A Complete Guide On How Shipping To Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight Works

If you’re an Amazon seller or keen to become one, you must get a wide range of essential things right. Two of the most important things are ensuring you always have enough inventory to sell and deliver orders fast.

Whether you like it or not, this is non-negotiable. Luckily, Amazon FBA makes the whole process of shipping products much easier with Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.


With the help of this freight forwarder’s service, you can ship the inventory to one of Amazon fulfillment centers instantly. Consequently, you can guard against potential losses and remain competitive while satisfying your customers.

Amazon FBA will handle the rest for you, ensuring that your products are packed, shipped, and delivered to your customers.

But how does Amazon FBA ensure speedy and timely deliveries? The answer goes to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.

You must know how it works if you’ve never used Amazon FBA or shipped products using Rapid Express Freight. In this complete guide, you’ll find everything you need to know.


What Is Amazon FBA?

If you’re not an Amazon seller yet and you came here looking for more information about how it works, you need to start by knowing more about what Amazon FBA is.

Amazon FBA, also known as Fulfillment By Amazon, is a popular service that allows Amazon sellers to increase sales and streamline their businesses by using Amazon’s high-quality inventory and shipping services and making customers happy.

Amazon FBA sellers are given access to a wide range of tools that make the shipping, storing, and distributing of products much more effortless.

Amazon FBA also offers sellers access to its state-of-the-art customer support systems and manages refund and return.

Amazon FBA sellers can also win Prime Badge on their product listings and improve their ranking in the search results.

However, Amazon FBA is not a free program. The sellers must pay various fees, including fulfillment fees, stickering & labeling fees, inventory storage fees, long-term storage fees, and other occasional extra costs to enjoy its features.

Though the abovementioned cost might not be affordable to all small online business owners, a recent Save My Cent report found that the average Amazon FBA seller earns between $26,000 and $810,000 a year.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA offers sellers a wide range of benefits. To give you a better understanding of what Amazon FBA has to offer, you’ll find a list of the service’s best benefits below:

  • Amazon FBA will take care of order fulfillment for your customers.
  • You can use Amazon FBA to ship products faster.
  • FBA shipping service costs are lower.
  • As an Amazon FBA seller, you’ll have access to more space for inventory.
  • You don’t have to find warehouses since you can use Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Amazon FBA sellers are given access to Amazon’s customer support services.
  • Returns are made easier thanks to Amazon’s Return and Refund Management services.
  • Sell your products 24/7.
  • Be Prime eligible and win the buy box. Both help add credibility.
  • Experience more freedom as Amazon automates your business by handling order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer support.
  • Focus more on your store since Amazon FBA has handled the most troublesome part.

Who Are Rapid Express Freight?

Rapid Express Freight, or REF for short, is a freight forwarder company that prides itself on offering fast shipping services. The company claims to be the best delivery service in the world for providing fast shipping, security, and low cost.

REF is one of the freight forwarders Amazon works with. Whilst Amazon might be the biggest company Rapid Express Freight works with, it also provides other major brands with express shipping services.

Aside from partnering with businesses, REF also works with individuals. Therefore, Amazon sellers can use Rapid Express Freight directly as well. They can ask REF to pick up their products from a specific location and send them to the appointed Amazon fulfillment center or the customers.

One of the most incredible things regarding REF is that you benefit from them no matter what. Whether you deal with the freight forwarder directly or use Amazon FBA, you’ll benefit from their services because they have expedited shipping services and low cost.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Rapid Express Freight?

Using Rapid Express Freight comes with its advantages. You’ll find the best things about Rapid Express Freight below.


How Are Amazon FBA And Rapid Express Freight Linked?

Despite what many people think, Amazon doesn’t collect or deliver products themselves. Instead, Amazon puts the seller in charge of offering their products to one of the fulfillment centers and then shipping them to the customer using Rapid Express Freight.

The relationship between these the e-commerce giant and this freight forwarder leaves us with Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.

Why Does Amazon Work With Rapid Express Freight?

So, why does Amazon insist on working with Rapid Express Freight in a world full of huge freight companies? There are several factors behind FBA Rapid Express Freight.

