhere.

Grocery and Food

Both Walmart and Amazon have the option of grocery delivery, however, Walmart may have the advantage due to its greater market share. Customers in many locations can get same-day grocery delivery thanks to the country’s more than 5,000 outlets.

In contrast, Walmart offers a totally free grocery pickup service. There are no subscription fees, but after placing an online order, you must pick up your things at the curb. You can browse, order pretty much whatever you want, find a nearby store, and schedule a pickup time.

If you absolutely must have two-hour delivery, Walmart offers several options, but there are other costs involved (and the company’s partnership with Instacart expands these grocery delivery options). If you join Walmart+, shipping costs are waived.

Walmart Plus allows for in-store mobile shopping, so you may avoid the checkout line.

Amazon provides a number of different food services, including Amazon Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh. You can choose your groceries fast from the online store and have them delivered with Amazon Fresh. Any order over $35 is delivered free in regions that qualify. This service requires an Amazon Prime membership, which doesn’t entail additional costs.

For orders involving ingredients, food packets, single-serve pantry goods, and similar items, Amazon Prime Pantry is a different paid service that gathers numerous little items and ships them all at once. It functions similarly to Amazon Fresh but charges a flat $6 shipping price, which is eliminated if you have Amazon Prime or spend over $35.

Since Amazon now owns Whole Foods, you can browse for Whole Foods products there online and arrange for free pickup as soon as an hour after checking out (available for orders over $35). One- or two-hour delivery alternatives are also available, although they are only available to current Amazon Prime members and others by invitation.

Online Marketplace and Customer Service

The online storefront for Walmart is still in its infancy. Despite the fact that was first launched about twenty years ago, it wasn’t until the corporation acquired a few years ago that it truly emerged as a player in the online retail market.

Although the company has made progress in this area, and we especially enjoy the look of the Walmart food site, the company’s online store still feels a little clumsy and uninformative in comparison to Amazon.

Yet, after years of advancements, Amazon’s third-party marketplace is incredibly well-established and organized, making it simple for customers to navigate and quickly select their preferred purchasing options.

More than 50% of sales on Amazon are officially made by third parties due to the site’s ubiquity of third-party sellers who have established businesses there and provide goods through Amazon’s fulfillment services.

Customer Service Comparison

Both Walmart and Amazon provide top-notch options for customer service. Walmart has a sizable customer care department, and its agents are frequently informed and welcoming. There are many alternatives available for in-store pickup and returns.

Amazon and Amazon Prime has friendly customer support agents available by phone or chat around the clock. The e commerce platform offers a variety of practical shipping and return options, making it simple to get your products delivered swiftly and securely.

Delivery Options Comparison

When comparing delivery alternatives, Walmart is by far the winner because they provide free two-day shipping on a number of items with no minimum purchase requirement. In many locations, they also provide same-day curbside collection, making it simple to obtain your products immediately without having to leave the house.

Walmart is by far the best option when comparing delivery options because they offer free two-day shipping on a variety of items with no minimum purchase need. They frequently provide same-day curbside collection, which makes it simple to get your things right away without leaving the house.

Return Policies

Walmart offers a generous return policy, with most items being able to be returned within 90 days of purchase. The company also has an online return center where you can easily print out a prepaid shipping label if you need to return something.

The return period for some things, including electronics, is shorter (15 to 30 days depending on the item). Things get a little more complicated if you purchase something from a Walmart marketplace merchant.

As long as it complies with Walmart’s minimal requirements, the seller may establish their own return policy (for example, they may impose a 20% maximum restocking fee and a return shipping charge).

Because there are so many Marketplace sellers on Amazon, most of them follow its return terms. If not, Amazon third-party sellers must offer a return address within the United States, a prepaid return label, or a complete refund without asking the consumer to return the item so they are not stuck with a hefty shipping cost.

A-to-Z guarantees are now available on Amazon to shield the regular online shopper against unfair return conditions. To help you decide whether or not to keep a piece of clothes, the e commerce platform even offers “try before you buy” services like Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Amazon and Walmart return policies are similar but may vary depending on the item or seller. You can typically initiate a return from your account page and get a full refund as long as it meets the criteria set forth by Amazon and Amazon Prime.

Pros and Cons for Each Store

Both retail giants have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of each store:

Pros of Walmart:

  • Low price guarantee on most items
  • Large selection
  • Convenient pickup options
  • Friendly customer service

Cons of Walmart:

  • Limited selection online
  • High shipping costs for non-members
  • Limited return window for some items

Pros of Amazon

  • Huge selection of items available online
  • Free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members
  • Convenient return policy

Cons of Amazon

  • Prices may be higher than Walmart
  • Limited customer service hours
  • No in-store pickup options

Walmart vs Amazon: The Final Verdict

What you’re looking for and your budget will ultimately determine which store is better between the two retail giants. Walmart is by far the better option if you need an item quickly and don’t want to pay extra for shipping.

Amazon can be a better option if you’re seeking for a wider range of goods or special offers. Everything that matters in the end is your particular preference and what works best for you.

You can find the finest bargains no matter which retailer you pick, whether for a grocery delivery service, because both Walmart and Amazon have a ton of options. It is simple to understand why so many customers love shopping at these two stores due to their affordable rates and wide selection of goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Walmart or Amazon cheaper?

A: Prices at Walmart tend to be lower than what you would find on Amazon, but customers can often find better deals when shopping for specific items that are only available through Amazon.

Q: Does Walmart or Amazon have better customer service?

A: Both stores offer excellent customer service with helpful representatives that are available 24/7 via phone or chat. However, Walmart has a larger customer service department and more in-store pickup and return options.

Q: Does Walmart or Amazon have better shipping options?

A: Walmart offers free two-day shipping on select items with no minimum purchase required, while Amazon does not offer this same perk unless you are an Amazon Prime member. Walmart also has more in-store pickup options.

Q: Does Walmart or Amazon have better return policies?

A: Walmart offers a generous 90-day return policy on most items, while Amazon’s policy may vary depending on the item or seller. Both stores provide convenient return options and full refunds if the criteria is met.

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