These factors include a wide range of features REF has to offer. There are also three main reasons why Amazon works with the company. First, we’ve listed the main reasons below. After that, we’ll show you the main features of Rapid Express Freight.

1 Past Experience

Rapid Express Freight has been working with Amazon as one of the express freight forwarders. Therefore, Amazon trusts that the company understands what they expect. Rapid Express Freight has gone on shipping to Amazon FBA worldwide, all while following laws, guidelines, and expectations.

2 Experience Working With Fulfillment Centers Around The World

Rapid Express Freight has the ability, knowledge, and experience when it comes to shipping goods and products to amazon fulfillment centers all over the world. As a result, they are one of the most reliable shipping service providers of Amazon.

3 Experience Dealing With Strict Fulfillment Center Requirements

Finally, Rapid Express Freight also has the knowledge required to correctly send packages to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon warehouses have harsh policies, so using a service provider that understands them ideally is vital.


Rapid Express Freight Best Features

The wide range of impressive features Rapid Express Freight offer is another critical reason behind Amazon’s decision to work with the express shipping company. In the next part of this guide, we’ll show you the best features Rapid Express Freight offer.

Secure And Fast Services

Arguably the best feature Rapid Express Freight has to offer is fast deliveries. Nobody likes to receive a parcel late, so an FBA shipping company like Rapid Express Freight is valuable.

To ensure they offer fast service, this company sets up precise timelines for every order, sticks to a scheduled delivery date, and guarantees that every delivery turns up in pristine condition.

Monitoring Facility

Rapid Express Freight uses Monitoring Facility to track and monitor the progress of customers’ parcels. This tool can be used by both the delivery service and customers to check how the order is progressing.

During the delivery process, various checks will be carried out using the tool to check how well the package is being managed.

Large Database

Another impressive feature of Rapid Express Freight is the extensive database the company has. In addition, this company’s worldwide network of warehouses, clients, and other shipping essentials ensures everything runs smoothly.

This database also keeps records about orders and offers customers updated.

Load Entry

Rapid Express Freight’s Load Entry software makes the delivery process a million times easier. This software allows individuals, businesses, and Rapid Express Freight employees to add information to each order.

Information that can be added to each order includes:

  • Package type
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Packing slip
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Invoice

Using software like this speeds up the process and keeps everything organized.

How Does Rapid Express Freight Deliver Seller Products?

Rapid Express Freight delivers Amazon FBA products in a variety of different ways. How your products will be delivered depends on several factors, such as where you’re sending them, how much you must send, and how quickly it needs to get there.

Once these factors have been considered, Rapid Express Freight will ship your products by air, sea, or land.


How To Ship Products Using Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight?

The final part of this guide shows you how to ship using Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight. Follow the steps below to send your products using Rapid Express Freight.

1. Before you can do anything else, add your products to Amazon FBA. Head over to your inventory and click “Add a Product.”

2. Once you’ve added your product, you can set up your shipping preferences. First, you’ll be asked if you want to ship one product or multiple. Select the option you need before moving to the next step.

3. You can now click the icon that says “Action.” After that, select “Send Replenish Inventory.”

4. Once that’s done, you’ll be asked three questions. Those are:

  • What’s the shipping plan?
  • Ship from address?
  • Do you want to ship individual products or case-packed products?

5. After answering those questions, you have to choose among the carriers. After selecting the courier you want, you’ll be greeted with a box that says, “Who prep?”. This refers to who you want to pack your products.

6. After selecting your preferred option, enter the units you want to ship and click “Print labels for this page.”

7. Once you’ve completed the required steps, you will be taken to a final window that shows all the details you’ve entered. If they are correct, press “Approve & Continue.”

8. Before viewing the status of your shipment, all you have to do now is select the paper on which you want your label printed. After that, you can view your shipment in the “Manage FBA shipments “tab.

Final Thoughts

This guide has told you everything you need to know about Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight. You should know what it is, how it works, the benefits, and why the two companies work together.

Using the information in this guide, you can now think about how you will ship your products using Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight. Whether you want to use Rapid Express Freight directly or let Amazon handle it, all is up to you.

Either way, you’ll still benefit from what both companies offer.

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